Roosh Hour #24: Pipe Bombs

My newest stream covers the “pipe bombs” sent to Trump haters, the synagogue shooting, Richard Spencer’s new girlfriend, Hollywood virtue signaling, and more. Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3: Subscribe to my Youtube channel or podcast RSS feed to catch future streams. Previously: Roosh Hour #23 — Jordan Peterson

How The Media Deplatforms Creators

It has long been known that the mainstream media takes on an activist role in hurting their enemies, but lately they have become far more direct and obvious in their attacks. The reason is that they have lost the ability to sway public opinion. The media used to flex its muscle by convincing a wide […]

Roosh Hour #23: Jordan Peterson

I came back from my summer vacation and did a live stream that covers Jordan Peterson, the NPC meme, and how every day is becoming a gay holiday. You can also listen to it in podcast form or download the MP3: Subscribe to my Youtube channel or podcast RSS feed to catch future streams. Don’t […]

25 More Articles I Strongly Recommend

1. Silicon Valley companies spy on their workers worse than their users [Link] 2. Civilizations fall when they become too complex [Link] 3. Here is the speech Bill Cosby gave that caused the system to turn against him [Link] 4. “The Ukraine is not weak!” Yes it is [Link] 5. Nassim Taleb talks about how to have […]

How To Do Walking Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they imagine a man sitting on the floor with his back erect and eyes closed, but you can also do it while walking. The point of meditation is to counteract the neverending “useful” activities of your life with a “useless” activity. This helps to release built-up stress and quiet […]

I’m Going On Vacation

I’m hitting the road for 2-8 weeks. I may post travel updates on my Instagram. In the meantime, you can follow Return Of Kings, Roosh V Forum, or catch up on previous Roosh Hours. Here’s one I did on Sunday: You can also buy the ebook and audiobook editions of my new book Game. After […]

WATCH: Top 5 Life-Changing Benefits In Game

Here’s a video which describes the top 5 features of Game that I believe are the most important… If you haven’t bought your copy yet, I have some combo specials that are discounted until Monday. You can order Game either from Amazon or from my web store using a credit card or cryptocurrency. UPDATE: Amazon has […]

Never Follow A Girl’s Lead

The following is an excerpt from the Dating chapter of my new book Game. Click here to learn more. More important than the content of your conversation is maintaining the lead. You should control the flow, tempo, energy, and direction of a conversation. It’s okay for a girl to ask questions about you, and discuss […]

Early Review Of Game Audiobook

The following review of the Game audiobook, which I recorded in my own voice, was initially posted on Roosh V Forum. Click here to learn more. I want to start this review by saying I’m impressed with the sheer length and volume of the material presented here. Roosh wasn’t kidding when he said this was […]

What Is Game?

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter of my new book Game. Click here to learn more. Game is a collection of beliefs, behaviors, strategies, and tactics that make women more attracted to you while increasing your likelihood of experiencing intimacy. It’s often based on cold approaching, an active strategy where you walk […]