Post-Gym Gaming

There was a post on Roissy’s blog about gaming when you’re hungover. I like the points made by the reader, but the absolute last thing you want to do while hangover is talk to anyone, let alone try to get laid.

A similar state is soon after a very tough workout. I’m talking about at least an hour lifting weights followed by a brisk 2-3 mile run, not jog. If you feel like you’re going to collapse by the end of it, then it was hard enough. You’ll feel destroyed and your body will ache. Movements become very slow, as are your responses to stimuli. You walk like a wounded giant, deliberate with each step. Your eyes linger on insignificant objects. A gentle calm comes out when you speak, carefully enunciating each word, pausing after every several. Time slows.

Take a shower and then head to the bar. You’ll be horny because of the testosterone pumping through your veins. Sit down and mull over your drink until a girl comes into your view. At this point your opener will not matter because your body says it all: supremely confident man without a care in the world. Little does the girl know that you’re just exhausted, not really supremely confident.

If your primetime night is Saturday night, I expect you at the gym at around 5pm. We don’t want too many hours of recovery before you go out.

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