Turning Potential Insults Into Game

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Insult: “You’re really pale.”
Game: “Did you just get a tan?”

Insult: “You’re short and oompa-loopma like.”
Game: “I think I grew since the last time i saw you.”

Insult: “Your hair is thinning.”
Game: “I think your hair would look really good with a volumizer.”

Insult: “Your breath reeks.”
Beta Game:: “Mmmm this gum is so good! You want some?” And if she says no?
Alpha Game: “Did you eat a lot of onion for dinner?”

Insult: “This meal [you just made] is pretty horrible.”
Game: “Interesting texture of this meat you cooked. You know my favorite cookbook is Betty Crocker. The recipes are laid out easily so that a monkey can cook them. In fact I read an article on the internet where monkeys cooked delicious meals from the Betty Crocker cookbook.”

Insult: “You’re frigid in the sack.”
Game: “I hear the sex gets better once you become more comfortable with the other person. You’ll want to explore more and make noises to show you’re… still alive.”

Insult: “Shut the fuck up bitch jeez.”
Game: “Shh shh shh. Don’t talk I heard something.” You can keep her silently indefinitely… “No no, not yet..”

Insult: “Have you gained 20 pounds in the past couple weeks or is it just me?”
Beta Game: “Hey let’s sign up to the gym together!” Why should you do work because of her lack of discipline?
Alpha Game: “Your body seems to be changing rapidly. Are you at that age or…”
Super Asshole Game: “Are you pregnant?”

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