The Ukrainian government, a puppet regime controlled by the United States since 2014, has been making steady progress towards the unthinkable: the complete banning of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). If this happens, it will undoubtedly pave the way for the banning of Orthodox Churches in America. Via Reuters:

The Ukrainian government will draw up a law banning churches affiliated with Russia under moves described by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as necessary to prevent Moscow being able to “weaken Ukraine from within.”

In a move condemned in Moscow, Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council told the government to draft the law following a series of raids on parishes that Kyiv says could be taking orders from Moscow as Russia wages war on Ukraine.

Other outlets called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church a “sect” in order to downplay the move, but make no mistake that it is the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine with the vast majority of Orthodox believers (70%) and succession to Saint Vladimir the Great, the baptizer of Kievan Rus in 988 AD, and then on to the Holy Apostles through the Greeks of Byzantium.

Constantine the Great was for the Roman Empire what Prince Vladimir was to be for Rus, for the latter performed the great work of converting the entire Russian people to Christ. His life is exceptionally instructive for us. He clearly attests to the regenerative power of Christian teaching; how—when it is taken to heart and brought to life—it can utterly transform the human soul. The pre-baptism Vladimir and post-baptism Vladimir were two completely different people. At first brooding, cruel, suspicious, coarse, a lustful barbarian, after his baptism he becomes a tender, welcoming prince, full of love and mercy, a true father of his subjects.

The other Orthodox church in the country, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), hereby referred to as the schismatic church, was established in 2018 as a geopolitical attack against Russia thanks to its recognition by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, whose political aspirations lead him to continually meet with American officials. He granted the Tomos of autocephaly to the schismatic church in spite of vocal outcry and protest from Orthodox in multiple countries. Parishes of the schismatic church exist today because they were obtained through intimidation, seizure, thuggery, and outright violence.

First came the American coup in 2014 that took over the country and then little coups of the individual churches, with a design to move the geopolitical center of Ukraine from Russia to the West and its spiritual center from the Patriarch of Moscow to the Patriarch of Constantinople. These moves were not done to serve God’s will, save Ukrainian souls, or engage in missionary outreach, but for the sake of benefiting the power of the Western elites and the wayward Orthodox hierarchs who love them.

History tends to repeat itself, and so it becomes instructive when we start asking who is behind the proposed shutdown of the Ukrainian Church. If your eyes and ears have been damaged by mainstream media consumption, maybe it’s better to start off with a hint: those involved are the same group who proclaimed that they have no king but Caesar, who accepted a curse upon them and their children when they crucified the God-Man, who were called by our Lord the synagogue of Satan for aiming to serve as the devil’s go-to henchmen for carrying out plots and schemes meant to flush the world down into a sewer of lies, immorality, depravity, and lawlessness. In the desert, Christ refused Satan’s temptation for the world’s kingdoms, but members of the synagogue were quick to make lucrative deals. The actions and behavior among the most elite of their members against Christians and humanity throughout world history have positioned themselves to be the enemy of mankind. Of course I’m speaking of the Jews, whose accumulation of world power has reached such an apex that it is impossible to speak the truth of any cultural, political, financial, or military matter without eventually being labeled an “anti-semite.”

A rap star by the name of Kanye West, who has been vocal about his Christian faith (he released a music album in 2019 titled “Jesus Is King”), had a recent run-in with the synagogue when he truthfully pointed out their immense power. Shortly thereafter, his credit and bank accounts were shut down, he was slandered by multiple media outlets, and his sponsorship deals came to an abrupt end. According to him, speaking the truth cost him two billion dollars. He was also menacingly threatened by a member of the synagogue, Harley Pasternak, that if he didn’t shut up, he’d be put into a drugged-out “zombieland.” The Jews really showed Mr. West how disenfranchised and oppressed they still are by making quick work of Mr. West’s life.

I must point out that the President of Ukraine, Zelenksy, is Jewish. Most of the cabinet directing Joe Biden is Jewish. The U.S. government official he’s posing with at the top of this article, Antony Blinken, is Jewish. It’s so boring to mention these facts, but many people don’t know them because the “fact-checkers” and “news” disseminators happen to be the same group who don’t want you to know that they are in control, just like how Satan, as he floods your mind with temptations, filth, and hopelessness, does not want you to know that he exists, and will only make his evil handiwork known when you start making big steps into developing Orthodox spiritual life.

