I talk about coronavirus, getting right with God in times of good health, the movie They Live, women who freeze their eggs, and much more.

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  1. MCG00 February 27, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Me thinks there must be homoglobo operative swamp creatures who are seeding communities with Wuhan Coronavirus to create the illusion of a natural spread that is uncontrollable. It would be ludicrous to believe that a hybrid man made piece of patchwork virus could become so strong as to do anything but replicate more than a few times and then die out. Hybrid mutant splice jobs have a short life cycle. Wuhan Coronavirus left on it’s own would peak and then recede and self destruct like any defective spliced species does – within a couple of months or weeks. NATURE is stronger and heartier than man made with any species. A sickly chimera strain needs help, life support if you will to proliferate. Otherwise it is superceded by the more robust naturally evolved strains. Coronavirus is full of scars, baggage and problematic left over DNA junk like any other typical splice job – so of course it has to be continually planted and seeded fresh in unaffected communities to create the ruse that it is the ultimate boogey man virus and FURTHER to justify unwarranted quarantining of dissidents or other groups slated by the homoglobulii for purge – and to meet the goal of imploding industrial economies. Please don’t EVER ever forget how dirty and rotten the power brokers and deep state swamp slime in this world are and leave no doubts to what extents they would go to further clamp their grip whenever and with whatever opportunity they can create.

    Think 9-11 wasn’t too big a false flag to pull off?? Think again. The swamp globo kingpins have been squirming with heightened levels of agitation for some time now. Don’t doubt it. Not at all. CORONAHOAX is an inside job compliments of the homoglobulii. Don’t get me wrong. The virus is deadly. It is a frankenbug such that the swampsters have to keep creating new fresh batches of the stuff, and they have plenty of traitors to humanity at their disposal to go around and plant the stuff in unaffected locations. It’s like they’re arsonists with the virus, going around and setting little fires everywhere. Just like the eyewitnessed ‘work’ crews of measly deep state snakes who were spotted inserting gray sticks of (nitro) ‘butter’ in the walls of the WTC prior to 9-11-01, it is entirely plausible that there remain plenty of the same type of low moraled humans who would sell out their country or world for two cents and do the dirty work of planting and proliferating a virus that with media help and panic alarm, can destabilize a populated area as thoroughly as an incendiary bomb.

    Assume the nCovid-19 is weak lived with a short burn time yet deadly on initial contact – – SO CERTAINLY the globos would have to keep PLANTING fresh made cultures to create scares and implode economies. They’ve already said that’s their objective.

    Keep your eye on the other hand – China (industrial powerhouse) Germany (industrial powerhouse) US west coast ports, Italy (Vatican) – – but not New Guinea and not flyover country and not already imploded Argentina. Think WHERE needs imploding to achieve homoglobo hegemony – bingo! Busted. And to think the globohomos thought they had it all in the bag for once. Not this time. HA!

    1. rak February 29, 2020 at 3:35 am

      The incubation period of the virus is 2 weeks, is what they say, so not thay short lived

      1. Christian Cool February 29, 2020 at 5:54 am

        It is SUPPOSEDLY two weeks. But we do not know for sure. And viruses are known to mutate quickly as well.

        And to make it worse, many have virus, are transmitting it without showing any symptoms. That is the problem.

        This is so new, we know very little about it.

        The price of Globalization is widespread global diseases and illnesses as such.

        Bets to prepare now, and not with stupid facemaks that do not work (people sneeze and cough on you, they will hit your whole face, hair, eyes, forehead… facemask does nothing).

        What you need is ample supplies such as freeze-dried food packets like Mountain House are THE best, disposable supplies (trashbags, persona hygiene wipes, etc) and defensive weapons at home so you can stay inside two-four weeks without leaving, if need be. Preparedness and of course, personal hygiene (hand washing, hand sanitizers, and Lysol wipes) are our best weapons.

        No need to panic…

      2. Christian Cool March 3, 2020 at 3:45 am

        The Corona Virus does kill and it is high infections and contagious… but so are colds and the flu. And the flu is killing wildly in America while no one says anything about it. Meanwhile, we all panic about this similar virus (Corona).

        Fear is often the lack of understanding of the unknown.

        Once we figure out Corona and Influenza work the same way and create a vaccine, it will be fine. As long as Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer liquid work as well on Corona as it does for flu/cold, I am sure I will be fine. 😉

        And once they create an annual vaccine, well the fools that says “vaccines kill people” will still not take vaccince and will moan and grumble about “lack of a cure”.

        My .02 cents on this. I am not dismissing Corona outright, but this seems to have been hyped by the media into a hysteria now.

      3. Christian Cool March 10, 2020 at 2:12 am

        I am beginning to wonder if the media is hyping Corona Virus more and more to crash Trump’s economic success and help the Marxists win Nov 2020.

        The virus is dangerous to the elderly, especially, but it is being overblown into a panic.

        Trump should respond by making an industrial push to re-build our medical infrastructure in America’s heartland. This will create jobs and break Chinese monopoly over medical supplies (like antibiotics, insulin, etc), critical infrastructure goods only China now manufactures, and create millions of new jobs in RED states!

        Two birds with one stone. 😉

  2. rokpr March 3, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    I spent one night reading #twitter wuhan. The videos are disturbing. Saw one of a dead family inside one apartment everybody dead except the girl/woman who was trapped screaming. People throwing paper money out of the window. Another woman trading gold for a bag of rice. If you scroll it you will see this videos. They didn´t seem fake. It seems the quarantine measures brought more harm than good.

    1. rokpr March 4, 2020 at 6:48 pm

      People falling from buildings also. Trying to escape quarantine.

  3. Vhjnb March 5, 2020 at 7:50 am


  4. Boof March 6, 2020 at 6:56 am

    So now you have a sore throat. Imagine if police would now knock on your door. And forcibly took you into a room full of people with heavy symptoms.
    My generation has a problem. Really serious. It´s the cognitive dissonance. And not wanting good for themselves. My grandmother use to say: “How can you do good for others. If you don´t even do it for yourself?”

  5. rokpr March 9, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    I´m seeing a lot of 6 in this coronavirus pandemic. One of them is the similarity of population between italy and Hubei Province in China. Both have… You guessed it. 60 million inhabitants. It´s 6 and inverted 6. Which gives you 9. Guess when the italian city was founded? June 26 1955. Population of Codogno first italian city to get hit: 90000.
    Anyway besides this it seems the crisis is achieving what the radical environmentalist wanted. Also plan of AOC for the green deal. In terms of shutting down airline travel.
    Btw quarentine comes from the italian quarentena which meant in the venice times the boats had to stay ashore for 40 days. (quarenta in italian) Before being able to come on board.

      1. Hej March 12, 2020 at 6:41 pm

        Dow fell 9,99% today.

  6. pojwp March 13, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Hopefully i´m not losing it. I´m having a gastroentritis because of the oranges i´ve ate. So was in bed last 3 days. Was checking the video from PM of Italy Conte and found some strange things:

    What´s wrong with this image?

    Italian flag is in middle but hidden behind him. Left flag is left folded similar to a mason apron. And at full display European Union flag.
    So either this is a form of plead, capitulation or simply demonstration of allegiance to bad globalists. There´s good globalism is good. IF IT WORKS IN FAVOUR OF WESTERN COUNTRIES. like it happened during centuries. Fuck sack.

    Or it could be nothing.