I talk about the powerful forces that are funding Black Lives Matter and how the group is being used to subvert American society. I also discuss the long-term plans of the elites, the hypocrisy of the coronavirus lockdowns, and a lot more.

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4 months ago

No comments?
Guess everyone watched it on YT back then, well its new for me!

And yes taking a knee is for me too just like the mask a sign you obey, police should not be allowed to get that political and kneel for a specific narrative funded by big money via lots NGO, been 12 yrs in the army too and dad was a cop, would never do that, and mask can be avoided here, only public transport and big supermarkets want them.

Btw dont know if you already listened as i need to listen/watch earlier roosh hours, but listen to Soros speech in Davos 2020, well or read the link…thats the $1 billion from him currently at work.

“Soros gives $1bn to fund universities ‘and stop drift towards authoritarianism'”

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3 months ago

Roosh. You’re very opinionated but you’re wrong about a lot of things. Just like you were wrong about growing a top knot. I share many similar world views to you including a spiritual awakening after my gaming stint. I went to a march here in Australia, not necessarily to support although I have much love and empathy for the indigenous Australians. I went as I knew that BLM is funded by Soros and alike and was shocked that protests were happening here in Australia. I went to the protest, they called for the knee on the ground, fist in the air salute. I did it. It felt intrinsically wrong but I did it because I did not want to come across as racist. I simply didn’t want to stand out. The social pressure this woman would have been experiencing would have been next level. What do you think this woman would have been thinking could happen if she didn’t salute? I tell you one thing that blows me away, the protests here in Aus were so freaking similar to the protests in America.

Çatal Höyük
Çatal Höyük
2 months ago

#Black Thugs Matter