Pete was using his virtual reality device to explore a moon of Jupiter when a notification popped up on his display: “Dream Recorder is now here. Record your dreams. Limited availability. Touch here to learn more!” He moved his finger over the box and tapped.

The Dream Recorder was the most anticipated tech gadget of the year. It recorded your dreams while you slept, using a small electrode attached to your skull. Brainwaves were wirelessly sent to a special device and then analyzed to create a video segment that could be played on the dreamer’s VR unit. The playback was grainy and lacking in color, but it gave realistic depictions of dreams.

The first people to buy the Dream Recorder were those who had trouble remembering their dreams. Finally, they could see what their dreams were made of. Pete decided to buy the Dream Recorder for a different reason: he had too many dreams.

Every night, Pete had at least three dreams. After he turned 40, they became even more elaborate. Most people had dreams consisting of people they knew or places they had been to, but Pete had dreams of worlds and ideas he had never been exposed to. He tried to talk to other people about dreams, but could find no one who had his same dream pattern. Whenever he went to bed, he braced himself for what was essentially watching a new movie, with original characters and invented places. He even had a dream that seemed to predict a real-life event.

Pete was walking on the sidewalk when a beautiful young woman in a car tried to mow him down. He ran into the woods to get away from her, but her car was like a tank, tearing down trees to get at him. Pete reached a stone wall with no way to escape. He was certain he would die. Then the woman stopped the car right before he was crushed, got out, and reached her hand out to him.

Three weeks later, Pete absent-mindedly tried to cross the street without looking both ways. A woman to his right yelled “Watch out!” and pulled him back onto the sidewalk as he felt a speeding car nip against his pant leg. He looked at her and she was indeed beautiful. Startled, he didn’t even speak a word before she crossed the street and disappeared. He was distraught for the rest of the month, not because he almost died but because he didn’t make vocalizations to her.

Pete then tried to write down his dreams with a pen and notepad upon waking, but they took too long to write out, and he only clearly remembered the last dream of the bunch. The Dream Recorder was a perfect gadget for him.

On his first night with the recorder, he placed the wireless electrode on his head, leaving the receiver nearby. He went to sleep and after a few hours of continuous sleep he began his usual insomniac routine of unconsciously waking several times and trying to sleep again until his alarm would finally ring. He looked at the display on the receiver. “2 Dreams Recorded.” Excited, Pete plugged the receiver into his VR unit and hit play.

First dream. Brightly lit room. Long rectangle table. A man wearing a gold crown sitting at one end while a woman also wearing a crown on the other. People at the table wearing elaborate robes and jewelry. Careful mannerisms. A feast set on the table. “Would you like some more wine,” someone asks Pete. His goblet is filled and a toast is made.

Second dream. Country diner. Old waitress walks up to his table with a pot of steaming coffee. She begins pouring it into his mug but doesn’t stop. It starts overflowing. Pete instinctively hunches backwards to not get burned, but when the liquid falls on his legs, it’s cold. The waitress smiles at him.

The two dreams took only four minutes to play. Pete took off the VR unit and started to analyze them. Both dreams had a pouring component in them. What did that mean? This was the first time Pete was able to consider the connection between dreams he had in the same night. He wondered if the pouring signified someone giving him something that he may or may not want. He would be given a gift, perhaps. He played the dreams again, and noticed a detail he missed earlier. In the background of both dreams was a man nodding his head up and down as the pouring was taking place. Pete made a mental note to accept whatever was given to him in the upcoming weeks, even if it didn’t seem favorable at first.

Pete would usually jump into the shower after waking, but watching his dreams and then thinking about them took almost half an hour. He would be late for work. Only a week went by before he became so obsessed with analyzing his dreams after waking that he couldn’t leave the house. Within one month he lost his job, with no interest in getting another one.

Top floor of huge apartment building. Window view of a great metropolis. The loud city is too quiet. The lights in the room are flickering on and off. He looks at the peephole and sees alien figures covered in cloaks, going from room to room. He locks the door, grabs a knife, and hides behind the couch. A slight tap at his door. They insert a wand into the keyhole. A gas starts entering. Suddenly he is on his back, paralyzed. He can see, but can’t move or talk. Three aliens stand above him. They bend down over him to pick him up.

