Survey Results (Part 3)

Why do you travel? Check all that apply

74.1% Learn new cultures
72.4% Sight-see
46.2% Meet exotic women or men
68.2% To de-compress, relax
80.2% To get away

Write-in responses:

I like going to horrible places like war zones or places like Auschwitz or Jonestown. I just returned from Sudan a few hours ago, for example. I still haven’t really come up with a good answer for when people ask me why.

conversations and friendship with other travellers

To find the meaning of life.

There’s a quote by R.L. Stephenson, that sums up my travel philosophy perfectly: “For my part I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. The great affair is to move.” (something like that)

What is the most important thing you’ve learned in your life so far?

There were 430 write-ins. If yours isn’t here that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. Don’t be hurt.

I think the realization that most of what we’re told is rubbish. And by this I am referring to statements about things such as how things or people are in a certain place, what women want or value, what constitutes “responsible” behavior, what should make me happy (marriage, a mortgage, 2.5 kids, etc.), what sort of art we’re supposed to value, etc. I have to throw this one in as well: If you’re not happy with your life – change it. Fuck the critics that tell you that you’re making a mistake by walking away from a good job or a nice girl or a nice city. They’re not living your life and since I’m an atheist, I think you only get one. Do what makes you happy, not others happy. Be selfish.

it’s possible to rewrite your life story.

Sometimes, just acting like you have authority is enough. People respond when you seem like you’re in charge, whether or not you actually are.

Where there is no desire there is no fear.

The stuff you think is so important as a teenager/young adult really doesn’t matter at all in the real world after age 25.

1) If you want it that bad you can probably get it, if you’re not trying then you don’t want it that bad. 2) You can make yourself sombody else if you’re willing to commit.

Personality goes a lot farther than skill or intelligence.

When you get pissed (drunk) in a New Country make sure you can make your way back to your bed, as sleeping in a hedge isn’t fun when it’s Cactus. also Camels & Arabs haven’t a much of a sense of humour

The goal in life is to figure out what makes you happiest (e.g. what releases the most pleasure inducing chemicals in your brain most consistently and most sustainably) and then doing that as much as possible. No one can tell you what this will be, and this will likely change over long periods of time.

The police will fuck you even if you have done nothing wrong… so hire a decent lawyer

If you don’t choose how to live your life, others will choose for you

Sex is easy. Especially since I am gay. Straight people have it so complicated, plus deal with the boobies. eww.

1) Be thankful of the opportunities you have been given. I could have easily have been born in another country where I wouldn’t have had access to education or survived passed twenty five. Make the best of what has been given to you and never feel like you’re entitled to it. 2) Not to judge a person you don’t know. Everybody has reasons for what they do, just because you don’t know them doesn’t give you the right to pass judgement. 3) Lately, and with a lot of influence from yours and Roissy’s blogs I’ve learned that most girls are pretty stupid. I’m not sure how I feel about that right now, it’s great to know but I wish I feel like a dumbass for putting them on such a pedestal until now.

Your life is yours alone, don’t spend it trying to make other people happy. If you’ve got a 9-5 occupation, that is considered making someone else happy.

People who say they’re trying to “find themselves” are dipshits. What makes your character is what is outside you, wrought by your hands and words not inside you with mincing thoughts and empty words, and anyone who surrenders to some such excuse such as “it was my upbringing” or “it’s in my genes” isn’t strong enough to shape the clay of their lives. Oh Roosh, you really, really really need to read Zorba the Greek. I don’t know why I didn’t post that on the book thread.

life is way too short, and people chase after the wrong things their whole life, i think your idea of not being married to a career and experiencing as many women as you can is the right track. on your death bed, you will probably only remember the women you have had, and who made your life better, not what you did at a cubicle for 45 years

Fuck content, it’s all about style

No woman will ever love me just for who I am or what I can do for her. I must be able to prove my value in a social context outside our relationship, preferably by making her jealous of my other options. In fact, each of the women I have loved has told me as she finally broke up with me that she would probably be attracted to me again if I would have an affair. But I don’t know how to have an affair, so I lost them.

Nobody gives a shit about your problems.

Never associate with people that have nothing going for them.

The taint is the male g-spot.

99.99% of people are sleep walking through life, and I don’t want to be one of them.

The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.

That it’s important to have male friends, and you should not let go of them.

Contrary to what “society” said, doing well professionally isn’t the key to getting hot chicks

You will always lose money chasing women but you’ll never lose women chasing money.

Most of the little shit people get wound up about resolves itself if you give it time to do so.

inflammable really means flammable!

Do you have any additional comments about how to improve my blog?

Not to improve the blog, but the question about soulmates was odd – why assume women believe in soulmates at all? I don’t, but am in a happy relationship, so I selected “already found him.” Would have been nice to have another option.

You admit to, and others accuse you of, being a hater of women, in the line of your “Dark side” post. You seem to regard it inevitable. If you could transcend ,and grow a heart back, your readership would triple.

Even though you are broke at the moment. More info on being successful and making money…

It seems like your style has gone from naturally inflammatory to purposefully inflammatory. I’d say keep giving advice you’d actually take and quit trying to go extreme just to incense the haters – though it is pretty fucking funny occasionally.

Your blog is drenched in ego and I think it makes for an entertaining read, plus it makes me not feel bad about occasionally hating you. The Roosh haters should just give up their cause because your blog wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t such a bastard.

