The silenced, censored, and slandered have recently experienced an incredible reversal of fortunes on one of the largest social media platforms on the internet: Twitter. The malodorous fog that has hovered over it for the past decade has been blown away by a man named Elon Musk. While the platform hasn’t quite become perfect, I can’t believe I can breathe in the fresh air of freedom and truth like in the days before Jewish organizations such as the ADL and SPLC wrapped their slimy tentacles around Silicon Valley’s biggest companies. Elon Musk has shined a bright light on the diabolical influences of Twitter and scattered the liars and transgressors. Through his triumphant actions, he is on his way to becoming a savior for conservatives in a similar way as Donald Trump, but therein lies an incredible danger if he builds the trust of men only to lead them away from the Kingdom of God and into the deepest layers of hell.

Elon’s takeover of Twitter has been nothing but a string of victories for the righteous, and left me stunned that such a fast turnaround could be accomplished for a company of its size. Within only the first six weeks of becoming CEO, Elon fired large swaths of the Twitter workforce that was almost entirely leftist, replacing them with Asiatic men who know how to code; he banned much of the porn (including child porn) that previous management refused to address; he unbanned the banned, including my favorite Catholic Dr. E. Michael Jones; he depressurized the moderation to the point where you can talk about Jewish power without getting insta-banned, he removed the aggressive censorship policy on COVID; he allowed journalists access to files that revealed how previous management colluded with the Democratic Party and FBI; and he even helped share details of Twitter’s in-house blacklisting program that limited the influence of many Twitter users, including yours truly, judging by the numerous “I can see your tweets now” messages I’ve received since Elon took over.

It’s not entirely clear if the platform allows me to doubt the paramount Jewish dogma of the Holocaustâ„¢, but nonetheless I’m gushing that so much speech is being allowed. Twitter is fun again, and before I came to my senses, I was sorely tempted to re-enter the insanity of the daily news cycle to receive massive dopamine spikes when tweets go viral and crushing withdrawals when they get less than 1,000 likes.

Can I pour my hopes and worldly desires for victory and justice into Elon Musk so that I can feel like a victor in this earthly life? Or is the fact that he’s doing so many things I like a sign that a big trap is being set by the prince of this world (Satan)?

Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is an immensely rich man who allegedly runs several successful companies with the freedom to rock the boat more than his oligarchical peers. He has a tendency to speak his mind, without a politically-correct filter, and gives at least the convincing exterior of someone who isn’t a slave to the elite agenda. It’s this man who has taken over a social media platform whose power is shaping the daily news cycle, opening the floodgates of truth that has been suppressed for so many years.

Elon may not be a big O oligarch like George Soros, who wields not just wealth but global political power, but big enough that he is at liberty to sometimes—from all appearances—follow his ego and do what he wants even if the media establishment doesn’t like it. Also relevant is his robust relationship history with women: so far he has sired ten children with three women. At least he’s a staunch heterosexual who enjoys the company of women, which is more than we can say about many members of today’s elite, but this is a low moral bar indeed. I also do not recall him forcing the companies under his control to perform gratuitous displays of gay pride in June. It’s possible that he even dislikes gays and prefers their behavior be performed behind closed doors as most reasonable people.

How about his spiritual beliefs? Only God can see in his heart, but Christians should know where a public figure stands on matters of the faith before they decide to support his causes or businesses. For example, if a man admitted to Satan worship and decided he’s opening a children’s charity, it would be safe to assume that children in the charity will be put at risk in some way, just like how children who are read by transgendered monsters are being groomed to not be fearful of dangerous men. Is Elon being predominately guided by God, the demons, or his fallen flesh?

Coarse jesting or blasphemy?

I’m not qualified to judge anyone’s faith, because I only need to look in the mirror and see someone who daily transgresses the Lord’s commandments, but I will attempt a speculative guess of his faith based on his public actions. It seems that he views Christianity as a sort of “wisdom philosophy” that can be the source of sound teachings, similar to stoicism.

