Buenos Aires

washington-monument-small.jpgToo big, too expensive, and too polluted. While there are many interesting activities here, cut your time in Buenos Aires short to visit more relaxed cities such as Mendoza, Cordoba, and Salta. One advantage here is that more girls speak English.

There are many neighborhoods to stay at, from the rich (Palermo, Recoleta) to the working class (San Telmo). If you want to stay where the action is and get the bit city life experience, head straight to the microcenter. The nightlife is Palermo is overhyped, and even if you are staying there you still need to take a taxi to the clubs. San Telmo is nice if you want to sleep.

Change of hooking up rating: 3 out of 5 ?


In Palermo, go to Piccolo near JL Borges and Uriate for excellent pastries and empanada lunches. Look for the huge sign. When you want to spy on girls doing aerobics, go to Always Gym on Paraguay between JL Borges and Gurruchaga. For butter soft steak, visit Don Julio on Guatemala and Gurruchaga.

la-boca02-small.jpgSan Telmo has rather ho-hum food options. For cheap tango shows, inquire at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso (Defensa 1575). Some nights have free shows. Also recommended is a trip to La Boca’s touristy area by the river. Watch tango shows for the drop of spare change in the hat.


Plaza Serrano in Palermo has a dozen bars, but they are of the sit-down variety. Mint on Friday is good if you like cocaine. Otherwise take the 30-minute cab ride to Sunset for their foam party. On Saturday, Crobar is the obvious, somewhat reliable choice next to the transsexual park. Niceto is a sausage fest with good house music on Thursday. If you like to spend lots of money, go to the clubs in Puerto Madero, specifically Asia de Cuba. Compared to Cordoba or Salta, the nightlife here was massively overhyped. You pay four times more for less. The girls speak more English but there are just as messed up in the head as the other cities.


Tango Backpackers (Paraguay 4601 in Palermo)
$12/night for dorm. Party hostel with enough people to find to go out with. Can be annoying with all the young guys trying to get on the girls. Has breakfast, barely adequate kitchen, and wireless internet.

Extremo del Sur (Dr. Enrique Finochietto 473 in San Telmo)
$10/night for dorm. Modern and small hostel (20 beds) that is a great place for catching up on sleep. It felt like I was staying at a guesthouse. Has breakfast, kitchen, wireless internet. The owners go out of their way to make your stay a good one.

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  1. I’m doing a Rio/Buenos Aires/Mendoza/Cordoba trip in 2 weeks and I was hoping you could go a little more in depth about the nightlife in cordoba (which club is good on which night, etc.) Also, what are the spots to hit up for someone traveling solo? I speak fluent Spanish but I definitely look like a gringo so not getting robbed would be great. And how should I shoot back when girls ask me why I’m alone?

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