Puerto Iguazu

panorama-small.jpgPuerto Igazu is good for two things: visiting the awesome Iguazu Falls and getting your Brazilian visa in under 30 minutes. Town is relaxing enough but the heat is oppressive.

Change of hooking up rating: 2 out of 5 ?


Catch a bus from the main terminal for $1.25 to Parque Nacional Iguazu. Entrance is $13 for a full days access to the park. At the minimum, do the upper trial, lower trail, and train ride to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Bring an extra camera battery and at least a liter of water.

Hop on a Tres Fronteras bus (ask for information at the bus station) to the three borders area of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina for some picture taking.

Brazilian Consulate is a block away from the bus station. Hours are 8am-2pm.


Parilla Pizza Color restaurant has nice meals. It’s on Av Cordoba between Belgrano and Av Misiones.

Cuba Libre at Av Brasil and Paraguay is the default club in town but it is big, hot, loud, and impersonal, with crooked doormen trying to squeeze extra pesos out of gringos. Several other sit-down bars are on the same block (La Tribu is owned by the same guy), but aren’t much better. Since this is a tiny town, you’d expect kinder treatment from the girls, but because of tourist fatigue it’s the same attitude as even larger cities. Skip all that mess and head to La Barranca, a new Brazilian club on Av Brasil (where else?) between Av Misiones and Av Victoria Aguirre. The Brazilian girls will treat you better. Opening night was January 5, 2008.


Hostel Park Iguazu (Paulino Amarante 111)
$8.50/night for dorm. Tiny but clean 4-bed air conditioned dorms have individual bathrooms. Murky, green color pool out back. Set-up of common ares feels like a cheap restaurant, making it more difficult to meet other travelers. Staff is friendly and hostel is conveniently located close to the bus station.

Corre Caminos (One block before Hostel Park Iguazu)
$8.50/night for dorm. It feels like someone inherited this factory-like building and then turned it into a hostel without having ever travelled. Air conditioning usually didn’t work and there are too few bathrooms that get dirty fast. There is a pool table.

Puerto Iguazu On The Blog

In this post I claimed that Iguazu Falls is much better than Machu Picchu

You’ve probably never heard of Iguazu Falls, but it’s the Niagra Falls of South America. Waterfalls are waterfalls, but this beats stone ruins any day. Continue Reading

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  1. If you did not stayed in the Hostel Inn, you lost a very big part of the party scene of Puerto Iguazu. Hostel Inn is a gigantic hostel with a gigantic swimming pool between town and the Falls. So, parties, and more parties, and happy girls from every country on Earth, so happy that they visited the Falls, and now want to hang out in the pool drinking caipirinhas, and share the happiness with other travelers. And I was happy to oblige.

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