Re: Needy Girls Vs. Confident Girls

Here’s an email I got about my Needy Girls vs Confident Girls post

You should have labeled this Emotional vs. Logical girl. Because really, that is the difference between the two types. Each woman is governed to varying degrees by these opposite traits.

The confident girl is simply one who has enough logic to control her emotional impulses, unlike the needy girl. Really you should look at the scale as the purely emotional girl on one end and the Vulcan girl on the other. A girl either has enough logic to control her emotions or she doesn’t. The resultant behavior is the difference in the ratio of logic to emotion.

Needy girl: Emotional, “weak.” Emotional is key term.
Confident girl: Aloof, hard to read, though she may slip while intoxicated. When drunk, logic goes out the window

Needy girl: Calls you when she shouldn’t. No impulse control
Confident girl: Pings you via email, sometimes text. Gives her more time to think, ya know.

Needy girl: Has trouble playing the game. Finds it to be stifling, cold, unnatural.
Confident girl: More like a guy in how she approaches the game with her intense use of logic. Yep

Needy girl: In a constant state of apprehension about how you feel or think about her.
Confident girl: Wondering if she could do better. Both the needy and the confident girl are in a constant state of apprehension about how you feel. One shows it, the other hides it. If the confident girl is not apprehensive, then she just isn’t in to you.

Needy girl: Busts out with the first “I love you” without thinking it through.
Confident girl: Does a cost-benefit analysis before saying it. Waits for the guy to say it first

Needy girl: Easily hurt by criticism. Will obsess over criticism
Confident girl: Easily angered by criticism. Wrong. Takes it in stride and uses it for self improvement.

Needy girl: Goes out of her way to please you.
Confident girl: Wants you to go out of her way to please her Wrong. Waits for a sign of commitment first before she shows this level of emotional attachment. It’s all about self preservation.

I think she makes some pretty good points. I make educated guesses on what girls think based on observable behavior, but of course that’s not a perfect strategy.

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