Within two years, Pete had such a vast collection of dreams that he was spending hours a week organizing them all. This was on top of the three hours a day he spent watching old dreams and analyzing them, trying to decode their meaning. He was beginning to substitute his dreams for real life.

A new version of the Dream Recorder allowed you to trade dreams with others. Every fantastical human experience was now being recorded and shared. Some dreams were free but others, particularly sex dreams that broke the laws of physics, were priced steeply. Pete bought the dream “Amsterdam on a flying mattress pre-Caliphate” for one Ameripeso. While Pete couldn’t control the bought dream, he was able to experience it as the dreamer did, evading buildings and waving at people below as he toured the city on the flying bed.

Soon came the dream engineers. They designed and programmed artificial dreams that fulfilled the needs of dreamers, though their work was generally seen as “inauthentic.” Real dreams were always prized above fake ones.

There was one particular dream which shook him the most. He watched it several times a week, trying to understand its meaning by picking apart little details. He thought this dream was the key to understanding his future.

A woman leads him through a quiet fishing village, grabbing his hand snugly. Her long hair, down to her lower back, swings back and forth. Her step is happy. She stops to say hi to the villagers. He tries to get a look at her beauty, but is unable to. She walks to the water. He says he doesn’t want to get wet. Her grip gets tighter as she pulls him into the water. He yells at her to stop but she doesn’t. Just before the water submerges him, she turns around. Her face is a skeleton, with worms and maggots crawling out of her eye sockets. He yells as she pulls him down, his lungs filling with water.

Pete wasn’t the only one getting addicted to the Dream Recorder. The heaviest users were spending more than half of their waking hours on it. Telling them that they were living their entire lives in a dream world had the same effect as telling a heroin addict that the drug was bad for them. While Pete mostly used dreams to understand himself and the future, most others used it because it was simply more enjoyable than normal life. This was especially the case when the VR units started to use body suits and olfactory simulators that blurred the line between what was real and not.

THE FIRST version of the Dream Recorder was released during a time when capitalism in the United States began to fail. Permanent unemployment hit 40%, mostly due to technological advances in robotics. Human labor was no longer needed to sustain society. In fact, people began to get in the way.

The elite were getting nervous about how to keep so many idle human beings occupied. They approached the problem using a variety of tactics: increased spying to identify potential threats to their rule, depopulation in the form of childhood “vaccines” and cultural programs that preached the innumerable benefits of sterile lifestyles like homosexuality and trassexuality, and welfare for companies that produced and distributed mind-numbing entertainment.

When the American government saw how useful the Dream Recorder was, they poured money into a front company run by a college student named David Steinberg to create the Dream Pod. Many journalists lavished praise on Steinberg with a dorm-to-riches storyline without knowing that the government was behind his success.

The Dream Pod had three major features. The first was a full sensory suite. Smells, touches, kisses, slaps, punches, and even sex could now be reliably simulated in a way that a home version of the Dream Recorder could not. The second feature of the Dream Pod was providing biological nourishment through two IV lines. One pumped a saline solution for hydration and the other a slurry of insect protein and fructose syrup that was fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals. Lastly, urine and bowel exit tubes were provided so the dreamer could excrete waste while he was dreaming.

Steinberg started to offer a day package where users would be plugged into the pod for eight hours. During that time, they could access not only the company’s entire library of archived dreams but the libraries of other users who made their dreams available on Dream Pod’s network for a small royalty fee. In spite of this massive collection, dreamers complained of boredom towards the end of their “charge.”

To solve the problem, Steinberg came up with the idea of the Dream Stay, where hotel guests at major chains could stay for free as long as their dreams could be harvested with an electrode. Within one year, Steinberg had over three million dreams powered with an algorithm that auto-played dreams for its customers depending on their biometric responses and psychological profiles. Instead of being bored at the end of an 8-hour charge, customers were now demanding weekend stays of 48 continuous hours. Steinberg obliged and created dozens of dream centers throughout America that were converted from unused factory and warehouse space.

