Thought Experiment

You go into a bar alone because you don’t have any friends. You get your drink and stand near the girls bathroom, where there is a short line. A cute redhead makes eye contact with you then goes inside to use the facility. She comes out five minutes later and when she closes the door behind her your nose is hit with a wall of shit. She just took a nasty dump that you know from experience was probably sudden-onset diarrhea. You move away from the bathroom to a safer area.

Two hours later you are talking to a girl. She introduces you to her friend—the girl who took the dump. Thankfully she didn’t extend her hand to shake. You talk with her for five minutes and notice she is looking deep into your eyes, asking questions about you and your background, and a lot cuter than you originally thought. She’s a solid 8, but there is another problem—her breath smells like she just ate a canned tuna sandwich. What to do?

Think about it logically for a minute. My answer in a bit.

Best Answer: Get her number. Because of her high appearance rating it would be prudent to give her a second chance during a non-primetime slot (Sunday afternoon) for something like a smoothie. If her hygiene is then proper, insert her into the usual dating rotation. Sometimes a girl has a bad night. Many times I’ve forgotten to wash my sack before heading out to the club, and I can only hope I wasn’t punished for it.

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