Evolutionism is at root an ideological justification for atheism. —E. Michael Jones in Logos Rising

The theory of evolution by natural selection to explain the creation of new species is Satan’s most elegant and effective lie. No other scientific theory has done more in killing God and faith. When I first encountered the theory in high school, I accepted it without hesitation and quickly concluded that there must be no God, which removed any spiritual restraint for me to commit innumerable evils as an adult. All truth comes from God, and since evolution is a lie, any Christian who believes in it is most likely in a state of deception.

Let me first state that something resembling evolution does occur within species. Different environmental conditions, which can include variability in weather or food supply, can alter the physical characteristics of an animal over the long term (microevolution). Birds living on one side of the forest may have a different beak size or mating call than birds of the same species on the other side. Human beings living on one continent may have different mental and athletic abilities than humans on another. The lie is that these changes, over the course of millions or billions of years, can lead to the creation of new species that then cannot reproduce with the previous species it evolved from (macroevolution).

Intuitively, you would think that given an unlimited amount of time, it has to be the case that new species can come about, but in fact this does not occur and has never occurred. Humans have artificially bred dogs since the beginning of humanity to create innumerable breeds, some small enough to fit inside a woman’s purse and others large enough for children to mount like a horse, but they are still the same “dog” species that can mate with another through natural mating or artificial insemination. We can selectively breed dogs for a billion years and they will still be dogs. (From this point on, when I refer to “evolution,” I’m referring to macroevolution, the theory that attempts to explain the creation of new life and species.)

Evolution is absurd on its face. To think that a “random mutation” can be introduced into a working and functioning system to create the beginning of an intermediary transition stage that could then—through countless more mutations still within the same stage of intermediation—lead to a finished and enhanced protein, organ, or system, on top of the hundreds, thousands, or millions of other concurrently active intermediary stages within the same species, requires so much faith that it would be a simpler matter to believe in the Bible.

Let’s ignore for a moment the claim that life was created from absolutely nothing, for no reason, and without cause, in a primordial soup that the expert scientists of today simply cannot reproduce to a minute degree with all their expertise and equipment. Functioning organisms were existing, surviving on Earth, and then through an accidental miracle, a random mutational change happened which enhanced their ability to survive. By simple analogy, this is like me grabbing a heavy sledgehammer, opening the hood of my car, throwing in pieces of scrap metal, wiring, and plastic, and giving the engine one big whack with all of my strength. If I attempt this whack a trillion times on a trillion different cars, the scientists would say that one of my “mutations” will begin an intermediary stage that, with many more miraculous changes from many more whacks, will have a positive effect which increases the value and performance of my car compared to other cars that did not receive the blows, but the car is already a completed, functioning system. All mutations that are the beginning of an intermediary stage of eventual enhanced function will always, without fail, cause a decrease in performance and survivability by either breaking something or increasing the usage of energy for a non-functioning potential advancement that won’t work until further mutations over an extended period of time finally complete the evolutionary stage to arrive at the end design.

To explain life, scientists say, “It is through a series [i.e. millions] of beneficial mutations that a new protein is developed.” In other words, a lot of miraculous whacks in the same car will make its performance better compared to the ones that didn’t experience the whacks. You can give me trillions of cars, and randomly assort the whacks to hit different parts of the car, but not a single car will be improved with multiple whacks from the sledgehammer, which is what a mutation does when performed on a system that already works. And yet that’s what scientists want you to believe happened in order for you to have transformed from stardust into the exceedingly complex conscious being you are now—simply a series of death blows that stem from random chance. It’s clear from this analogy that the evolutionists do have faith: faith in creation over a long period of time through an infinite number of miracles that they call beneficial mutations, even though the benefit is not realized until more random mutations, all in the correct direction, make it so. This is supposed to be more plausible than what I believe—faith in creation during a short period of time through a loving and all-powerful God?

My field of study in university was microbiology, which included a year of biochemistry courses. I studied a class of proteins called enzymes that catalyze reactions in our bodies. These proteins are exceedingly sophisticated, created from long chains of genetic material that have to be constructed just so to interact with specific substrates whose concentrations and biological activity are controlled by other enzymes. Just one enzyme is so complex that you can give a computer simulator unlimited time and not even one of these proteins will ever be created through an evolutionary process that scientists insist on. Why should it? There’s no reason for a spontaneous assembly of such specific complexity.

Consider that we have tens of thousands of proteins in our body (scientists don’t know the exact number), all working together in a majestic symphony, and you will begin to see the absurdity of the evolutionary lie that we are expected to believe. And that is only describing the proteins—we still have to account for the multitude of cells comprising different organs, the organelles within our cells, the nature of DNA replication, cellular signaling via organic chemicals and electrical impulses, immune system response, cellular regeneration, fetal development, and on and on through every square inch of our bodies until we reach the big question mark that a study of these individual systems cannot explain: consciousness. To say that all of this—and I have only begun to scratch the surface of how impossibly complicated the human body is on a level that simply does not compare to a modern car which is complicated in its own right—came to life through solely an evolutionary process that the universe possesses for its own random reason, and yet of which there is no actual evidence of this claim, requires—if I may be frank—an insane mind that fits like a glove with the spirit of these times, one that is fast approaching a point where most human beings on this earth will perform the grossest of evils in the name of being a “good person” who is on the “right side of history” thanks to being “evolved.”

