A recent documentary titled Died Suddenly confirms what many of us already know: the coronavirus vaccine is deadly. The documentary shows that the likely mechanism by which it causes injury and death is by befouling a person’s circulatory system. I can conclude with a clear conscious that the vaccine is a blood and heart toxin.

Watch the documentary on Rumble:

And some of the Pharisees called to Him from the crowd, “Teacher, rebuke Your disciples.” But He answered and said to them, “I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.” —Luke 19:39-40

The stones that are crying out are morticians who embalm dead bodies. After the vax was released, they began noticing thick spaghetti noodle clots in dead people’s veins and arteries that were not like normal blood clots. So many different morticians from so many different parts of the country identified this phenomenon that it’s safe to accept as a national problem.

Even with my scientific background (I have a bachelor’s degree in microbiology), it’s not immediately clear what these clots are. They don’t seem like classic cancer but are so big that I’m skeptical they were formed from a spontaneous biochemical reaction between the vax ingredients and organic materials within the body. Consider that the total volume of a vaccine injection is no more than 7.5 milliliters, a half tablespoon. Clots coming out of people are way larger than this volume—some as long as two feet! This suggests to me that there is some kind of persistent and ongoing process within the body that is producing clots and allowing them to grow independently of the initial vaccination.

The vaccine may be initiating a process in the body to create these unique clots within the bloodstream. I theorize it does this through one of three methods: (1) the vaccine is so toxic that the body desperately yet futilely tries to isolate and expel the toxin through a mechanism that somehow produces the spaghetti clots; (2) the vaccine directly causes blood cells to mutate and multiply indiscriminately like a case of late-stage cancer; or (3) the vaccine contains genetic instructions that, when embedded into a person’s genome after vaccination, methodically and purposely produces these clots to the detriment of the human host.

I’d be inclined to lean towards option one or two if this vaccine didn’t happen to contain genetic material in the form of mRNA, which our cells use as an intermediary template from DNA to make various proteins. Understand that scientists long ago perfected the ability to insert genes from one species into another. For example, do you know what it means for a vegetable to be “genetically modified”? Let me explain.

Are they genetically modifying us like food?

Pests are a bane of farmers worldwide, and can wipe out entire harvests. The problem with the pesticides that kill pests is that they’re toxic and end up damaging or killing the plant itself, but how about if we can modify the plant so that it becomes resistant to the toxin? For example, take the glyphosate (Roundup) herbicide, which kills weeds. If you spray a naturally-growing plant with glyphosate, the pest dies but so do many types of plants. So here’s what they did…

There is a bacteria that is resistant to glyphosate because it naturally produces an enzyme that neutralizes the toxin (all enzymes are classified as proteins, which are encoded within our DNA). Scientists isolated this enzyme from the bacteria, figured out its DNA sequence, and inserted it into a crop like the soybean. The soybean now is a franken-seed that has a gene from bacteria, but thanks to this gene a farmer can bathe his crops in glyphosate, kill the pests, and yet allow his crops to survive and be harvested to yield “nutrients” and “vitamins” when consumed by human beings. Unfortunately, many farmers claim that glyphosate is also killing them (with cancer), and data on the damaging effects of eating modified crops that have been treated with toxic chemicals is concealed from the public. Corporations have successfully modified numerous crops to resist pesticides and other crop killers starting way back in the 1990s.

It’s been thirty years since genetic technology was first used on food. Have they been able to harness this technology to insert genes into humans through a series of injections? I would be surprised if they hadn’t yet figured it out. Based on the mRNA genetic platform they are using for the coronavirus vax, a frighteningly reasonable explanation is that they are injecting people with the genetic blueprint to produce blood clots, whether deliberately or not, because the resulting clots are way larger in volume than the initial toxin and different in chemical composition than the clear liquid that was injected into them. This theory could also explain why some people get the clots and some don’t: genetic uptake is more of a statistical phenomenon than a guarantee. Some people, perhaps due to their individual physiology, reject the foreign mRNA and so there is no uptake in the genome of their cells. Or perhaps they received an injection that had somehow degraded due to improper storage, tainted manufacturing processes, or more nefariously, deliberate and careful manipulation of vaccine lots. There are many theories that can explain why not everyone goes on to develop the clots, but for the people who did, the outcome is either life-changing or life-ending.

Is there a worldwide conspiracy?

