Re: Thought Experiment

PREVIOUSLY:You chat her up and instantly it hits you that you settled on the wrong girl. You want the new girl instead. What do you do?

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do on the same night. The large amount of time spent on the girl in the yellow shoes has made it clear to her and everyone else that she is your pick for the night. Even if the new girl does like you, will she agree to see you at risk of damaging her close friendship? No. If you go for the new girl it’s a 95% guarantee you will get neither girl. But!

If you know for a fact the girls aren’t close friends, try for the switch right then and there. Otherwise…

The correct move is to stick to the girl in the yellow shoes and date her. Only after you seal the deal with her can you take a chance on the new girl, who you will surely see again in this case since Colombians like to hang out in huge groups. One possible move is to date the new girl for a while and eventually dump her, easing into a friendship where you give her the hope of getting back together. Since officially you’re single, you can attempt to pass yourself to the new girl like the neighborhood bicycle.

You will need much more time with the new girl for her to risk the friendship than the 20 minute exposure she had to you in the club. If you bang one, you’ll have a better chance at banging the other. It’s still an incredible long shot, but the best shot you have.

This is not a favorable situation under any circumstance and you’ll be lucky if you can pull it off once in your lifetime. The lesson is to properly survey your surroundings and choose wisely from the get-go.

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