The number of dreams in the Dream Pod collection increased logarithmically, and with that came demands for even longer charges in the Pod. The first man to stay charged for one continuous week made international news and even got to meet the President of the United States, Muhammad Rodriguez, who said that the dreamer was a hero to the country and served as a shining beacon of what America stands for. As President Rodriguez praised the Dream Pod publicly, he privately pushed Steinberg into developing infinite stays. Steinberg didn’t need to be convinced by the government—the people were demanding it themselves.

Charging money for Dream Pod access became an unsustainable model because customers tended to get addicted to the pod and not maintain consistent employment. They racked up huge invoices with Steinberg. The problem was solved through a special program where your pod charge was free if you agreed to have a government-sponsored public service dream (PSD) inserted into your dream rotation once per hour. The only catch is that you didn’t know which dream was the PSD.

A handful of anti-pod protesters argued that this was a diabolical means of brainwashing the masses, but those masses didn’t seem to care, and there was no way to prove that weird dreams where a dreamer was on his knees and begged for mercy from a uniformed police officer was actually a PSD. Free was a powerful draw, and within twenty years of the PSD program release, over 50% of the population were active customers on the plan.

Sitting in a classroom with other adults. The chairs and desks are too small. The alphabet is above the blackboard in bold type. He’s wearing a necklace, and hanging from it is a pacifier. ‘What did I tell you!’ the teacher yelled, scolding a naked adult. ‘We know best, so you must rest.’ The adult began crying, and he begged the teacher to return to his desk. ‘You know best, so I will rest,’ he said.

Pete was now in his late 60’s. He was on the quarterly pod plan, where he stayed plugged in for three months nonstop, and during that time there was no reliable way for him to tell whether he was getting a programmed dream or a genuine dream produced by his own brain. The quarterly plan required unplugging for a two week break period, and during that time Pete felt immediate pain and discomfort to any real world problem, disturbance, or even opinion that didn’t fully match his own. Even normal conversations with people became unbearable. He would use his outdated Dream Recorder for most of the days on his break until he could be plugged back in.

Dreamers like Pete could no longer live independently outside of the pod. Even if he could afford real food, his stomach couldn’t digest it without vomiting it all back up, so he manually fed himself with a bag of pod slurry. His body became emaciated and weak; he couldn’t walk up stairs without holding onto the railing. Steinberg rushed to implement the permanent hookup, not so much to make more money, but because millions of Americans were becoming incapable of living real life, and would die unless they found a way to plug in or get cheap slurry.

Pete was one of the first dreamers to be permanently hooked up. He arrived to the pod wearing pajamas. Before slipping into his new home, he was presented with a contract saying that he would never be unplugged, and when he died, he’d be cremated and used as fertilizer for the slurry crops. With the little strength he had left, Pete signed and slipped into his new home, anxious for the attendant to turn on the switch.

Thirty years after the Dream Recorder was first introduced, seventy percent of the American population were permanent dreamers. The awake were composed of the technocratic class, blue color workers who methodically demolished empty metropolises, the anti-dreamers who lived in rural areas, and the ruling elite.

A big squeeze was put on the anti-dreamers to get plugged in. Jail had been abolished in favor of the pod and new laws declared that in the case of martial law, when the country was threatened by terrorists, citizens must be plugged in for their own safety as long as the threat remained. With over 25,000 pod centers, it would have been futile to shut the system down, and even if that happened, dreamers would revolt with whatever strength they had left to turn the pod centers back on. One anti-dreamer commented how pod centers resembled server farms of the early 21st century.

Pete survived for two years in his permanent pod before his body started to give way. Sensing his imminent death, the pod played the heaven dream of him walking towards a beautiful bright light to the sound of harp music before his body was flushed into an acid vat. The pod was then cleaned and readied for a new dreamer to be plugged in.

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  1. Jackal89 May 9, 2016 at 9:22 am

    So Roosh when are you going to compile al these short stories and deep a book?

