El Chantel

lago-capri-small.jpgThis town is like a much smaller version of El Calafate, catering mostly to hikers. I recommend you come here before El Calafate so you can end your Patagonia experience with the magnificent glaciers. While the hikes are not bad, you will see nothing that several other South American countries offer in their Andes region. (Huaraz, Peru is best for treks.) There are no ATMs in town.

Chance Of Hooking Up Rating: 1 out of 5 ?


Your bus will stop at the Park Office where they give you a map with possible hikes. Most popular are ones to Lago Capri to see Fitz Roy (3405m) and Lago Torre to see Glacier Grande and Cerro Torre (3102 m). Both can be done on daytrips, about 3 hours one way. If you are looking for adventure, head on to Laguna Toro (7 hours one way). There are also shorter hikes for the lazy or feeble. There is a supermarket on the main street (Av San Martin) to stock up on provisions.


I think I saw a bar on the main street.


Rio Grande Hostel (San Martin 724)
$12/night for dorm. Comfortable hostel that is similar to Calafate Hostel in El Calafate. They allow smoking in the common areas, unfortunately. Internet is astronomically priced.

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