The audiobook of Free Speech Isn’t Free has been released. Click here to order it through Amazon, where an audio sample is also available.

Here’s a new review from an Australian man:

This is a small book but it is impressive and holds one’s interest – I read it the day after receiving it. It is difficult to comprehend how one man trying to run seminars for men on relationships, health, belief and morality evoked massive hatred and even physical aggression. The author’s victory against overwhelming odds is an absorbing and memorable tale. As well as his account of the struggle to conduct his seminars, Roosh V appends a copy of the lecture used to initiate discussion, and has a helpful list of advice for men when they are challenged at work by opponents using feminist issues.

Most of those reading it would know little of Australia, but might be interested to know that the last-but-one Prime Minister,Tony Abbott, was displaced from his position because of similar issues to those which opposed Roosh V. To use an old term, Abbott, was “manly”: he was a boxer, a Rhodes Scholar, kept himself fit by regular running and surfing, was an active volunteer firefighter (even when PM) and openly expressed respect for women. Feminists saw him as a threat and reacted intensely. His replacement was a wealthy lawyer and private banker, acceptably PC, without evidence of masculinity, and (after many months) without apparent effect in his position.

With the paperback, e-book, and audiobook now released, the Free Speech Isn’t Free project is complete. I am now ready to begin writing my next book. It will be a book about game, and my final book on that topic.

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  1. prepz October 12, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Something stood out to me here….

    His replacement was a wealthy lawyer and private banker,

    This is the type of man that is gaining in power, but only on paper — paper being both the law and the banknote. This kind of male is not a man, but a manipulator of the social structure through its institutions to bully and defeat other men who’d soundly dispatch him in an honest fist fight, physical competition or even honest day’s work. He produces nothing of value, but is a parasite sucking on the jugular of those who do.

    He’s a chick in a man’s suit.

  2. patriot October 12, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    The endgame is no man will be allowed to run for politics. Unless he´s gay. Since they will always paint him as rapist.

    1. Straightalpha October 13, 2016 at 1:19 am

      Had the same idea the day the Trump Tapes were leaked.
      If you are a heterosexual male you rape. Even if you opted out long ago – you still rape because you’re a misogynist racist heterosexual white male.
      And after the prevented terrorist attack in germany last weekend they now consider giving the three syrian refugees who captivated the terrorist the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Even though these guys are charged with connivance.
      So if you are an islamist refugee on welfare you get the highest appreciation – but if you are a white cis male working his ass off – you get treated like scum.
      Fuck the whiteknights, cucks and feminists and fuck the Skypes and their cultural marxism propaganda.
      Fuck the west.

      1. jimmy October 16, 2016 at 8:02 am

        Lol, awww poor fat balding high school dropout. Everything is all their fault. How about you stop whining and blaming your genetic misfortune on others and do something positive with your life? Or meds maybe?


        Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter…



    2. WhiteDevil October 18, 2016 at 1:52 am

      I find it interesting that they first tried to paint the 6’2″ Trump as a weak little man with a micropenis, making jokes about his so-called small hands, even going so far as to erect nude statues of Trump with a micropenis in 18 major cities in public. Something which obviously took a lot of money to do, clearly funded by those high up, and a lot of obscenity laws were just conveniently overlooked by law enforcement as well, so there was collusion on a national level to make that happen. Well, when that failed to make Trump stumble, because he was too alpha to even take the bait, they decided to go to the other extreme and paint him as a man with no self control, a rapist, sexual predator. The hypocrisy is astounding and completely lost on the left. Ironically, nothing turns women on more than being raped by a man of high sexual market value, and we’re seeing the results of this as Trump’s numbers are actually improving with women, the more sexual baggage they try to throw at him. If they have supposed tapes of him in a gang bang or orgy, no amount of rigging the election will keep him out of the white house.

    1. Cecil J October 13, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      It’s harder to win when you’re a public figure (I’ve been to law school) because public figures generally have a higher burden of proof for tort theories such as defamation, libel, slander, public disclosure of private information, etc. I’m not saying a cause of action for damages is impossible but oftentimes in civil suits it’s what you can prove not what actually happened. He should ask Cernovich.

  3. fatherofthree October 13, 2016 at 8:35 am

    Roosh, I got banned from RoK for having political views similar to yours. Make sure what you post there as they might ban you too, hehe.

    Would you do me a favor and ask for a short explanation why they did it?
    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Rob Banks October 13, 2016 at 9:02 am

    When I read the title, I thought this article was gonna be about Trump.

  5. Baphotschild October 13, 2016 at 9:32 pm

    The problem when people analyze the ROthschilds is they always go to the fucking 17th century. Back to the Napoleon. And all that shit. This family should be analyzed for what they do today.