    1. Roosh May 9, 2016 at 1:33 pm

      Probably at some point, though short story compilations generally don’t sell well.

      1. Cecil J May 10, 2016 at 12:01 am

        Its cool how a sarcastic and fun fiction story that tells the truth about the reality of things but it’s just not as interesting to me as the travel guides were. I still read Dead Bat from time to time as old as it is.
        Roosh honestly man was Latin America basically just a big ghetto with sexy girls who require Spanish?
        Also, did you ever do a tour of other parts of America like you implied in that Midwest YT video-did you find a few decent citites in the South, Midwest, etc. or was it all just very lame compared to EE?

      2. Roosh May 10, 2016 at 1:04 am

        “Roosh honestly man was Latin America basically just a big ghetto with sexy girls who require Spanish? ”


        I didn’t tour much else of the Midwest, but I would like to do the South at some point.

      3. Cecil J May 10, 2016 at 4:00 am

        Are you back on the continent of white girl quality with women who act mainly polite, look good, and dress well who don’t think their HR gig, newest cat colony addition, 3500 calorie Starbucks milkshake, or new quasi Lesibian hair styling is sexy like the Penis Paradise Americunts?

      4. Rhyme Or Reason May 11, 2016 at 4:24 pm

        Come to Southern CA. Lots of talent.

      5. Raptus May 24, 2016 at 8:28 pm

        Lived in the deep south (anywhere west of Tallahassee) for a bit and I myself came from the north. There are similar disappointments as some of the more poisonous things in progression have seeped their way into the bigger cities, thuggery, feminism, miscegenation per se (although that’s been going on in the south for a long time now) but also moments of calm as you see droves of families resisting the media sluttery.

        Alabama and Mississippi still are very patriotic to America, and the people may have the tractor drawl but they aren’t unintelligent, many of them work and live off the land and are pretty clever.

      6. Rob Lux May 18, 2016 at 8:22 am

        I would buy it.

  2. Tobias Wright May 9, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Wow, this reminds me strongly of the Black Mirror series. It’s well worth watching as it explores some fascinating possible future scenarios for those living in the West. UTOPIA is also an excellent series, tragically cancelled before the 3 series.I think both are available online for people in the US and Europe to watch.

  3. Andrea May 9, 2016 at 11:41 am

    I love your literary work. Have you ever read “Island” by Aldous Huxley? It’s the opposite scenario to this, a place where humans are awake, aware and sane.

  4. spicynujac May 9, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Roosh, have you seen the Bruce Willis film The Surrogates? Highly recommended.

  5. Rod Berne May 9, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    This reminds me of the Experience Machine thought experiment.

    Suppose engineers and neuroscientists invent a machine that simulates total pleasure. Would you enter the machine for 10 years? Most people say no, saying there’s more to life than pleasure; contact with reality is more important.

    But there was another study to test whether connection to reality is actually important to people.

    Suppose that one day a man approaches you and tells you that your whole life has been a simulation (à la the Matrix). Assume this mysterious stranger has verifiable, foolproof evidence of this. He offers you the chance to leave the simulation. Most people say they would prefer their current life, and remain in the simulation.

    This suggests that people are averse to leaving the life they have been experiencing so far, regardless of whether such life is virtual or real. They prefer the status quo.

    Experience machine:

    Inverted Experience machine:

  6. advancedatheist May 9, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    You present this as a fantasy, but it fits right in to the recent transhumanist propaganda about the wonders of self-driving cars, sex robots and virtual reality.

    The self-driving car, the sex robot and virtual reality all strike me as really dangerous because they seem to have the goal of de-skilling teenage boys. In another 20 years we’ll see a generation of male virgins who won’t know how to drive and who won’t know how to, or even want to, date girls because they can masturbate with sex robots and virtual porn.

    And god knows how bad girls would get under this system, unless the daughters of today’s social-justice degenerates rebel by becoming conservative and traditional.

