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Christian Cool
Christian Cool
1 month ago

The left is all about utilitarianism, not just from a philosophical, ethical, and moral point of view, but also how they see life.

Beauty is a luxury to the Left. That is why leftist women are disgustingly ugly (for the most part) and only value thing that are ugly. You can see that, just look at Fox News TV anchors vs CNN/NBC ones, you can see the beauty tilts hard to the FoxNews side.

Or take the government buildings built in the pst WWII period in Soviet Union countries.they are massive concrete buildings and really ugly. Washington DC was largely designed by leftist architects, thus why so many of the office buildings are so ugly. Monuments of historical importance (like Lincoln memorial or Jefferson’s for example) are beautiful, in Roman-stye.

How about art? Conservatives like painting that show something (like Thomas Kincaid, for example) while the left likes weird and obscure things like “abstract art” for example.

Beauty is a “conservative concept” for lack of a better term, a “luxury” of wealthy societies, which are Christian tradition, free-market societies. Wealth and prosperity allows countries to create beautiful thing. You go from a hellish desert ghetto to Dubai today with wealth and a conservative mindset.