The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Game Is Get Laid

When not getting laid you’re putting 95% of your brain power to making it happen, but once you have a regular bang it dips down to under 50%, a dangerous level for those wishing to improve. You don’t brainstorm, try new things, or push yourself. Atrophy begins. Complacency is second only to laziness as a game killer.

The only time I really try, approaching both day and night, is when I’m not getting any ass. If I’m banging a pretty girl why would I put that energy into going out many times a week to find another? (Having a large harem of girls who live in your city is great if you have a lot of free time, but otherwise it’s pretty exhausting.)

Assuming a girl I’m seeing keeps me sexually satisfied, I enjoy the little break where I don’t have to try and scheme and plot for every cute girl I see. When I feel my game is slacking and I get bored with the girl, I simply dump her, making sure to burn the bridge, and start from zero again. Don’t implement the fuck buddy maneuver if you want to keep your game sharp. The idea that you have a girl now and can transition to something better sounds good on paper, but I haven’t seen this work out too well in the real world. You’ll hear lots of people say, “Oh well you should never want it bad. You should have something on the side.” WRONG! Only when a man is experiencing true hunger does he do what is necessary to feed himself.

The reason I got so involved into game, I suspect, is because in D.C. I rarely liked girls long enough to see them for more than a month or two. I was in a permanent state of hunt that always kept me involved. This is why you’ll only find droves of “pick up artists” in places where the girl quality is shamefully low (per capita, I’m pretty certain that D.C. has the most PUAs in the United States). They need additional skills to pull the few gems out of the slimy cesspool.

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