Survey Results (Part 1)

I’m too lazy to graphically present the data so you’ll have to make due with text. I also skipped a couple questions. 632 people completed the survey.

What is your age?

0.9% Under 18
8.7% 18-21
30.4% 22-25
42.6% 26-32
13.0% 33-40
4.3% 41 or older

I thought readership would be a little younger but I’m not surprised that the bulk of you are close to my age.

What is the highest education level you have completed?

32.3% of you have a masters degree or greater.

Do you live in the Washington DC metropolitan area?

25.5% said yes. This figure used to be around 75%.

How did you find out about my blog?

More than half of you found me through another web site.

How long have you known about my blog?

11.8% Pretty recently
22.3% 3-6 months
22.9% 7-12 months
26.5% 1-2 years
12.9% 3-4 years
3.6% Over 4 years

This result suggests a lot of churn-and-burn in readership. People stick around for a year or two, lose interest in the topic matter, and go onto new things. For many guys, picking up girls is a flash-in-the-pan sort of thing.

What topics do you want to see more of? Check all that apply.

60.9% Straight-up how to get laid advice
91.1% Male/female observations, analysis, and commentary
40.2% Travel
55.0% Travel mixed with girls
51.2% Philosophical ramblings about life and existence
26.5% Self-deprecation
20.8% Politics / economics
25.9% Pictures
12.7% Video

I’m pretty surprised that politics garnered so few votes, though I’m encouraged at the showing made by philosophical ramblings.

Are you subscribed to my email newsletter?

42.4% Yes

Have I inspired you to take action in some area of your life?

53.1% Yes
46.9% No

I change lives.

Do you eagerly await my blog postings like a newborn boy awaits milk from his mother’s breast?

52.4% Yes
47.6% Yes

A whopping 100% of you said yes. This is incredible data right here.

Do you have an active blog (WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, Tumblr, etc.)?

21.2% of you said yes. Nerds.

Do you comment on my blog?

1.0% Yes, regularly
8.0% Occasionally
29.5% Sometimes or rarely
61.4% Never

This is a question I added after the first day. 90% of you don’t regularly comment. This result has made it easier for me to pull commenting as an experiment.

Would you say your job is fulfilling?

43.8% of you said yes. Possible follow-up: If yes, are you on an anti-depressant?

You’re at a coffee shop. Coffee or tea?

67.9% Coffee
32.1% Tea

Tea made a good showing probably thanks to international readers, who I accidentally threw under the bus with this America-centric survey.

Do you believe in God?

47.1% Yes
52.9% No

Godless heathens. :devil:

What is your gender?

82.7% Male
17.3% Female

I don’t know what those women are doing here. If there was a way to ban only women I would.

FOR GIRLS. How many sexual partners have you had? Estimate if necessary.

4.8% 0
20.2% 1-3
37.5% 4-8
22.1% 9-15
8.7% 16-25
4.8% 26-50
1.0% 51-99
1.0% Over 100

I was sharing this result with Roissy and he reminded me about using a multiplier. We settled on two, so double these results to get the true numbers. For the one girl who admitted to banging over 100 guys, can you email me so I can anonymously interview you for the blog. I’m curious about how that number was racked up, and if some sort of gangbang was involved. I won’t judge you.

FOR GIRLS. Has my writing ever made you feel upset, sad, or depressed?

8.3% Yes, on many occasions
47.2% It has at least once
44.4% No not at all

I’ve failed as a man with that low 8.3% number.

FOR GIRLS. Why do you read my blog? Check all that apply.

22.4% I like you
53.3% To learn about guys
24.3% To learn about girls
41.1% Curious about this idea of game
32.7% Good writing
81.3% Entertaining and/or funny
42.1% Boredom

Almost half of girls read my blog to alleviate boredom. Guys I want you to keep that in mind whenever a girl tells you how her life is busy and great.

Three write-ins to share:

Many, many times your perspective has resonated with me. I particularly enjoyed this past Halloween episode, in which you likened your Jesus experience to the Hot Girl experience.

I hate your view of women, but I’m impressed with your attention to the intricacies of interpersonal relations. And you’re funny. You make an occasional grammar mistake, but overall the writing is above average and entertaining. And don’t take this the wrong way, but as a woman, I read your blog, kind of to keep my guard up, know-your-enemy kind of research. But still, you are very entertaining.

I’m a girl, but I find the whole idea of game interesting. It’s just a neat perspective into the interactions of men and women, who may or may not have different hopes surrounding outcomes.

FOR GIRLS. Have you given up hope finding your soulmate?

11.8% Yes
60.8% No
27.5% Already found him

Lots of girls got mad because they don’t believe in the idea of soulmates. Overall though the result shows females to be (unrealistically) optimistic. The 11.8% know what’s up.

FOR GIRLS. Are you a feminist?

22.6% Yes
53.8% No
23.6% Not sure

How can you not be sure?

FOR GIRLS. Do you own or have you owned a cat?

Let’s take a look at the result from two angles. First, from girls who said Yes to being a feminist:

37.5% Yes, owned or own a cat

Next, from girls who said No to the feminist question:

31.6% Yes, owned or own a cat

We’re seeing triangulation here with what we’d expect in the real world. In other words, if you are a feminist then you have a 15.7% increased chance of being a cat lady. The data doesn’t lie. Feel free to cite this figure in your academic papers.

FOR GIRLS. Would you have sex with Jesus if he were alive today, you were single, and he hit on you?

38.5% Yes
61.5% No

I look like Jesus, so….

FOR GIRLS. Have we banged, kissed, or went out on a date?

6.1% Yes
93.9% No

I know a lot of girls lied on this one. Should be 10%.

Now onto guys…

FOR GUYS. How many sexual partners have you had? Estimate if needed.

5.9% 0
17.6% 1-3
27.5% 4-8
20.8% 9-15
12.8% 16-25
7.6% 26-50
5.2% 51-99
2.7% Over 100

If you bang 26 girls, you’re in 75th percentile of all men. Bang 51 girls and you’re 92nd percentile. You know what to do.

FOR GUYS. How would you rate your game?

49.7% Beginner (occasional phone number or date)
42.4% Intermediate
7.9% Advanced (getting laid regularly with pretty girls)

FOR GUYS. Have you ever had a one night stand?

71.3% Yes
28.7% No

I posed this same question to the girls and the result was just about the same.

FOR GUYS. How would you describe your condom usage overall?

23.5% 100% compliance
38.4% Consistent
19.1% Sometimes
9.6% Rarely.. I’m a dirty boy
9.4% N/A – I don’t have much sex

I wish I asked “Have you ever had an STD?” to triangulate with notch count and condom usage.

FOR GUYS. Do you refer to yourself as a “guy” or as a “man”?

45.3% Guy
54.7% Man

I’m a real man.

FOR GUYS. How often do you jerk?

6.2% Multiple times daily
24.3% Daily
34.8% Several times a week
22.2% A couple times a week
6.2% Several times a month
6.2% Not very often

I used to be daily. 😥

FOR GUYS. What was the last time you made an adult woman cry (that you weren’t related to) through the power of your words?

For this result I cross-tabulated the answers with number of sexual partners.

33.9% of guys who made a girl cry within the past month has banged over 15 girls
17% of guys who hasn’t made a girl cry in the past year has banged over 15 girls

Approximately how many books have you read in the past year?

1.9% 0
16.9% 1-3
22.9% 4-6
18.0% 7-10
12.5% 11-15
7.7% 16-20
20.2% Over 20

Girls are voracious readers. 34.2% of them have read over 20 books in the past year, while 17.3% of men have.


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