The Lost Emails

I noticed in the past two months I’ve been getting much less email than usual. Turns out that Yahoo is semi-blocking emails that originate from my host. I switched to using my Gmail account.

If you sent me in an email in the past two months and I didn’t reply, it’s because I didn’t get it. Try resending.

Postscript: I took away the post ratings thing at the bottom of posts. It was mostly useless.

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Yummy Stale Bread

I have been having issues receiving e-mail and sending e-mail to yahoo addresses from my hotmail account. I just think Yahoo is having trouble on their end all around.

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Yahoo has been delaying incoming email from all but a very short list “preferred” mailers as part of spam blocking efforts. In the end they threw the baby out with the bathwater on that effort.

I ditched my yahoo account because of this. I am surprised that more people have not noticed, it became very apparent after a while. I noticed initially when sending mail to others’ yahoo accounts, and I wouldn’t get responses for a long time and sometimes it would bounce. Gmail is far better.

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