Thoughts On Goal Setting

The attainment of a large goal leads to a burst of happiness, followed by an unhappy void where you ask “What do I do next?” It’s the work, in the form of your creativity, energy, planning, meditation, and problem-solving that fulfills you and takes your focus off suffering. Avoid poisonous existentialist thoughts by keeping yourself busy with goals or projects, one after the other, until your time on Earth ends.

Unworthy goals strive for material attainment, which offer little in terms of lasting happiness or experiences worth remembering. Money is not a worthy goal unless some type of personal growth comes with it. Make just enough money to fulfill your worthy goals, and not a dollar more. While money can provide important things like health care and suitable shelter, it cannot fill your emptiness.

Worthy goals have consequences that lead to more happiness. For example, studying a language. I study Spanish two hours a day (and recently Portuguese as well) in a foreign country, meeting people of a different culture, exercising my brain, thinking and practicing with my senses while exploring a new land. New projects and rich experiences result from that. Worthy goals yield fulfilling lifestyles. Not everything you do should have a financial payoff.

Old aches will be replaced by new aches. You will always ache for something, but it’s important to ask yourself if it really is worth going for.