The Extremely Bright Side Of American Women

I know I’ve written some harsh things about American women, but if you look at my past and current behavior, of continuing to pursue and bang them, it’s obvious that I value American women when it comes to sex.

The reason is because American women are extremely easy. You won’t find another non-Western woman who is easier. In fact if you live in the United States, you should consider yourself lucky that you have a breed of woman that opens her legs at moment’s notice. The word “freebie” is actually slang that exists only in America.

Sure I don’t recommend dating them long-term, but as an American citizen you have an incredible opportunity to rack up notches that foreign men can only dream of. Though I complain about them and will continue to do so until I perish, there is no alternative for a super-quick and fun lay.

Go to Argentina and see if the girl will suck your dick. An American woman will suck the life out of it. Go to Peru or Ecuador and see how the girls maintain their hygiene. American girls are OCD about always smelling like artificial roses. Go to South Korea and see if you can have a normal conversation with a girl who doesn’t giggle every five seconds at her cell phone. American girls appreciate humor and will get your sarcasm. Go to Russia and see how much money you have to drop to get a reasonable girl. American girls will bang a homeless man if he can make her laugh. Go to Colombia and try to get a one night stand. American girls are dripping after an hour or two of good chat.

I hear about guys who are “sick” of American women but have only banged one or two, making me wonder if they are simply betas who can’t get laid anywhere. Newsflash: If American girls think you are a chump, the only girls who won’t are the poorest of the poor in third world nations. (Make sure you bring extra money on your Asia trip because Min Pang’s mother needs new cutlery.) Bang American girls rotten and then when you get bored of success, spread your wings a little to see what else is out there.

Again, I’m glad I’m not dealing with American girls on a weekly basis, but for short bursts they are laughably easy to game and enjoyable to bang.

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