I discuss the race riots in the United States and the man who is likely orchestrating them.

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  1. Kati July 22, 2020 at 1:38 am

    This book from 1890 by Woolfolk is pretty telling

    Back then Rothchild were still in the spotlight and everyone knew they practically owned nearly the whole planets wealth together with some other families.
    Closing towards 1913 those families noticed it might be better to slip behind the curtain and have some frontman/merc being in the spotlight, and hide their wealth in uncountable companies/ngo/invests etc…

    Back to nowadays, imho Rothchild and few other families still own now everything, sure cant see this on one pile and in the spotlight. Those families had 3 digit billions over 100 yrs ago, no reason they dont have this, they are smart, they buy whole countries.
    Thats said for me Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk,etc all those bad actors are frontman.
    Just look at Gates past how he got to msdos/windows, stealing from xerox, getting moms help, never really coding himself, hes fake from beginning, just like Zuckerberg got the whole package from that lifelog project/cia.

    With that in mind few own everything current events make more sense, RFK said before CV big pharma made 60 billion per year with vaccine and 500 billion per year with drugs for vaccine damage(RFK with Tucker last week), profit wise the coming mRNA vaccine which gets not even fully tested(trials skipped directly to human testing) will top everything, pharma is not liable for any vaccine damage, pretty evil plan…if you look how many million will receive this dna altering halfbaked vaccine with no clue about long term safety.

    And now i did not even touch the big picture, western medicine fully a dictate by one of those previous mentioned megarich families, well you know Rockefeller. Started as snakeoil salesmen before Standart oil, now back to similar, he brought us oil based drugs and snakeoil vaccine and a “modern” western medicine all about cutting, chopping radiating etc with questionable germ theory. Could write books about that.

    But thats just a puzzle piece to the full picture, i dont go deeper into how for decades values got destroyed, family now nearly done…women are now fully integrated as workforce, no more time for this.
    We are already nearly living in some type of matrix, everythings owned by them, we feel free in our golden cages and sure the enslavement is very subtle, you can still chose what you do but you are in the system, their money/ursury/debt system, their medicine system, their media news and entertain… and so you get profited of in terms of your workforce, you as the consumer and to maximize the profit through the medicine system where profit comes first. Populations are made sick on purpose for profit, just read the Faucis past and you see him with Gallo, hiv/aids everything willingly(here good bio of Fauci http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO15Apr2020.php his wiki is very white-washed).

    Question will be how to we leave this system, or maybe is it pretty failsafe and we already lost 100+ yrs ago?
    Sorry for the tons of grammar errors, im not native english and i was pretty bad in school in it, mostly internet english.
    Could write days about this, as there is alot missing, and im trying to stay neutral which is not easy looking at the origins and their behavior like namechanging etc(Rockefeller got their name from an area in germany near Neuwied/Rockenfeld), i dont see myself as left or right, as those are games to divide the populations too; nor am i anti-semitic as those families mentioned are not even semites.

  2. Cyn July 31, 2020 at 11:04 am

    Coincidentally, that’s exactly what AA and NA used to teach recovering alcoholics. That only G-d can remove the obsession.
    Well, at least how it was intended when it was started and it worked.
    Now it has a 5 percent success rate as it’s no longer about G-d and just moaning at meetings

  3. Çatal Höyük September 12, 2020 at 3:49 am

    Do you deliberately look for depressing news? Sure, I don’t like the direction the world is going either but sheesh. And Tik-Tok nurses are not the biggest issue.