chicas-small.jpgCordoba is one of the best cities in South America. Seven universities nearby make this the town to hit on super pretty Argentine girls, with an average age under 23. Lively nightlife starts on Thursday. For those that want to take a break from girls and booze, the nearby countryside makes for nice outdoor excursions.

Chance Of Hooking Up Rating: 4 out of 5 ?


Start your day at the Express Panaderia coffeshop bakery on the corner of Rondeau and Obispo Treo. Later hit the Palestra gym on Estrada between Ituzaingo and Buenos Aires. A day pass costs $3.50. Near the gym is Parque Sarmiento, good for lounging around, but better people watching can be done in the center near Plaza San Martin and the many nearby pedestrian streets. Take your wingman to the University of Cordoba lounge area (in the main building on the east side of Obsispo Trejo between Corrientes and Entre Rios) to hit on an unlimited supply of girls. You’ll need a cell phone to get numbers since Argentine girls are not the most open to one night stands. Buy one prepaid at the Movistar office half a block away from the Express Panaderia.

gym-and-chicken-small.jpgCheck out the Dom Tomi chicken place on the corner of Av Velez Sarsfield and Fructuoso Rivera. It has perhaps the best barbeque chicken in Argentina, and is an excellent protein injection after a tough workout. Il Panino on the edge of Estrada near Plaza Espana has good sandwhiches. Las Tinajas (Bv San Juan 35) is a gigantic all-you-can-eat restaurant and Johnny B Good (H. Irigoyen and Independencia) has American inspired cuisine, which means fried fatty food.

Once you realize you can’t leave the city, head to Able Language School on Caseros between Independencia and Buenos Aires to brush up on your Spanish.


It can take a year to really explore the nightlife here. It seems that on every other corner there is a club that somehow packs up on the weekend, but your best options are the bars on Rondeau street between Independencia and Chacabuco (good for starting the night), the clubs nearby across the river in Abasto, and the clubs 15 minutes out by taxi in Chateau. Of course Chateau has the best looking girls. If you are unable to find a cab back from Chateau, inquire about the bus.

A night I was inspiredSome good picks: Mitre, Club F, Peekaboo, and Dorian Gray. For more detail and suggestions, check out my Cordoba nightlife post.

When it’s time to seal the deal, try Hotel Madrid on Obispo Trejo between Laprida and San Luis. If it’s full there are two other hotels within sight, with Hotel Trejo being the most seedy (red lights in the rooms).


Tango Hostel (Frutuoso Rivera 17)
$8.75/night for dorm room. The funnest hostel I’ve ever stayed at. A bit cliquey with the long-term tenants and the two dozen different employees, but you’ll feel at home in a couple days. Staff is extremely knowledgeable with nightlife and will go out with you. Don’t come here if you want to sleep or abstain from alcohol. Custom hostel map is a goldmine to keep busy.

Cordoba On The Blog

I wrote about an incident where I made a sloppy mistake with a Cordoba girl I was hitting on.

She called me a liar but with a slight smile, making me think I was fine. I mean if she was from the U.S. then it’s likely she wouldn’t care too much and maybe be even more into me because of the jealousy factor, but the girls here have a lot more pride. Continue Reading

It was sad when I left Cordoba. See my goodbye photo montage.

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  1. I’m doing a Rio/Buenos Aires/Mendoza/Cordoba trip in 2 weeks and I was hoping you could go a little more in depth about the nightlife in cordoba (which club is good on which night, etc.) Also, what are the spots to hit up for someone traveling solo? I speak fluent Spanish but I definitely look like a gringo so not getting robbed would be great. And how should I shoot back when girls ask me why I’m alone?

  2. As far as plane tickets go, no way! Go to American Airlines website, I found tickets to buenos aires for about $550 less than four months in advance. Tickets to Cordoba for around $700. The website you suggested cost $1400 for the same dates.

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