Thought Experiment

So it’s likely I have unconsciously swiped Roissy’s “Test Of Your Game” feature and repackaged it into a “Thought Experiment.” I swear it seemed original when it popped in my head! Let’s hope he doesn’t mind.

You’re in front of a Colombian club, waiting for your Swedish friend to finishing smoking his cigarette, when you see a girl wearing yellow Chuck Taylors giving you the eye. Cute face, extremely petite, unknown ass size. You walk up to her and say something in English. She doesn’t understand so you translate it into Spanish and she laughs along with her friends. There’s eight of them total, six girls and two guys. You go inside the club with your Swedish friend after chatting the group up a bit.

One hour later she tells you to join her in a corner section of the club. You don’t care for dancing but you know dancing is very important for Colombian girls so you fake the salsa steps and move your hips a little to the reggaeton as you get closer and closer to the girl in the yellow shoes. She can dance, of course, like all other Colombian girls, and you get a raging boner that will force you to furiously masturbate later.

Two hours pass and you’ve since explored her ass (not huge but meaty) and it’s obvious the girl is really into you, but you’re tired of dancing. You sit down on the couch and next to you is one of her friends that you didn’t notice earlier.

The new girl is a little more plump but has a more feminine appearance compared to her hipster friend. She’s wearing tight clothes that reveal her curves and has hair that goes down to her ass. Her mascara is think and heavy but it contrasts well with her dark hair and tan skin. You chat her up and instantly it hits you that you settled on the wrong girl. You want the new girl instead. What do you do?

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