    1. BestGuest May 12, 2016 at 3:09 am

      ” about the wonders of self-driving cars”

      Speed limits are designed to protect us from human reaction times, computer reaction times are unlimited…

      That means there can eventually be no speed limits
      The car can go and pick something up for you and drive itself back to you, it can drive itself to charge, you can rent it out while you are away at work since you aren’t using it and it can pay for itself that way, which is brilliant,

      It will add 2 hours to the average lifespan just in unlocking the time spent travelling

      it will crash all the real estate value of “location” due to the car eventually just being an office on wheels, in which you can enter a virtual reality on your way back 300 miles away, in only 30 minutes since there are no uses for speed limits to adapt to human reaction times

      Self driving cars are truly wonderful, self driving mobile homes where you type where you want to be, and at 200mph you wake up anywhere in north america, will surely be something wonderful

      Architectural and advanced material sciences and their genius will combine to make the ultimate portable lifestyle

      “transhumanist propaganda”

      We are already… Go back 100 years, todays man has transcended what it meant to be human at a specific time, that is all the term means…

      To transcend what we are at this specific time for something better.

      1. Untergang07 May 15, 2016 at 2:14 pm

        Delusional. Advance atheist and I disagree in many things but in this one he is spot on. Not so much for the “skills” (flying cars wouldn’t require the same set of skills as automobiles). However a self driving car greatest drawback is the lack of control. Is a regression to a time where you DON’T have control where you are going, where only the ruling elites had horses (Eastern absolutism, in comparison, feudal times were a golden age) and the rest of the peasants only had the right to work and die (Ancient China, Egypt, Babylon).

        When the car was invented its greatest touted advantage was the freedom it bequeathed to its owner, to move freely wherever and whenever he wanted. Granted, as anything performed by humans it had its limits, in this case reaction times and regulations. However it’s better condition than reverting to childlike state where your father took you wherever he wanted for your own sake, but in this case you “father” will be corporations and governments in no time since your car will be part of huge network of other vehicles and your routes will be public knowledge, even suggestions will appear out of nowhere about where to shop, to visit etc. And if you happen to get in problems with the law, don’t worry, your car will take to the closest police station in no time. There is no freedom and no escape.

        With self-driving cars and other inventions, one can ascertain that humanity WILL NEVER leave this planet, because the only endgame of these technologies is absolute control. A dumbed down-good-for-nothing-except-to-give-an-ego-boost-to-its-rulers population is the dream of our elite classes. Most of humanity will feel satiated with VR and porn that no one except a few freaks will look for anything besides tonight VR porn flick

      2. Aldous Huxley May 20, 2016 at 6:25 am

        I think his comment was satire.

      3. Untergang07 May 20, 2016 at 1:24 pm

        Roosh I know. Do you mean Bestguest’s?

      4. Aldous Huxley May 20, 2016 at 1:28 pm

        Yes. His ‘100 years in the past’ comment seems like parody.

      5. Untergang07 May 20, 2016 at 1:44 pm

        Hmmm if he is a troll, he is a very good one indeed.

      6. BestGuest May 25, 2016 at 1:56 am

        “The only endgame of these technologies is absolute control”

        Currently in 2016:

        1) You must not go over a certain speed
        2)You must pay to fuel it
        3)You must have insurance
        and finally…………..4)You must be a slave already

        The argument i made is very simple. “Travelling faster is better”.

        You came back with

        “travelling faster will make you a slave”.. ?

        a bizzare enthralling twist i see…

        well then:

        ….Since you are already at the mercy of the system… It might as well be a better, faster, and more efficient system, since not all “systems” are created equal right? and the acknowledgement that it could be even worse technically..

