Survey Results (Part 2)

Have you bought or read Bang?

30.4% Yes
69.6% No

I don’t believe my blog is an untapped market for my book.

FOR THOSE WHO READ BANG. Do you think Bang was worth the money you spent on it?

92.2% Yes
7.8% No

FOR THOSE WHO READ BANG. Have you tried any techniques or lines from Bang?

77.0% Yes
23.0% No

FOR THOSE WHO READ BANG. In your mind, what do you think is holding you back from being more successful with women? Check all that apply.

15.1% My appearance
19.6% My personality
14.5% Another one of my personal attributes
12.3% Money
33.5% My current situation (e.g. where I live)
55.3% Fear or lack of confidence
70.4% Laziness
25.1% Free, high-quality porn

I’m pretty shocked by the laziness number, which I’m sure goes hand-in-hand with the high-quality porn option.

Some write-in comments:

More material on day game is requested. my voice is relatively soft and less captivating, so I have much less presence than people with worse game, humor, etc. I also have a more witty cheeky type of humor, that may escape the grasp of some girls. Information on ditz game, or how to make one’s humor better understood would be appreciated. sometimes it’s a language barrier thing, sometimes it’s not. eg when asked where I’m from, sometimes I’ll say, “Los Angeles, I’m kind of shallow and superficial.” btw, you have an excellent deadpan in your video.

Lack of quality women. Getting revved up about a simple bang just doesn’t seem as big a deal when I generally get dissatisfied with the chic after a few dates anyway.

I find most women to be tiresome, dull, and basically empty shells of what used to be a human being. After one realizes he can sleep with basically anyone he wants, he tends to find better shit to do. When I work a girl now it’s because she has substance, and merits my attention. Otherwise it’s alot of work for a pussy assisted jerk. Fuck that.

Living in Southern California and having not grown up here. DC is so the minor leagues. I get laid almost every time I visit my family. There is zero competition from lawyers, consultants, and programmers. SoCol has lots of competent naturals and a premuim is placed on physical attractiveness. In essence the competition starts at a much higher level. Similar to the shock you felt when you went to Argentina. At the end of the day you have to work twice as hard but if you go on some business trip to Cleveland you know you have the battle tested skills to bang 3 random in 10 hours.

Feelings of shame and inhibition from a Catholic upbringing.

I am one of your best friends inSOMnia

Thanks Insomnia.

FOR THOSE WHO READ BANG. Do you have any other comments about Bang?

A dozen comments about day game. I get it!

Bang is dope. I like most the straightforward way you differentiate between alpha and beta males. And between confident and non-confident people. The line that resonates with me is the one that goes.. “confident people dive into situations that are critical to their goals, regardless of their perceived chance of failure”. Nice work.

I loved how it made me feel like you were taking the journey from beta to alpha with the reader. You didn’t come off as some pretentious douche.

Far too short.

I think it was a great book on the fundamentals on game. Just to give you background, I’m a beginner/intermediate player- I can get laid with moderate frequency, but still not on command with whom I want or with consistency every night I go out. I think the only way to improve ony our book would be to go in depth on certain areas- as an Expat in Asia (I’m also Asian), I’d be interested to hear your stories and how you had to adjust your game while overseas, something I think you have a fair amount of experience in.

Great book. Lots of useful information. I always use the XXXXXX technique now to guarantee getting in.

I tried the strawberry story, it’s good stuff. Unrelated to Bang, The cost per notch analysis is a great idea.

I bought your book for two reasons: – I saw in your blog that you give realsitic and straightforward advice – personally i think you are the only pickup expert that has a likable personality: the other seem to have a personal philosophy that blends the worst aspects of self-help and selfiness in a (from a european point of view) very yuppie-american way.

A story telling approach might have worked very well in a few places. Walk us through a few successes and failures from start to finish.

I thought it was useful and practical. In a very few cases, it could have been better edited, but overall an inspirational and solid guide.

The sections on The Vibe and Inner Game are some of the best self-improvement advice I’ve ever read – extends way beyond just trying to get laid. Thank you.

the structure needs to be improved and more openers/ routines would be nice. overall it was a good read and learned some stuff and it covered the majority of subjects but i felt like with some topics ,a bit more in depth information would have been nice.

FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T READ BANG. Why haven’t you bought Bang? Check all that apply.

18.8% I’m a girl
1.8% I’m gay
2.8% I hate you
5.9% I think you are a fraud and/or a phony
8.5% Too expensive
32.6% Unsure of its quality
18.3% I have no money (if you can’t swing $20 then you got more to worry about than your game)
16.2% I don’t care for picking up girls
20.1% I’m in a happy relationship
35.7% I’m lazy
20.3% Not sure

Write-in comments:

I don’t read books on how to pick up girls written by homo’s

Think over analyzing the going out experience would tarnish it for me. I always have a ton of fun when I go out.

I’m gay but I’m interested in a straight dick’s perception of a pussy. It’s weird. I don’t like you at all because you are sexist, homophobic, mcp etc, but who cares, its not like I have to sleep with you. To be clearer, I pity your personality, but what you write is generally informative – things that you don’t hear in person.

Live at home and don’t want my mom to see

you wouldn’t let me

Plenty of seduction material abound….maybe you could convince me more?

I used to buy into that stuff all the time. I quit caring about studying the dynamics of pickup about four years ago. Now I just spend all my money on booze and get laid being a loser drunk. It works for me. I like going out alone because I am a prowler.

Lots of guys said they have too much pick-up material and don’t see how an additional book will help.

How do you feel about my decision to visit Ethiopia to feed starving African children?

16.9% It’s great!
8.6% It’s forced / trite
19.4% Whatever, not exactly my cup of tea
46.5% I don’t think you are really going to Ethiopia
8.6% Other


Have you left the United States in the past two years for leisurely travel?

69.7% Yes
30.3% No

How long was your last international vacation?

9.4% 1-5 days
25.5% About a week
28.3% Two weeks
12.0% 3-4 weeks
24.8% Over a month

Surprised at the large number who escaped for over a month.

Did you get the diarrhea?

21.4% Yes
78.6% No

I voted Yes.

Have you picked (or will you pick) a travel location based mostly on the men or women?

33.0% Yes (39.5% guys answered yes while 8.7% of girls did)
67.0% No

Have you gotten laid in a foreign country with someone you didn’t already know before you arrived?

46.2% Yes (47.5% guys said yes while 40.9% of girls did)
53.8% No


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