valley-glacier-small.jpgArgentina is a very modern and safe country with all the amenities you’d expect at home. Less chaotic and exciting than countries like Peru and Ecuador, Argentina is best if you want to relax, go out at night, and see some incredible sights. And it’s all cheap! (relatively)

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The Girls

Argentine girls are the prettiest I’ve ever seen, but also the most difficult to get with. They can be friendly upon your first approach, but then things go south as you think you are getting closer. They disappear randomly, play games, always head turn for the kiss, announce they have a boyfriend two hours into conversation, and flake out during important steps of the seduction. If you are interested in learning more about them, start with a post I wrote called School Of Argentine Girls. brazilian-foam-small1.jpg


Basic set lunch: $3.50
Bottle of big beer: $1.25
Cappuccino: $1.25
Internet per hour: $0.50
Hostel dorm bed per night: $8.00
Nice steak dinner: $8.00
Short taxi ride: $1.50
Postcard stamp: $1.33


While robberies do happen, especially at bus stations, it’s not that easy to meet people who have been crime victims in Argentina. Even walking on the streets in the middle of the night is not automatically dangerous like in other countries. It’s still advised to take cabs when there aren’t many people around, but here you can let your guard down just a little and enjoy yourself.




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  1. Haha that’s funny if ur joking, bert.

    Its even funnier if ur serious.

    The guy that wrote 4 hour work week also said argentine women are the hottest he’s seen.

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