        You are already regulating how you drive based on “absolute control” that you are under while following all the rules and regulations…

        ” since your car will be part of huge network of other vehicles and your routes will be public knowledge, even suggestions will appear out of nowhere about where to shop, to visit etc”

        Your car is already part of a huge network of other vehicles, and they are public knowledge

        The cost of memory now is almost nothing and the size of cameras ….. The nano technology revolution is coming along with 3d printing ,,,

        nothing can stop innovation and capitalism

        there will be no privacy but one thing you forget about is that the instinct you have to be a free man, is worth money in the capitalist system which means, all kinds of $$ money will be made satiating the desire for privacy, since its innate and worth $

        and also i think you are naive about the progression of underground tech since ww2,

        you probably think a 700$ phone is where it ends and is the latest, now by the time its released its already old, they already know what small improvements to make for the next 10 years

        they have an unlimited budget.. so use your imagination…and creative computing beyond divinci, all those new million$ cars you see… You really think a human designed them? lol… that phase is over

        we tend to project our own potential upon the world, as its hard to imagine someone greater than yourself, literally

        a meditation i like to practise is surrounding myself with designs that i would never have the brain to figure out, then realizing how stupid iam, …. i also like to think the world has more potential otherwise i get very depressed… one has to hope the average is higher than themselves

        only “better” individuals can design a “better” future, you cannot have the same do better, not possible

        the practise of using your own intelligence to imagine superior individuals is difficult paradoxically because you are using your own intelligence to try to figure out something greater… which is kind of impossible

        if it wanted us, it would have us, the point of no return has already happened, you are already totally predictable and hypnotized, and your fellow man does not care about you infact:

        Your politicians at least throw you some bread crumbs

        the red pill is accepting the hundreds of millions who WILL the system behind “will” is “want” the politicians are just trying to please the people after all, they are just humans like you who want their yachts and whores and really dont have a personal stake other than status and money which leads to whores and yachts, of course a high end one knows to say “i love you’ which is very cute and chique or (maybe its “chic”) whatever

        im not even sure it’s human or some combination of behavioural finance software that turned political in experimental research simply trying to understand fear and greed motivation, but the tech goes underground, and its frighteningly accurate(iam speculating)

        the justification and ethics behind it…. morality and so on…. always makes for an interesting meditation to ponder

        I don’t want to think i’m predictable, my ego does not like it, its emasculating to think i’ve been checkmated a long time ago in a game i will never win, other than the delusional thoughts of being free when i have a strong coffee here and there, maybe my polluted and damaged brain gets a glimpse of its ancestral desire for freedom in the process…

        Except wait.. 200 years ago you lived to about 30 and died of some infectious disease, so i don’t understand those saying its all getting worse?

        we forget that a free software beat the world chess master in 1990….

        if a worthless software can do that, imagine what one with an unlimited budget can do, if chess is considered the ultimate test of strategy and intellect???

        i think its what happens when you have 8 and soon to be 11 billion people together…

        Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell.” –Sir John Templeton

        The time of greatest political fear is also the coincidental time when you have the red pill you have the alternative media ,,,,,,,,,,

        Also, things aren’t getting worse, they were already bad but the light is now shining on it, so as an illusion it seems there is more of it which can be interpreted as a “worsening”, before you just could not see it, and its what you have to do diagnostically to change something

        The ultimate problem is time, and information, that is how we would lose in the end…theoretically

        24/7 of media and even political information, and its literally impossible to manage it all so this 100 IQ, is pretty useless in trying to keep up, and i think aging and environmental pollution is stealing at least half a point a year, im going to be a massive idiot in a few decades so please dont hope for more

        in the end:

        Those who have the information management AI”S won

        usually its those trying to predict investments and scout opportunities and so on, seeing weaknesses in financial markets can also be used to see weaknesses in human naivety

        the church did it for hundreds of years! lol


  7. Vincent Law May 9, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    1984 was way off. Orwell underestimated just how much people were willing to self-police and surrender independent thought for status, comfort, and that sublime moral high you get when you tut-tut some bad goy for WrongThink.

    I think the WEIRDO’s are the most susceptible to this mental slavery.

    1. eawijo May 12, 2016 at 12:43 pm

      no he didn’t. almost everybody in 1984 has done exactly that. the book follows winston and julia because they are the exceptions to the vast rule.

  8. advancedatheist May 9, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    I prefer the sort of transhumanist future where the men, at least, have “superpowers,” including rejuvenation and superlongevity if they want them. That beats plugging into a dream pod until you rot.

