Depending on where you came from, Salta is either the most amazing medium-sized town in the universe or just an average place. I came from Bolivia, so for me it was Xanadu. There are nice middle-class amenities like bakeries, shops, and cafes. A lively nightlife will keep you busy with something to do every night of the week.

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Check out Alvarez Restaurant for cheap sandwiches and stuffed pizzas on the corner of Buenos Aires and San Martín. New Time Cafe on the main square has moist chocolate cake and smooth cappuccino. They have free wireless internet as well.

The girl mummy is housed at the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña in Plaza 9 de Julio. Her skin is better preserved than the elderly. There are other things to do if you don’t wake up every day at 2PM like I did, such as churches, museums, waterfalls, and a cable car ride.


The best restaurant in town is El Solar de Covento (Caseros 444), located a stone’s throw away from Iglesia San Francisco. You will spend under $20 for fine dining with incredible food and desserts.

For Salta nightlife, read my Salta nightlife post, which describes the scene from Wednesday through Sunday, including details like cover charges. The highlight includes Friday night and XXI (Veinte Uno), a girl-packed club on the active Balcarce strip.

Two Dutch girls and I started in a club called Mao Mao, a place where 40-something Argentines come to get laid (on Friday night anyway). “Everybody Dance Now” played alongside Madonna as I stood in shock watching the Argentine version of my parents grinding with each other on the dancefloor. Continue Reading


Hostel Terra Oculta (Córdoba 361)
$8.25/night for dorm room. I really enjoyed this hostel. The young guys who work here love going out and the Wednesday / Saturday barbecue has great food and a fun atmosphere. Free internet is fast and showers are always hot. There is a nice kitchen for your cooking pleasure. Just be sure to stay in the main building instead of the quieter annex.

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I developed a man-crush on a waiter…

The way he held the smile as he spoke and said “Perfecto señor” will forever burn his face into my brain, more so than the actual dish. Continue Reading

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