The atheists would counter by saying I believe in a “magic man in the sky” or “fairy tales,” but I argue that their fairy tale is even more improbable and based on less evidence than the existence of God. Consider that “all the evidence for human evolution, all the skulls could be put into a single small coffin” (Teilhard de Chardin). The entirety of the secular world view, which leads to a lifestyle of secularism, self-worship, idolatry, abortions, sodomy, and Drag Queen Story Time, is a fantastical construction based on only a few bones collected over the decades by scientists who desperately sought prestige and recognition from the world for possessing a genius mind who could piece together the meaning of the universe without God.

Who is the greater fool—the man who puts his faith in Jesus Christ, the Godman who lived on Earth in the flesh and performed miracles and other signs with authority to a multitude that then proceeded to re-orient their lives through the gift of grace to serve Him unto death despite horrible persecutions, or the man who puts his faith in a box of dead bones, looking upon their marks and etchings like a medium looks upon your palm? Even carbon dating, which is supposed to be a gold standard of examining those bones, is a dubious science on par with astrology, and that’s an insult to astrology.

For you to doubt evolution and even carbon dating means that you will also have to doubt the normalized and widely accepted scientific story for how and why the universe was created. What will you then depend on to explain the world? The Orthodox Church, which is scripture interpreted and realized. Observable and measurable science can certainly be true, especially when it concerns mathematics, chemistry, and physical sciences, but as you begin to wade into archaeology, anthropology, biology, medicine, and certainly the social sciences, which is not science at all but was grafted with the term because of how effective its “truths” were at controlling the population, you should discard anything which has the effect of reducing your faith or trust in God, because if an idea is capable of doing such a thing, the end result being the eternal condemnation of your soul, you must conclude that it originated from those who are in communion with Satan. God wants all to be saved, and would not enlighten the world with the “fact” of evolution if it so effectively and consistently does the opposite. The fruits of evolution are atheism, nihilism, and the condemnation of millions of souls. Therefore it cannot possibly be of God, and if it is not of God, it is not true.

The scientists of this age have replaced a God who loves you with a god who doesn’t—the god of natural selection and random chance. This false god is one whose guiding hand brings order to disorder, meaning to the empty vacuum, and intelligence to the black void of hydrogen and carbon. The god of natural selection lacks consciousness but must act consciously to create, improve, and enlighten. How could the unconscious create consciousness? Perhaps the more important question: whence did natural selection arise? How did it become the driving law or force of the universe since it was conceived from nothing, another impossibility of physics, for that which is created must be created from something, not nothing.

Since evolution and continual improvement denote intelligence, and intelligence denotes consciousness, it’s clear that evolutionists are still relying on a god-like explanation for the universe. Instead of a living god, they choose a dead one, a watchmaker who they don’t admit exists but which must be the source of the principle reality from which all evolutionary theories hold true. You don’t have to hold your breath waiting for an answer from evolutionists when you ask them why natural selection?—they simply don’t know. They don’t know why the most important justification for the explanation of their existence exists and from where it originated, but they have admirable faith that it is the cause and driver of all.

I’ve given only a brief summary of why evolution is a lie. I could labor to turn this article into a book, but thankfully another man smarter than I has done that: David Stove wrote Darwinian Fairytales to poke huge holes in a supposed infallible theory that is anything but settled science. When a Christian comes to the realization that evolution is a lie, he need not much convincing that it is a lie from Satan, the father of lies. What other argument do you need to know that believing in a lie is incompatible with Christianity? If your faith is based on believing in tempting lies that allow you to feed your passions and fit into a secular world then your problem is not with evolution but your desire to go against God’s commandments due to a lack of faith. You don’t believe God has given you—through his Church and Bible—the most essential truths so that you can pick up and carry your cross to live a life that leads to salvation, and so you’ve put him aside to be willingly deceived by the world.

Christians who believe in evolution are lukewarm Christians, and this makes a questionable assumption that the evolutionist still believes in God—most of them completely lose the little faith they had after representatives of the secular world in public schools and universities jammed into their brains the myth of evolution and the false god of natural selection, the unconscious guiding force that has a preference for advanced consciousness for no reason at all. Such a deceived individual no longer believes that God made them from dust in His image and likeness. They don’t believe that they are in need of a Savior to redeem their sins. They believe that after this life it will be as if they were never born, a state of ignorant blackness, or if they’ve bought into the New Age lie, that they will become one with the collective unconscious of absolute nothing, but the truth is they return back to God from where they came to be judged, and from that judgment they either go to heaven or hell for all of eternity. Pardon me if I’m hard on evolution, but you can easily calculate the untold number of souls that it has helped lead to damnation, all consensually by those who wanted to believe in scientists over the Church, who received their sacrament not in the form of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ administered by an ordained priest but medicines, vaccines, drugs, and silly health fads enabled and disseminated by the princes of this world.

Ultimately, evolution is a gateway to atheism. This is why Satan designed the theory and why it is pushed so forcefully on young people. I consider it Satan’s best work, but he alone cannot take the blame when people choose worldly explanations that enable them to be their own god on Earth instead of postponing pleasure and serving their fellow man with love as commanded by God to receive a reward not in this life but the next. May all of us be ready to wholeheartedly account for the decisions we make that affect our salvation when we arrive at the Judgement Seat of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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