    I don’t think women could handle this, however. One, giving women superpowers would just feed their delusions about equality with men. And two, with rejuvenation their promiscuity simply would have no natural bound. Could you imagine a woman hundreds of years old who still looks and feels 25, biologically speaking, but she has a Ten Thousand Cock Stare?

  9. Phillip May 9, 2016 at 5:55 pm

    Much better than Glenn Beck’s The Christmas Sweater

  10. Blinko23 May 9, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Great story, Roosh, and perfect timing. I was discussing this exact scenario with a good developer friend just a few weeks ago after he let me try his Virtual Reality headset, the HTC Vive. Forget Oculus. Vive is where it’s at.

    I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. Virtual Reality is HERE and even in this version 1 tech, it is amazing. The demo that sold me was Aperture Robot Repair by Valve. I was literally transported into a futuristic space that looked completely tangible. I had no sensation of actually being in my friend’s room. I was in a futuristic lab. The effect was like the holodeck from Star Trek, only without the physical tactile sensations (for now!). It was at that moment that I realized we are only a decade or two away from people spending 20-30% of their waking lives “jacked in” to this new matrix.

    Yes, the coming metaverse of virtual experiences might be a science fiction nightmare like in Roosh’s story. Or it will be a paradise of sorts. My best bet is that it will be a wild and crazy mixture of both. Get ready, gentlemen, the future is here now and it will be fantastic in it scope and intensity. The metaverse will be INFINITE. Human imagination unleashed. That means both beautiful dreams and horrific nightmares.

    Check out this early implementation just to get the tiniest taste of what is to come:

    1. cloudswrest May 10, 2016 at 4:34 pm

      Think of the porn …

      1. Blinko23 May 10, 2016 at 5:41 pm

        Heh. There are already a half-dozen porn companies that are producing VR porn. The content is already out, some at 4K resolution. Haven’t tried any yet. Don’t know if I even want to go there…

        But in as little as 5 years I could see VR porn connected to a synchronized Auto Blow 4. If you popped some Viagra and acid or MDMA at the same time…holy crap. Many men would vanish into VR, rarely to be seen again by the outside world!

      2. MCGOO May 11, 2016 at 2:09 am

        VR porn comes because too many folks were jacking off and actually wishing it were true. Some genie is granting them their wish now. Watch what you wish for or it will come true. They’re getting a true wish which is still nothing but a wish. They didn’t work for it. Wishing for it isn’t working for it. I bet the VR wish pussy even smells like fish.

      3. anon1 May 11, 2016 at 2:36 pm

        I think VR porn is fantastic because it will eliminate the sjw herbs once and for all. they won’t even have time to ‘shamebrigade’ anymore because they’ll be fucking their dinosaur trans-gender size queens above a mockup of Game of Thrones eeyrie moon door till their bodies waste away into a pile of fat for use for the rich and vain seeking fat for lip and butt implants.

        Meanwhile the few women alive that aren’t all of those shitty things will have to adapt to a world where man can choose machine over woman. That should incentivise some of them to ‘bring it back home’ so to speak. Meaning a move towards traditionalism for some girls, which seasoned ROK vets can take advantage of.

      4. Aldous Huxley May 20, 2016 at 6:48 am

        It will also atrophy skills, physicality, critical thinking and drive to the point the human race goes extinct. Read my namesakes ‘Brave New World’.

  11. Inside UoM May 10, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Great story, its saddening to realise that modern times aren’t too far off what you wrote.

  12. Gmac May 10, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    +1 Would read again.

  13. Omar May 10, 2016 at 4:02 pm


    Every. Time.

  14. MCGOO May 11, 2016 at 12:32 am


    Roosh’s article is great. It should be a cautionary tale that comes folded with the instructions of any new VR gadget. VR needs cautionary warnings attached just like women need hazard labels attached or tattooed above their tailbone. Pharmaceuticals come with proper safe usage instructions and so should women’s pussies and VR.