More pictures and videos that you take/make. Also really miss the great old MS Paint diagrams you used to make.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, write more about politics or economics. Game, women and more game please.

I think when you figure out what you’re doing with your life next, it will get better. I think you’re past the whole picking up chicks thing. You’re getting too old for it.

Less endless rambling about pathetic beta men and how awesome alpha men are. It gets old after a while.

Yes, I think you banned me for awhile (linked me to some spanish youtube video) because I made a comment dissing your worldview. Stop being such a pussy and let the haters like myself make our stance heard. You don’t need to read it or take it to heart, but show some balls and stop looking for all your comments to be that of adulation.

No. You’ve been doing this long enough that it can’t be expected to get any better. Most blogs reach full potential quite early, and after that it’s only a matter of whether the writer can be bothered to keep doing it. I would be satisfied to see you maintain your current standard.

Your writing is amazing. Self-deprecating, hilarious, and insightful. Your videos, generally, have not been as impressive. Your “how to blog” video is great, but I think it’s because it’s the only video you had that was semi-scripted beforehand. What the fuck is wrong with you? Based on your content and your ability to write, you should be in the thousands of RSS readers. You should have a huge following, but you don’t. Are you just an awful marketer? Why don’t you get word about your blog a bit more? Your writing should appeal to about 90% of all young males, but somehow, no one knows about you. Start marketing yourself.

i like the comparison of different cultures like the argentine vs brazilian girls…i started dating brazilian girls because of you, am learning portuguese, and plan on going to brazil in the next year. best advice i’ve ever gotten, thanks, roosh

Two approaches, go personal or go polemic/personal I hate polemics but as you can tell it has been good for Roissy’s numbers. You have flirted with both of those extremes, personal stuff about you, your life and stuff and polemics about the male/female dynamics/politics/econ. But I imagine it must suck to have people think they know you from reading about you. Whatever you decide to do, I think that people respond not just to ideas but to the personal stuffbehind the idea. The best of the idiot box tv, radio, or writing has elements of the personal. The power of your ideas may capture people but they stay for the personality – the man underneath the idea. Whether you go travel and chicks or vision quest in Ethiopia for orphans and chicks or your libertarian strain and chicks, the story you are telling is of a guy making his way in the world, his way. I read you because although I disagree on econ and politics and probably many aspects of life, I think there is something interesting in your story. I like that you are working it out while we watch. And I get to relive my youth reading about your exploits so keep that stuff up too.

I feel like you hold back a lot of experiences that we could all learn from. And I would like to hear more of your opinions about current events, but your real opinions and not just BS as if your trying to get a rise out of people. But I’ll read the blog either way, I’m a fan and I appreciate your work.

You seem to have a very negative and detrimental outlook on life. But its funny to read.

I’ve read your blog for a while now. I think the blog is beginning to bore you. Your posts are shorter and less frequent. I realize you’re writing a book, the newsletter etc. This is an outsider opinion, so I could be totally off base, but I’d take a little time off. My favorite ‘era’ of this blog was around the time when you and BigHeadDC used to feud. Your victory was swift and complete. Something’s different between then and now. It’s still a go-to blog for me and I enjoy it very much. Lastly, I want to reiterate how much Bang has helped me. Thank you.

topics lately are boring, miss the DCbachelor days. More interested in travel and getting laid. Also looking forward to another book.

Please, I beg you – no more wikipedia based economic theories. As an economist, they are both obvious, and painful to get through.

Not only do I love your blog, I’ve recommended it to several friends, both male and female. My single female friends NEED your blog, so they can understand the alpha male mind. Conversely, many of my male friends are betas, and they are the ones who read you, yet despise you and disagree with you. They continue to retain the false hope that there’s a woman out there who appreciates a sensitive guy. My man’s an alpha, btw. He’s you, 10 years ago.

I’m really tired of all the women / bang posts. I think you should be beyond that as a person and a writer. It’s just a pussy, get over it. Of course I understand if that what 80 percent of your writers are interested in reading…but again, I think it’s a waste of you mental energy and creativity and time.

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play (Nietzsche). I think there was a more personable aspect to your original blog dcbachelor that you’ve drifted away from. In a sense I got the impression you thought the end game was more feasable then, but at this stage, in this reality, and from what you have seen and experienced, you’re somewhat pessimistic in your view of women and finding an ideal partner in what has become a sea of filth. I agree with you on the instant gratification, the cynicism, the fickle mentality, the selfish and illogical behavior. All this energy invested for a fuck…and as you said…it’s just wasted time. At the same time one must move forward in life, that was then, this is now…you must evolve, not remain stagnant so take the blog in the direction you want. I guess at the least you should bring back the stick figure cartoons….those were classic and added some fun imagery to go with the content.

I know you’re getting tired of blogging, but I’d love to see more consistent posting again. Daily might be too much, but just regular, maybe set certain days of the week. Otherwise, keep doing what you’re doing – I very much appreciate it.

the best thing you could do to improve this blog is to not take any of your fucking retarded readers’ advice. if any of us had any good ideas for a blog, you would be reading our blog, not the other way around. keep it up

It was fun reading the suggestions from people who don’t normally comment on the blog. The only thing that I will probably change is to promote my book a little more. Only 30% of my readers buying my book seems pretty low.

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