    I believe Arianne is the one leading/funding all this nonsense about rape and woman being placed in leadership positions:

    What a beta: de Rothshild.

    The body language of the picture is so fucking obvious. What a cuck.

    Here´s some excerpts from all the interviews:

    “A year ago her husband Benjamin named her chief executive of Edmond de Rothschild”

    About the cuck:

    “I do not go to parties. I do not know the high society of Paris. That is not my thing.”

    “So what is his thing? Sports. He doesn’t run, swim, cycle or work out, but he’s hooked on adrenaline.”

    Revealing. If the picture wasn´t enough. He´s an introvert bastard who doesn´t lift. But instead like a tipically spoiled brat spend his energy in danger/adrenaline pleasure. If only he knew game.

    . (“I hunt everything – in Africa, Russia, Europe, everywhere. It’s hunting and conservation at the same time, because these are places where certain animal populations need to be reduced.” )

    Don´t work out. Don´t make sports. But likes to hunt. Btw It´s not only animals which needs to be reduced. Right Benjamin?

    “She differs from her husband, who is a keen yachtsman and drives racing cars, happy to spend time relaxing. “

    “That is true, but the world is changing. I think women today are better suited for business than men.

    Really? Really cunt. What a mind blowing faggot. So why are you giving an interview.
    Instead of running the business he sent the responsibility to his woman. What a weak character. Woman should never be in leadership positions. Only influential ones.

    Your still president of the governance. Why not putting you woman in charge of everything?

    “The United States is finished, at least for the moment. ”

    Loooll. Ahh miserable bastard. The USA is finished. Beware.

    “Just this morning we had a discussion about the subject. Did you know that until 250 years ago China was the strongest country in the world? We already have a branch in Hong Kong and we are working with the Bank of China. ”

    Did you know chinese abandoned theyre children if they were born woman? How´s that for you hypocrite? 2+2 is 5. Spoiled brat.

    “I do not believe in God – I do not report to him.”

    “so that technically I am not a Jew. If so, why do you ask for money from a goy? ”

    This is no surprise. Not even a jew. A soulless body.

    Goys? Goys can´t own banks? It´s a restricted club right…

    “I have the privilege of existing without a cellular phone. I don’t have a BlackBerry or an iPhone. I have never had a mobile phone. ”

    No, no Benjamin. You don´t own a phone because you don´t want your conversations to be listened and recorded. If Arianne fucks up. She´s the one to blame. Not a bad strategy my atheist fuck.

    “I think that Facebook and similar networks are open to investigations by the police and secret services, and I do not like to be under surveillance. ”

    It´s for the Goys to be monitored Benjy. Don´t sweat it.

    “My grandfather went to Russia and decided to sell all his holdings there. It was sheer luck that the family did not lose money in the wake of the Russian Revolution. ”

    Luck you say my friend. Not that your friend Schiff was financing the revolution and warned him.

    Now let´s analyze the slut:

    “Although she acknowledged to Gapper that most people view the Rothschild Group as the main branch, Ariane noted that Edmond de Rothschild is three times bigger.”

    Edmond as more money than the others. Because his targeting asia aka he´s laundering asian money.

    Ahahahah you haven´t seen Di Caprio endorsing the vampire zombie. He´s in it to. Leo, you better continue endorsing clima change from you jet. If you don´t want to have a fbi agent knocking on you door.

    Clintons and Arianne. Well Bill and Benjy. This is what happens when you put woman in charge.

    Arriane runs the Rothschilds most lucrative group. And by consequence runs the world.

    “Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild are the parents of daughters who range in age from 13 to 20. “The Rothschilds traditionally stick to male primogeniture and David de Rothschild’s son Alexandre is seen as his likely successor,” the FT article said. [Ariane] believes this tradition should be reformed, a topic she has discussed with Jacob Rothschild, ”

    God punished you only having daughters. You like China. Guess what idiot fucking cunt. Who can´t make 2+2. In China they would be killed. Yes idiot cunt. The place where you get your most income.

    The madness will continue. Unless she brings the house down. Which she probably will. Woman are not capable of global thinking.

    At least before even this bastards respected the wish of their founding ancestor. No woman.

    We have a very weak elite. This is obvious. Unfortunately I was born in this time of history. When 2+2 is 5.

    Enjoy the decline.

    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Restore some sanity in this madness.

  6. Baphotschilds October 14, 2016 at 8:01 am

    The richest Rothschild is the one supporting all this nonsense:

    Not even the jews want him:

    His name rarely appears. It´s only Jacob or David. When he´s the own pulling the strings and his wife Arianne.

    This is the person who he´s fucking up the west. And he´s not even jew. Loooll

  7. Juniper October 16, 2016 at 7:59 am

    Roosh, actually if Trump was in power around the time your FOB parents arrived…