    Remember also that porn turns young men on to pussy by depicting hands-on visual instruction but without giving them disclaimers, caution notices and knowledge of the true nature of women. ‘Porn’ is like an adultrated and incomplete set of instructions for the operation and control of a woman. You will never be run over roughshod by a woman if you first learn of the true nature of women beforehand. Before your childhood buddy shows you an old hustler mag that he snagged or before you answer your first pop up porn ad when you’re in elementary school, you need to have had drilled into you by your dad the true nature of the she beast and the challenges associated with controlling them. And you need to be able to spot the warning labels on a woman at a hundred yards and be as familiar with recognizing them as you are with a stop sign or a yield or deer crossing sign. Then when you see women in some porn flick ”oohing” and ”aahing” for an hour straight, you call bullshit and you know these are nothing but penny ho’s paid by the propaganda machine to distort your view. Liberated and feminized women of the west especially should be tatted from head to toe with warning labels. You need to know of the mirth that lies beneath the turf before you play on it.

    If you’re forewarned first with true and accurate info, you can avoid the traps and the disabling injuries. You don’t run near the risk of getting sucked in like a turbine and completely suffocated in pussy or VR when warning labels are present. A man should be able to get his toes wet without risk of drowning. Warning decals and signs are essential friendly reminders of deadly hazards whether they be for icy roads, falling rocks, VR MIND CONTROL or pussy traps.

    >>If that were a gaping pussy, those hombres in there would all be dead men unless of course they were a team of certified gynocologists who are trained and knowledgable of the environment they’ve entered into and who had drilled into them the safety protocols that come with the territory>>

    VR is clearly a big pussy trap, but if only more beta dads understood how women really worked and would drill into their sons the full operating instructions with the cautions included for pussy, then many innocents wouldn’t be sucked into the VR trap. Roosh figured out pussy first and it seems his eyes are opened to the entire universe of hazards out there. He is like the Ralph Nader of pussy traps. Pussy must be learned first. Once you understand the basic pussy trap, you understand the universality of pussy traps that exist throughout the universe. If only more sons were given knowledge of the true nature of women and the timeless methods for controlling a woman by their fathers and mentors, then many good men could be saved from crashing while operating a woman for the first time. Most modern western men have had to learn the hard way by trial and error to kick tires and determine if a woman is relationship worthy before they jump in the seat and grab the joystick. VR sounds just like a woman doesn’t it? Going into it naive and uninformed without prior warning and you get chewed up and spit out the same.

  15. EhIntellect May 11, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    Cool story. Addiction to dreams was touched on in “Bis ans Ende der Welt” movie with William Hurt. From the wikipedia entry:

    “They eventually become addicted to viewing their dreams on portable video screens. Eugene finds Claire curled up in a rock crevasse glued to her screen and takes her back to the village, driving her into painful withdrawal when he refuses to replace the batteries for her screen.”

    Human nature does not change with technology. A world of more gizmos produces an expectant and mentally frailer people, not a satisfied and free people. Great subject.

  16. Chris Brony May 11, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I don’t get this. Is there a Dream recorder. If so, where can i buy it?

  17. $192711119 May 12, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Wow..great story

  18. Zeta May 13, 2016 at 12:50 am

    This really makes me want to stop wasting time on the fucking internet

  19. OlioOx May 13, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Roosh, a propos of very little, I strongly encourage you to read the biography of Chet Baker, “Deep in a Dream,” by James Gavin. Nick it from Libgen if you’re in a hurry.

  20. TRW May 13, 2016 at 9:13 am

    “Dreams do offer, however, direct evidence of mind processes unassisted by regular consciousness. The depth of unconsciousness processing tapped by dreams is considerable”. Add Antoniio Damasio (Self Comes to Mind) to your list of books to read. He’s fairly bleeding-edge in the neuro world. He also has a few TED talks.

  21. Joe Shanley May 14, 2016 at 10:51 am


  22. KenTaro May 15, 2016 at 1:20 am

    DeGeneration Now addicted to the iPad, iPhone, and now iDream.
    Better to get outside and breathe in fresh.

  23. Aldous Huxley May 20, 2016 at 6:21 am

    Nice facebook allegory.