I talk about spiritual warfare, the Polish tradition of beating the Jew over Easter, selfie deaths, the latest round of censorship, my potential run for President of the United States, and much more.

Listen to it in podcast format or download the MP3:

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Clean Odessa times infinity! Roosh, you are baby Jesus 😉 incarnate. Screw the trannyfreaks (not literally)

1 year ago

the Polish tradition of beating the Yew over Easter

In defense of the Polish people, the effigy is that of a Biblical Judas. Poland is smart enough not to waste precious real estate in their minds thinking of the modern day Yuden.

1 year ago

Poland is STILL run by the ‘beatable entities’ who function as ‘symbols of betrayal’ (Maurice is actually CORRECT!) .. and their society/economy will NEVER recover.

PS- The “selfie deaths” are just a meme to enact a new level of Facebook control =
Much like your car’s ‘lane advisement’ in the near future your Phone will BLOCK you from taking images of backgrounds that include ‘off limit’ sites, people, and ‘dangerous’ activity.
Instagram (Facebook) ALREADY has an A.I. style image identifier that describes your picture by people and setting.