Brazil has everything except snow. While it is the most expensive country in South America, you are rewarded with better food, culture, girls, and scenery. Every man owes it to himself to spend a couple weeks in Rio hitting on Brazilian girls in clubs and on the beach.

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The Girls

It doesn’t get better than this. The girls are not as beautiful as the ones in Argentina but they are warmer, sexier, and most importantly, speak English in far greater numbers. They are also hornier, so one night stands are not uncommon between gringo and local. Sex it not guaranteed here but bring your favorite condoms anyway. The key is to make the effort and approach often; many girls will invite you to conversation with eye contact but will not do all the work for you. I’ve wrote extensively about Brazilian girls. Check out these four posts: Introduction To Brazilian Girls, Brazilian Girls, Brazilian, Argentine, & American Girls, and Brazilian Gym Culture. ipanema-small.jpg


Basic lunch: $5.00
Bottle of big beer: $2.00
Can of Red Bull: $4.00
Internet per hour: $2.00
Hostel dorm bed per night: $16.00
Nice steak dinner: $15.00
Short taxi ride: $4.00
Postcard stamp: $1.00


With such wide disparity of wealth and close living proximity of rich and poor, petty crime is a serious problem, and stories of pick pockets and muggings are not rare among other gringo travelers. But simple travel precautions reduce your risk of getting robbed to almost zero. Always take taxis at night, do not display any wealth in the form of jewelry, and do not get so intoxicated that you make yourself an easy target. Keep in mind most people visit Brazil without serious incident.




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10 comments on “Brazil

  1. yo my mans you say some true shit on your site. What you think about the ladies from Central Brazil, like Goiás? I´m in Goiania right now and I´m leaving in 2 weeks so I´m trying to get as much info about where to go and how the girls are generally, me speaking Portuguese as a gringo is usually a pretty good interest starter but hey it never hurts to know more right?

  2. Hey Guys! I’m inviting you guys to come to my lovely country Brazil, the biggets pigsty of South America!

    Brazil is dirty and messy, like a pigsty. Who has lived in Brazil knows what I’m talking about. But, in the middle of this big mess, you guys can have a lot of fun. For example, there are hot girls with big hot asses down here. The weather is also good almost all year. So you guys can go to the beach and drink caipirinha (brazilian famous drink) and see brazilians girls wearing small bikinis walking around you.

    Be careful with violence. Here in Brazil we have a lot of crimes all the time. People steal, kill and fight for bullshits. It is very normal here. The law doesn’t work in pratice. And they like to steal turists. So always go out with brazilians friends, never alone.

    Brazil is better for guys than for girls. Because a guy from USA, Canada, Australia or whatever, can enjoy the brazilian girls. They can have sex. As everybody knows, guys think about sex all the time, so they will be happy in Brazil. But for girls is not as good as for guys because girs don’t like to be in dirty places, stink places and poor place with poor ugly people, so Brazil can not bo a good place for girls.

    Don’t go to cities like Sao Paulo, because is very dangerous, dirty and stinking. People there work like horses everyday and have a shit salary. The quality of life the is very bad. So people are stressed and sad. Is better go to Maceio, Florianopolis or Fortaleza, because in these cities at least you guys can enjoy a beatiful beach. Country side of Brazil is shit. Stay away from there.

  3. I think the deal with Brazil is: Everything is upside down, Girls are more serious and cold, and guys are very warm and emotional. I’m from Sao Paulo, and every girl looks like an English Guard without the bearskin hat. ANY girl, even those you know for a long time, will be monosyllabic from the first till the last minute of interaction.

  4. Holy shit is this a steaming pile of horseshit. How do you post this and then make your other post talking about how “you shouldn’t even bother with brazilian girls under 26”, because you’re super disadvantaged as a gringo? WTF kind of complete disinformation is this website pushing out? Or is it just about the book sales? Brazil SUCKS hardcore guys. Xenophobic to all gringos no matter what race.

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