Poetry Girl Update

A few months ago I introduced Poetry Girl, a girl who found out about my blog and flipped out because it clashed with her diehard feminist beliefs.

She also said she was going through a feminist stage, saying, “If you really think hard about it, every man has violated a woman not just by rape but by going too fast or too deep during sex.” I wonder much longer it will take for feminists to say the act of consensual sex is actually brutal rape.

She posted some choice comments and I followed up with Open Letter To Poetry Girl

How many minutes passed until our lips first touched? It couldn’t have been more than fifteen. The passion was too great, the lust too wild. You told me about 58 times that you don’t make out with guys in bars, so imagine how special I felt to be slobbering all over your face, caressing your soft butterfly lips with mine.

The very same night of that letter I ran into her at the same bar we met. I wrote a poem about what happened, and recite it in the video below. Following that is the full text of the poem and a closing thought.

I roll up to the bar with my crew, four deep
And who are those girls in the corner that I see?
You and your friends, partying like rock stars backstage
Sipping on long island iced teas

You made eye contact with me first
And it sent shivers down my spine
But look at these new girls in my path
The shorter one is mighty fine

My liver was aching for another drink
I move to my left and you’re right there
You stood stiff like a winter tree
But I’m on this new girl sooooo I didn’t care

I shoved my tongue down her throat right in front of your face
Her lips weren’t as full as yours
But she wasn’t annoying with all that feminist bullshit
I couldn’t wait to take off her drawers

Ooph that last stanza was rough
This medium of communication is so obtuse
Makes sense that you would like it
Along with your love of bitter grapefruit juice

Alright back to the story at hand
My tongue down the girl’s throat
You watching like you wanted in
I had a boner like a rocky mountain goat

What’s going on with my buddy over there?
Your friend is complimenting his cologne
And now she’s touching his muscles
Now she’s putting her number in his phone!

So I guess this night didn’t turn out too well for you
You should’ve quit while you were ahead
Not try to give me longing looks of regret
I’ll never bring you to my bed

There is a lesson to be learned in this. Girls are strong and can make all sorts of proclamations via phone or email, but once you get them face-to-face with a couple drinks they fold like cards and backtrack faster than you find another girl to hook up with.

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