There is no conspiracy theory I will not at least entertain, but I need substantial evidence to come out on my platform and begin a sentence with “I believe” to put my feeble reputation on the line. After living through the coronavirus fake pandemic for over three years, and consuming an untold number of articles, videos, and podcasts on the issue in addition to scientifically related topics, I believe that there is a large conspiracy among high-level elites in public and private sectors to depopulate the world through vaccination in general, but particularly with the coronavirus vaccine. This conspiracy is aided by the mass cowardice, carnality, and atheism of many doctors who know from direct experience that this vaccine is injuring people, but choose rather to play ball to continue enabling their comfortable and lavish secular lifestyles.

“…but they who live in wickedness and in luxury are punished both in the life here and the life yonder. For even here they are harassed by the expectation of the coming penalty, as well as by the bad opinion in which they are held by all, and by the fact that by the very sin itself their soul is corrupted; and after their departure thither they endure insupportable penalties.” —Saint John Chrysostom in On Wealth and Poverty

There is no other explanation I can come up with that doesn’t chafe my conscience. The elites know these vaccines are harmful and yet they ignore the evidence and keep pushing people—including little children—to get vaccinated. The doctors must be aware that this vaccine is poisoning their patients (whom they swore to do no harm) yet they keep telling patients to get the vax and use emotional manipulation to do so, if the stories from my elderly parents are any indication. This is mass poison on a scale the world has never seen, and all those who are responsible will undoubtedly be held accountable for their evil on Day of Judgment, but until then, we have to use our reason and faith to discern which medical treatment to take for the sake of our bodily health and those of our loved ones. I’ve already made my choice: never, ever in this life will I get injected with a vaccine, and if I have someone’s ear, like I have yours since you made it this far into my article, I’ll tell them why they shouldn’t either based on my personal observations and research.

If you are not an Orthodox Christian with an active spiritual life, you probably won’t care for these proceeding comments: I strongly suspect that the coronavirus vaccine contains demonic energy (i.e. something like black magic). Consider that its development uses aborted fetal cells—parts of murdered defenseless babies—to provide “health” for living people. This is a narrative directly from Satan’s mind. For you to take this vaccine where there is overwhelming evidence that it was developed in sin, and while also knowing of its extreme danger to so many people who have shared their vaccine injury stories online, suggests a spiritual problem, at least according to Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou. He says that those who got the vax damaged their soul and must repent from their mistake. In other words, you must beg Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness that you put faith in Bill Gates’ inverted sacrament over the sacraments that the Lord gives us in His Church. If you took the vaccine, I suggest you find a spiritual guide in the Orthodox Church who will help you set things right.

I’ve lost complete faith in the medical industry, faith I should never have had in the first place. That faith was shattered when, before I became an Orthodox Christian, I saw what the cancer doctors did to my sister with their poisonous concoctions. From my perspective, their treatments accelerated her death. Now with the fake coronavirus pandemic, I believe that those in the medical industry who conceal the truth, whether voluntary or involuntary, are serving the will of Satan. The demonic presence is so strong that I’m questioning all their treasured dogmas, even the existence of viruses. If I have a broken leg, I will go to the doctor to x-ray me and snap it into place (unless you know how to do it), and I would also consider other emergency surgeries that require only an easy slicing and dicing, but to take their toxic medications or vaccines, I would have to receive a direct revelation from God to permit me to do so, and even if that happens, I would have to be convinced that that vision was indeed from God and not the demons, because Satan can easily masquerade as an angel of light.

“Am I in good health? I will say: ‘Glory to God.’ Is my health poor? I will still say: ‘Glory to God.’ But the moment I become anxious about my health, wishing only to get better, running around to doctors, taking different kinds of medicines, traveling frantically to foreign countries for experimental procedures, I have lost God. I have become like a top spinning out of control.” —Elder Aimilianos in The Mystical Marriage

I ask a favor from you: if ever get sick with cancer in the future, and decide to forgo toxic chemical treatment, please don’t convince me out of it. This life is temporal, a test for us to show our love for God and our neighbor so that we may enter into eternal life through Lord Jesus Christ, and I must not panic if I come down with a malady that God allows. I pray that I have the courage and strength to suffer in this body while preparing my soul for the next life instead of living in so much fear that I allow Satan to inject me with genetic material that grows little worms in my veins, because I tell you that if I try to save my life then I will lose it, and have to face the worm that never dies for all of eternity.

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