From the pages of the Gospels and the Book of Acts, Christians have documented the same people performing the same tricks. They persecute the Church and shut down those who speak the truth in the public square and who want to maintain God-fearing moral traditions, but even the Ottoman Mohammedans didn’t shut down the churches. Even the Bolsheviks, who martyred more Christians in the 20th century than the Romans did in the 1st, only de facto shut down the church, not de jure as is being attempted now. But why wouldn’t the synagogue of today launch a direct attack? Who will challenge them? Who will call evil evil and brace for the removal of their income and prized comforts for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Russian Christians, in 1917, came up against a vigorous force, which had been created not in their own country in their own tradition, but in the secularized West, and which had found its leader in a German Jew [Karl Marx] who had made his home in England. —The Russians And Their Church by Nicolas Zernov

You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators. —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In the market towns and cities invaded by Jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail, or in a state of destruction. —Corneliu Zelea Codreanu in For My Legionnaires

If stout resistance is absent when the Ukrainian Church is banned, its faithful dispersed, and its remaining assets seized, next on the chopping block will be Orthodoxy in America, first the Russian Church Abroad (ROCOR). If the synagogue can shut down the Ukrainian Church and its 12,000 parishes, would it be easier or harder to shut down ROCOR with its 280 parishes in the United States? Who will put their neck out to defend the Russian Church Abroad? Will the Protestants or Catholics care enough to send out at least a tweet of support?

Before you think that other Orthodox jurisdictions will come to defend ROCOR, based on their “scientific” response to COVID, I expect them to convert their multiple spoons into multiple knives to thrust into ROCOR’s back. One Church will make a statement that they never liked us anyway, another will send a letter saying they were concerned that our traditionalism was “cloaked in extremism,” another will say the matter is “unfortunate” and offer ROCOR orphans the opportunity to venerate icons while wearing an N95 face mask, and another will task a liturgical commission to rid its services of anything Russian. If they simply distance themselves from the big bad Russians who according to the lying members of the synagogue must be an agent of Vladimir Putin, they think they’ll be safe, but with those actions they would become altogether dead and easily scattered when Satan deems the time is right, and looking at my watch now it seems that true believers are not far away from tribulations that will turn Sunday from a day of piety and fellowship to one where we must go underground and wonder if this is the day when the hired agents of the synagogue will surround our secret church and force us to make a decision whether we are ready to lose our life to save it.

Before you seek out the diabolical guidance of a Fordham academic or a homosexual “Orthodox” scholar who receives institutional money, it’s worth asking yourself why the canonical Russian Church is being directly assaulted by Jewish authorities yet again a mere 105 years after the Bolsheviks came into power: because it is the true and faithful Church, the savor of Orthodoxy, the preserver of Christian traditions, the upholder of dogmas unchanged, and if ROCOR in the USA goes, the other Orthodox Churches who kept quiet will rot both from the inside out and the outside in. They will be infiltrated and liberalized at double speed, moved from their roots on the rock of Eastern Orthodoxy to a husk placed atop a garbage heap. Only then will members of those Churches ask themselves, “Why didn’t we defend the Russian Church when we had the chance? Why did we tolerate their persecution?”

The essence of the ideology of the Russian Church Abroad consists of her complete and uncompromising refusal to accept that worldwide Evil which has spread broadly now over the face of the whole earth, and which, to a greater or lesser degree, has brought under its control all aspects of human life—not excepting religious and church life. —Archbishop Averky in Membership in the Russian Church Abroad

…no one else is reacting. Who cares if people are trying to destroy the Church. They’ll tell you, “Oh, it doesn’t matter!” They’re like feathers in the wind, so long as they are comfortable. How can they possibly be comfortable? They’ll be made comfortable by Satan in the end. —Saint Paisios of Mount Athos in Spiritual Awakening

Whether you are in the Russian Church or not, this is one of the boldest attacks ever on the Body of Christ, and yet, distracted by news closer to home, by politics, alleged COVID outbreaks, and cool memes on Instagram, and without the benefit of exciting battle footage of Slavs killing each other, the legislative actions by the Ukrainian Jewish puppet of the American Jews to wipe out the Ukrainian Church is being set in motion without even a shrug. Satan’s plans are coming together at rapid speed, and unless you make a spiritual stand today through repentance and prayer, and a bodily stand by speaking the truth to all those who have ears, the storm will come to your own church. It will be picked up and blown away with ease while the secular horde, overcome with demonic indifference to anything holy, will not even bother to care.

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