I talk about viral clip that triggered five million homosexuals, the SPLC’s true mission, how women can’t handle rejection, the Hollywood actress who brags about her abortion, and a lot more.

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  1. ratz-azz February 8, 2019 at 1:14 pm

    ho lee phug roosh.. you really did it up this time

  2. ratz-azz February 8, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    truth is an enemy in the land of lies..fight on brother.. keep your head down and watch your back,,you are pissing off some deadly assholes

  3. tankhed February 9, 2019 at 8:46 am

    I don’t think this analogy is very good, because you need to understand what a round, bouncing female butt is. Basically what makes it are the complex fats that make baby brains, bound by high circulating estrogen. Girls can have bouncy sexy bubble-butts with lots of fat in them and a flat tummy. Or they can have fat, round bellies and flat or muscular asses. And not one culture in the world would think the last one was more sexy, because what a sexy female body is and isn’t is mostly determined by biology and not culture.

    Girls with high levels of estrogen and good health are actually often as skinny as healthy males except for the particular layers of subcutaneous fat that make up sexy female hips, butts thighs and boobs, and that fat is used directly for making babies, and especially brain and nervous system tissue, which is largely made from complex fatty acids. A lot of women even complain their butts go flat after birth, and we all know what happens to their boobs.

  4. Chicky Bucky February 9, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    why are you such a weak pussy on your forum Roosh? If you are really alpha why don’t you knock some sense into these whiny millennial cunts on your forum who claim to be conservative. Oh yeah that’s right you don’t even believe in conserving traditional culture because you’re a weak cunt and you stand for nothing.

    People like Leonard Nubache and SamuelBRoberts think they can hijack Trumpism when in reality they are just a bunch of whiny cunts who are on the forum all day and probably don’t even have jobs, and display no good human qualities, in fact they display all of the worst human qualities repeatedly. These people do not represent us and if conservatism includes these kinds of people, there is nothing worth saving. Some random country in latinoamerica would be better. At least they are human.

    Typical millennial RVF forum who thinks he’s hot shit while contributing NOTHING to society:


    This is what you and your fake alpha PUA scum have wrought upon the world. All flash and no substance.

  5. 444444444asdf February 9, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    Why don’t you promote them as haters? Using pages like this one ^ as evidence. You are too passive, ROK was the same, harmless.

    35:00 Hyenas eat their prey alive, they don’t need to wait for her to die.

    Fertility collapse is not a conspiracy, it is equality, collectivism; the smart is careful about his future, the stupids are not abstract thinkers, they live in the present or past therefore useful as “victims”. This means the smart is being destroyed by his own success because the state is causing imbalance through “equality”, parasitism. The parasite at the top is synchronized with the parasite at the bottom. And all this is because of technology redistribution, they obtain technology that others create. These corporations, women, pedos/faggots, etc.

    ‘Guarding themselves against rejections’ means male choice, means men do not chase, do not court. Omegas do, they pay for prostitutes. PUAs do, they talk about game(paying)

    Lust is infinite, then by definition girls who dress sexual in any way are sexual-harassers, by definition they are prostitutes, and you the client, the state always the pimp.

    “Love” is the same as lust but with affection, it is animal. “Love” is mating humanized, “beauty” is the female humanized, because the average girl is exposing their sexual organs, butt and tits, which is what animals do and the weak male of today can’t accept this: the daddy calls his girl “beautiful” for what is actually erotic, sexual, to so deny that decadent situation with his OWN daughters. This is the omega who got advice in the past about getting laid and being a “man”, ultimately the same you are doing. And Osho was an obvious fraud, you are being naive…

    Girls are not aggressive because they are cowards but impulsive, which result is violence. Girls are protected against their own violence directed at men because they are prostitutes, the state is protecting them to keep the business going. Can you say in your videos that women are far more violent than men, therefore mass murderers, therefore the biggest oppressors, genocides through infanticide, etc. Can you say that abortion exposes the female as having a much higher tendency towards psychopathy? These are the kind of things that had given validity to ROK and you, instead these sites were dedicated to make profit by giving omegas “equality” through articles about getting laid and “be” “masculine”.

    Telling males how to be successful with women is pro-leftist. Even if you tell them to be “masculine”, to be smart, you are just indoctrinating omega males to be clients, to pay. This is why ROK was never about masculinity but the opposite. Imitation of “masculinity”. They don’t really care about censoring you, except some ridiculous creeps working there, but the true State is using cases like you as political tools, “the haters”, so they need you, for a while.

  6. splooge February 11, 2019 at 3:22 am

    38:20 well hard to say what moderate islam, especially with his wife being muslim and still marry a non muslim which is haram.

    agreed. just look at the balkans islam itself got westernized by the bosnians albanians etc.
    They are miles different to say the turks kazakhs moroccans saudis persians or pakistanis.
    All ideology can get corrupt.

    islamic nations have had female leaders like Bhutto from pakistan, Tanshu from turkey and Zia from bangladesh and Iran had a female vp.
    But there are soy boy muslims like tarek looking to feminize islam as well. But not just within western conservatives funny enough want islam to assimilate to the cuck western values especially when it regards to women.
    Literally try and gay and slut up islam like they did with Christianity. Western fluency will rape foreign culture. Multiculturalism is a trap for the poor older generation to immigrate only to brainwash theri kids and have them change and ruin their own traditions.
    Literally making uncle toms.