1. Splooge March 3, 2019 at 5:18 am

    True . in indian culture they say u dont marry the girl u marry the family hence why they interview n basically background check the family members before confirming the marriage.
    If they dobt like or accept u. Fuck it. Ditch the girl.
    Only in rom coms that it prevails but u need the family village.

    Let that set in for everyone here. U marry her family too.
    If they dont like u…fuck it move on to another girl

  2. MCG00 March 4, 2019 at 1:28 am

    The heads of families co-joining have to underwrite the union when their respective offspring mix their gene pools because it isn’t just the two offspring mixing, it is the two separate clans which are now blood bound. There must be diplomacy and fidelity between the clans. And the entering blood must be scrutinized.

    Westerners unfortunately are propagandized and blinded into believing that they must throw their offspring into the wind and that it doesn’t matter who their children cojoin with or even if it’s heterosexual. The blood entering the clan isn’t even scrutinized because the western blood clan/family has been criminalized, unpersoned and is no longer recognized by western authorities. The focus of ‘authorities’ now is every disjoined individual being bio tracked and surveilled. The western family unit sadly has been written off though.

    But scrutinizing ‘blood’ entering your family clan? Have westerners forgotten? Today in the west, pesky bureaucrat building inspectors scrutinize the pvc pluming pipes that go into your home addition more pervasively than a western father is allowed to scrutinize and overwrite the blood that co-joins with his own tribe through his children. So the building materials that go into your house are more select and regulated than the genetic building blocks of the occupants. Is that idiocracy?

    Even the dubious monkey virus pharma injections they pump into your veins getting a flu shot are more screened and quality controlled than the literal army of carpetbagger semen that plaster their telegenetic imprint upon the cervical walls of your daughters. Heck, westerners are more concerned about the color and smell of the vital fluids when they pull the oil and tranny dipsticks out of their car engines than of the blood entering their tribe. And IT IS real blood going into your veins when some beau knocks on your door to take your daughter’s hand or when some rent-a-pussy honey traps your son and tries to ride him off a cliff. It’s so important for clan head daddies to step up to the plate and begin swinging big.

    I like the idea of the Indian families requiring co-approval of one another prior to their sons and daughters mating. I’m a supporter of stealing by the way. The caucasoid westerners need to STEAL the way of the Indian man because it works. I won’t steal my neighbor’s lawn mower, but ideas? Try to take an idea back. Consider it stolen, or appropriated. The Ashkenazis stole constantly, appropriating the ways and customs of the neighboring haplogroups on their long march throughout Europe and their daughters constantly honey trapped and stole away the desirable males of neighboring haplogroups. So that’s how and why they’re rooted literally everywhere throughout civilized Europe.

    Let’s get STEALING White man!!

  3. Sebastian Hawks March 4, 2019 at 8:49 am

    I thought that none of these manufactured female “pop stars” actually wrote their own stuff. But I always seemed to sense “gay man” behind these songs, as the way of life in these lyrics seem typical of the kind of casual pickups in Al Pachino’s “Cruising” that exposed the truth about gay life for shock value before it got sanitized in the 90s with Will and Grace type fair that portrayed them as “monogamous couples.” How many of these 5 to 10 men who write all the pop songs are gay? The Anglobitch Blog mentioned that Ariana Grande sings about “Wrist Icicles” from jerking off dudes whose nut dribbles down her hands. Doesn’t sound at all like any sort of idea that a woman would want to express in song, nor even would a straight guy so focus on nasty semen imagery. Sounds like gays writing about their own exploits in the Blue Oyster Bar thinly veiled by filtering them through female singers and actresses.

    1. John Mason March 7, 2019 at 7:55 pm

      @ 1:00…being set up for the interracial BBC Bukkake choke slam. HA!

  4. Duke March 19, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    @ 16 min Tell women what they want to hear! lol