montevideo-small.jpgMontevideo feels like a poor area of Buenos Aires but not as dangerous, while the people have the quirkyness of Chile with their alternative haircuts and styles. The city is bearable but has very little to keep you.

Change of hooking up rating: 3 out of 5 ?


Plaza Independencia is worthy of a couple pictures. I had trouble finding decent restaurants to eat in.


The easy choice is to hit the Bartolome Mitre street near Plaza Independencia with its many bars and clubs. Try to chat up girls on the street and then follow them inside, or just hit Too Much, a bar/club that has tasty Daquiris in mammoth tubes. You will experience friendlier girls displaying far more cleavage than in Buenos Aires.

Red Hostel (San Jose 1406)
$13/night for dorm. Boring medium-sized hostel a few blocks from center. Nothing great about it but nothing bad either. Bathroom had a bit too much concrete for my taste. Staff is friendly and there are many DVDs to watch.

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South America On A Shoestring Guidebook
This is the guidebook that I used in my six month trip in South America. The maps are excellent, the information is complete and thorough, and the reviews are accurate, which is why it's often called "the bible" by many travelers. The only problem is that everyone else has this book so if you are the type of person that wants to hit the isolated small towns you will be disappointed. My advice is to use this book for its maps and information on getting from city to city, but talk to the locals and other travelers for those isolated gems that Lonely Planet for some reason didn't find worthy to include.

Spanish For Beginners
My copy of this book is so beat up and weathered it's disintegrating before my eyes. I took it with me to South America because I loved how it was organized in a logical way that kept me motivated to keep studying. Lessons start short and easy and increase in complexity as you tackle frustrating readings that help take you to the next level. The only downside of this book is that it was originally published in 1957 so some of the vocabulary is very dated. Still, you'll be hard-pressed to find a modern equivalent of this book whose teachings approach the same quality. Last time I checked you can grab a used copy from Amazon for less than a dollar.

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