Now that I got you to click on such an enticing headline, I must deliver the goods or else you will be upset with me. Before I share with you the best podcast in the world, I wanted to first mention six other podcasts that I regularly listen to.

From The Amvon

This podcast is by Father John Whiteford, an Orthodox priest in Texas. His specialty is Biblical knowledge (perhaps thanks to a Protestant background), and his relatively short homilies have been helpful for me to go beyond a surface understanding of the faith. I consider him one of the best Orthodox homilists in the English language.

The Arena

This is published by Father Josiah Trenham, perhaps the most well-known Orthodox priest in the United States thanks to his firm but congenial demeanor. Father Josiah does a great job bringing in everyday stories and family experiences to teach how we can have a practical yet devout Orthodox faith.

Orthodox Wisdom

Timothy Honeycutt provides audio transcriptions for important Orthodox texts, particularly concerning the lives of the saints. Timothy selects works of zealous Orthodox Fathers that are helpful in a modern secular age to counter heresy and blasphemy.

Ek Nekron

Father John Valadez in California follows in the “Death To The World” e-zine tradition to publish multi-part lectures that serve as a deeper Orthodox catechism. My article “7 Signs You’re In A Cult Or False Movement” was inspired by his Survival Course for Orthodox Christians series, which I highly recommend.

Culture Wars Podcasts

Whenever a major news event happens, I think, “I need Dr. Jones’ take on this.” Dr. E Michael Jones is a Catholic intellectual who has his pulse on the zeitgeist and the powerful group we cannot name in polite company. His podcast is regularly updated with his interviews on other shows.

There are also two YouTube channels that are technically not podcasts but I listen to them as podcasts anyway by downloading the MP3 file using a program called ClipGrab

Father Spyridon Bailey

Father Spyridon is an Orthodox priest in the UK who I believe has the most popular Orthodox YouTube channel in the world. You may remember that he called in to one of my live streams when I was still in the Armenian Church and gave me a loving push to become Orthodox. His videos focus on spiritual counsel and are suitable for inquirers.

Father Peter Heers (Orthodox Ethos)

If you want dense lectures that are soaked in the teachings of the Church Fathers and Elders, Father Peter is your priest. He makes no compromises with the world or liberal parts of the Church and gives you the guidance needed to overcome spiritual lukewarmness that is so common in our age.

And the best podcast in the world is…

Orthodox Talks

The above podcasts are great, but if you were to send me to a deserted island with only one podcast in my pocket, I would pick Orthodox Talks, because it would allow me to continually learn about the Orthodox faith and keep it.

Orthodox Talks is a series of long but edifying lectures from Father Kosmas, a priestmonk at the Orthodox Monastery of the Archangel Michael in Sydney, Australia. I first started listening to his talks before I was Orthodox, and was generally impressed with them, but now that I am Orthodox, I’m very impressed because his lessons perfectly encapsulate what I have learned through a multitude of books and teachers. Ultimately, Father Kosmas captures the savor of Orthodoxy, and is one of the best teachers that the Church has.

Father Kosmas shares lessons on a variety of topics: repentance, marriage, lives of the saints, teachings of the Holy Fathers, Church sacraments, mental illness, prayer, death, demonic influence, secular temptations, and other issues facing those who live in modern times. It has been essential in my formation as an Orthodox Christian, and is the only podcast where I listen to episodes repeatedly.

It can be a bit overwhelming to be faced with 83 lectures that are many hours long. I recommend you start with the below three lectures as an appetizer and then embark on a holy and God-pleasing quest to listen to every single episode:

1. Talk 12 – What to look for in a spouse
2. Talk 13 – What you need to maintain a successful marriage
3. Talk 82 – Covidism’s threat to the Church

As you can see, there is no shortage of Orthodox content. They help us navigate this broken world while developing a faith that saves. Without them, especially Father Kosmas’ Orthodox Talks, I would be spiritually worse off than I am now.

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