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If you like wine then Mendoza is the city to visit. Multiple vineyards surround the city, accessible by bicycle or bus. Large sidewalks, nice squares, hot girls, and a couple large parks make this a pleasant place to walk around.

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The pedestrian street off Plaza Independencia has many cafes and fashionable shops. Urban Cafe at Av Colon 450 is a nice place to take your laptop and sip cappuccino. For excellent Middle Eastern food try Cocinca Poblada at Av Villaneuva 217.


Dozens of bars and restaurants line Av Villaneuva but they are of the sit-down / people watching variety. For the club scene you have to sit around for Thursday, which I got bored waiting for. Whatever you do, don’t go to La Reserva near the corner of Peatonal Sarmiento and Av San Martin—it’s a transexual bar. Mendoza has an extremely high number of attractive girls per capita, so it would be a good idea to plan coming here on the weekend.


Itaka Hostel (Villanueva 480)
$8.25/night for dorm room. Decent hostel with kitchen, breakfast, cable TV, pool table, swimming pool, and ping-pong table. Close to the bars but about a mile from the city center. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

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