I’m amendable to changing that opinion, and perhaps he possesses an ascetic-tier faith in private, but I have not seen anything from him that suggests he’s leading an active Christian life with the aim of the salvation of his soul. His faith is for God to judge, but since he’s a powerful public figure, I use the information I have on hand to speculate about his disposition so that I can protect myself from being tricked or negatively influenced by him and powerful men like him. There have been two recent incidents, however, that made me wonder if he’s really behaving in a way that is pleasing to God.

First, the small matter. He shared a meme concerning Donald Trump that is—at the minimum—offensive to Christians. The image has a cartoon woman bent over a bed and beside her is what’s likely a depiction of Lord Jesus Christ with his eyes closed in prayer. The text that Elon typed is “And lead us not into temptation,” which refers to the Lord’s Prayer. We don’t know if Elon believed the man in the meme was Lord Jesus Christ or not, but I don’t know any Orthodox Christian who would pair the words of the Lord’s Prayer with such a suggestive image in order to make a point. This tweet is one indication—though certainly not proof—that he doesn’t take Christianity seriously beyond the level of wisdom teaching.

The second matter is more serious. This past Halloween, his costume was the “Devil’s Advocate,” a sort of warrior for Satan. The costume featured an upside-down cross encased in a large image of Baphomet, the occult symbol for Satan. At risk of diving into the weeds, the upside-down Cross is not Orthodox and is not at all used in any manner of worship. While some internet Catholics may claim that it’s a rightful symbol of St. Peter’s upside-down crucifixion, I have never seen a Catholic wear such a cross. If you see this cross in modern times, it is either on the demonic altar of the Church of Satan or on the necklace of someone who dabbles in the occult and does not follow the Gospel.

Elon’s notion of doing Satan’s bidding in a rebellious manner, as represented by a costume that displays clear Satanic imagery, is an indication that he is not an active Orthodox Christian, Catholic, or even Protestant. It doesn’t help that Elon uses a photograph of himself in the costume as his current Twitter avatar. Is he trying to signal where his “power” comes from? I know many individuals in various Christian confessions and have never seen someone displaying public fealty to wanting to serve in Satan’s legions, whether on the level of fantasy or not, while also claiming that they are actively on the path to salvation. This is Elon’s choice, and we are all free to pray for him, but his choice is relevant to us all because of the worldly power he has accumulated that affects us, especially those like myself who use a platform that he runs, Twitter, and who may have the option to use one of his products or services in the future.

The danger of Elon Musk is that he is executing Christian-like justice on Twitter by going after pornographers, Jewish censors, the Democratic party, and the FBI, building the trust of Christians, while displaying a level of devotion to the devil. If Christians write off his costume as playacting, which I have seen many do, and they continue to trust him, they will be disappointed in the future if he halts carrying out righteous justice and performs overtly evil deeds, and that is in the best-case scenario, because if Elon becomes a forerunner of the Antichrist (a prototype of the final evil ruler of human history)—and that’s a big if—and Christians still maintain their trust in him, he could potentially cause them to lose their salvation if they choose to follow him and Satan into eternal hell, in a way that we cannot currently foresee.

The slave girl and Nebuchadnezzar

In the Book of Acts, a demon-possessed slave girl was stalking St. Paul. The demon prophesied through her, which earned money for her handlers. (When demons prophesy they are often making good guesses or “predicting” things they are about to do.) She professed that Paul was a servant of God who “proclaim[s] the way of salvation,” which was completely true, but St. Paul exorcised her anyway.

Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.” And this she did for many days.

But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And he came out that very hour. But when her masters saw that their hope of profit was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities. —Acts 16:16-19

Why did St. Paul exorcise her when she was speaking the truth? Because her truth could build trust in her listeners to later deceive them with lies that tear them away from the path of righteousness. St. Paul clearly showed us that we don’t need the help or aid of those who don’t serve God, even when they seem to be doing an immediate good deed. Of course, God through His infinite wisdom can use any sinner as part of His plan to save mankind—a prime example is how He used Babylonian pagan ruler Nebuchadnezzar to chastise the insolent Jews, going so far as calling him “My servant.” This chastisement was necessary to preserve the Jewish remnant and fulfill the prophecies of the coming of our Lord.

“Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Because you have not heard My words, behold, I will send and take all the families of the north,’ says the Lord, ‘and Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, My servant, and will bring them against this land, against its inhabitants, and against these nations all around, and will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, a hissing, and perpetual desolations. —Jeremiah 25:8-9

Whether Elon fits the archetype of the possessed slave girl or Nebuchadnezzar—and we can all hope that his costume was merely coarse jesting—the danger remains that we must not put our trust in any man, especially one with worldly power, even if we approve of all his temporal political actions. We have a recent example of Donald Trump which exemplifies this danger.

The false savior’s path of destruction

In 2016, Donald Trump, the slayer of journalists, the grandmaster of 4D chess, the high-energy defender of everything Americana, was my hero and many others. I eagerly subscribed to his personality cult and hung a huge portrait of him making a thumbs up on my bedroom wall. He laid waste to the enemy on many fronts and was arguably the best President that all living Americans have ever seen, and yet what happened at the end of his term? He led astray his most committed followers.

Trump’s biggest supporters are today rotting away in jail when they attempted to cheerily support him on January 6, 2021. They instead fell for an insidious FBI trap that Trump was not prepared to handle or mitigate in the aftermath. Thankfully, he has offered to financially support the defense funds of many of the defendants, but is it consolation enough while they serve in solitary confinement?

Yet another group of Trump’s supporters may have done irreversible damage to their bodies if they took the coronavirus vaccine because of his incessant urgings. We don’t know their true number, and I hope it’s zero, but I wouldn’t be surprised if scores of boomers took the vaccine at least in part due to Trump’s unequivocal recommendation that the vaccine is safe. We now know the truth: the coronavirus vaccine is incredibly dangerous and has so far caused tens of thousands of people to drop dead, usually from a failure of their circulatory system. Whether willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, Donald Trump played a part of the massive psyop to shorten the lifespan of American citizens. I’m not accusing him specifically of keeping people in jail or hurting their health, but I believe his influence ended up harming at least some of those who trusted him the most.

The Neuralink nightmare

Elon Musk has the potential to do far greater damage than Trump, without at all becoming President, not only because he owns one of the largest propaganda outlets in the world (with over 124 million people who follow him directly), but because he owns a company called Neuralink that has absolutely insane aspirations.

We’re aiming to design a fully implantable, cosmetically invisible brain-computer interface to let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go. Micron-scale threads would be inserted into areas of the brain that control movement. Each thread contains many electrodes and connects them to an implant called the “Link.” … We are designing the Link to connect to thousands of neurons in the brain, so that it may one day be able to record the activity of these neurons, process these signals in real time, and translate intended movements directly into the control of an external device.

The company has some good news: they only need to make a one-inch hole in your brain to insert a chip that will save you maybe three minutes a day of typing out text messages with your old-fashioned thumbs. Maybe in the future Neuralink will promise to make the blind see, the lame walk, and the deaf hear.  They are a mere six months away from human trials, and if the hand-chip-loving Swedes are any indication, I expect a long line of completely healthy people to volunteer for this ridiculous implantation. As if to confirm that this technology is evil, Bill Gates has begun investing in brain implantation.

The most immediate spiritual problem of Neuralink is the potential to affect your free will through its two-way communication ability. While the chip mainly receives your thoughts, the company has already tested the ability to control animal behavior by sending signals into the brain, and this two-way system is connected to the internet. A medical device like a heart pacemaker is designed to only affect the heartbeat and not your decision-making, and cannot be updated in real-time with the internet, but it doesn’t take a sci-fi writer’s imagination to see how a brain chip with internet access will fall under the control of hackers or whoever happens to run the company—the government, powerful black holes of capital like Blackrock, or perhaps more banally a bored employee who wants to play a prank on you by inserting homoerotic thoughts in your mind while you go for a stroll with your trad wife.

Is it really a stretch to imagine an evil owner of Neuralink pushing an update with the aim of controlling humanity, perhaps turning those with a chip implant into slavish zombies that are simply unable to process certain thoughts or resist specific types of sins that are profitable in some way for the owner’s power or depopulation agenda? (Sadly, a lot of people seem to be mindlessly living as if they already have an evil brain chip installed, including me in the past.) What will those with the implant do when it takes more assertive control over their thoughts and behaviors? It’s not like they can take out the chip themselves when it is behind a wall of cranial bone. They’d be captive to the software, the programmers, the CEO, certainly the Jews, and the devil himself, who will inspire the Antichrist during the end times to persuade humanity to receive something called the Mark of the Beast which looks strikingly compatible with what Elon is developing at Neuralink.

