The Diminishing Necessity Of Picture Taking

It is no longer necessary for me to take a camera while traveling. We’ve arrived to the point where every possible monument, building, desert, plain, outhouse, storefront, plaza, cathedral, beach, and market has been captured by another human being and uploaded onto the internet. It’s just wasted labor to take photos that not only have been taken by other people, but taken far better than I can.

I was in Bogota. Let’s plug that into Flickr. Here’s Bogota.


Does it matter that I didn’t take the photo? No. I’m in Medellin. Here’s the building where I take Spanish classes, found via Google.


Here’s a nice library I’ve been to a few times, from Flickr.

EPM Library

I’ve seen this particular vantage point with my own eyes but I didn’t take a photo. Doesn’t make a difference. My experience in Bogota or at a school or library is not diminished by the fact that I didn’t capture it with an electronic device.

So what’s left? Pictures of people.

Does the world really need more photos of me in front of monuments and other places? If anything the picture is ruined if I’m in it.

I’ll meet friends on the road no doubt. Surely I’ll want photos of them, but I will likely add them on Facebook, where there will be hundreds of their photos at my disposal. That person does not need another photo taken of him or herself, I can assure you.

I’ll get laid on the road, and want to take pictures of the girls I have sex with. Why? To show my friends that I can score? Doesn’t matter anyway, because she’ll be on Facebook too. Unless I’m taking naked photos there’s no need to turn on my camera.

As long as everyone else takes their camera everywhere, you no longer have to.

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