rosario-small.jpgThe rough-and-tumble big sister to Cordoba, Rosario just does not have the same pleasing vibe. While there are pretty girls around, especially on the tiny river beach and at the clubs at night, this is a working class town, not a university one.

Chance Of Hooking Up Rating: 3 out of 5 ?


Go up the Monumento Nacional a la Bandera for mediocre views of the city. Then catch bus 153 on the corner of Cordoba and Corrientes to the river beach (get off around Av Puccio), where you will find girls in bikinis and families swimming in the filthy water. Mundo Gym awaits your pecks on San Lorenzo between Entre Rios and Mitre.

For pizza and sandwich fare try Pizza Piazza at Maipu and Cordoba. El Cairo at Sarmiento and Sante Fe has a gigantic menu of budget pleasers.


Rosario doesn’t have a pub or club street like other cities. You will have to do a lot of asking around when you arrive to find decent spots, but don’t expect much before Thursday.

The two clubs I recommend are Listen! and MDM. See my Rosario Nightlife post for more.

I have a feeling this club used to be a factory judging by the huge chimney stack in the back. It’s now a pussy factory, with more hot girls in one place than entire U.S. cities. Unfortunately there are more guys to match them and the girls here have an attitude problem, especially after 3:30AM or so. Continue Reading


Che Pampas (Rioja 812)
$10/night for dorm room. Very plush hostel that reminds me of a European hostel with all the annoying timed lights. Not much of a scene here but you will run into some Argentine travellers. Staff is extremely helpful. This is the only hostel I’ve stayed at where on departure they will wait outside with you until you get a taxi.

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