[The Antichrist] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. –Revelation 13:16-17

To accept the Mark of the Beast is to make a consensual act of fealty to the Antichrist, a world ruler controlled by Satan. Taking the Mark allows the citizen to buy and sell (i.e. participate in commerce) and be a “good” person who is on the side of science. Those who do not get the Mark will not be able to buy and sell. It is not known what final form the Mark will be, but in the most literal interpretation, an implanted hand microchip linked to your identity would fit the bill, though it could take on a more metaphorical form that we can’t foresee. The holy Orthodox elders who are alive during that time will help us discern whether the Mark has arrived or not. —Forecast Of The End Of The World

While the Antichrist has a scary name, he will initially be charming, full of moral teaching, and beloved by the masses, especially among Christians. The point of the Antichrist from Satan’s perspective will be to condemn as many souls to hell as possible, so it won’t be enough for him to only target secular people who are already on their way there. Instead, the Antichrist must also deceive those who already have some faith in Christ, whether Orthodox or not, and take their souls by getting them to believe he is the savior of mankind in place of Lord Jesus Christ. If the secular world loves a new leader but all Christians hate him, I say that he’s not the Antichrist, but if Christians of various confessions love him and the secular world loves him, then I believe we have a contender, and so we arrive at the point of how Elon Musk is unfortunately a rough qualifier for this horrible role (more so than widely hated Donald Trump), because he’s doing righteous things that Christians like while owning a company that produces a chip that fits the mold of the Mark of the Beast and at the same time showcasing himself in a Baphomet costume that gives a level of honor and fealty to Satan, the enemy of mankind.

Is Elon Musk a forerunner of the Antichrist?

I do not believe Elon Musk is the Antichrist, but I do believe that he’s only two or three momentous decisions away from fitting a mold of a forerunner of the Antichrist, and this terrifies me because, while I am not seduced by him as much as I was by Donald Trump, and would never hang a portrait of him in his devil’s costume on my bedroom wall, I am rooting for him to dispense with justice and cleanse Twitter from corruption, pornography, and filth, while behind the scenes he advances technology that will almost certainly be used in some part by the real Antichrist of the future.

These “forerunners” of the Antichrist also direct that world-wide process which the Apostle St. Paul called “apostasy” (II Thess. 2:3). The essence of this process is Christian mankind’s ever greater departure from the genuine, uncorrupted teaching of the Gospel and the replacement of the Gospel commands with other ideals. The destructive nature of these ideals proposed to mankind by the Antichrist’s forerunners is that they sometimes seem acceptable for Christians, compatible with Christianity, while in reality they are profoundly opposed to it; they gratify human passions and lusts and confirm mankind’s fallen nature in its fallen state. —The Spirit of Antichrist and the Forerunner of Antichrist by Archbishop Averky

…[the Antichrist] will come in the capacity of a supreme benefactor of mankind, a benefactor and even protector of the faith and the Church, and he will expect overall recognition and the subordination of all nations. From the predictions of the holy fathers we know that not only will those who are total non-believers accept and submit to the Antichrist, but also seemingly the faithful and even Christian clergy, including those who hold the highest of office, will be beguiled by him. —On Apostasy by Archbishop Averky

If you’re not an Orthodox Christian, and instead are part of a confession that is melding with the secular world, you won’t have a good chance of resisting the charm and power of the Antichrist, and if you are Orthodox, you’re still at great risk and must be sober and watchful, for the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking to devour your soul, and it’s the souls of those in the True Church, the Orthodox Church, that are most prized by Satan since they can still receive the full inheritance of our Lord’s Heavenly Kingdom as compared to the heterodox confessions which have sadly strayed from the dogmas of the once-united Church.

I like Elon Musk’s recent actions, but he’s not my worldly savior and will never earn my trust. I must drill this into my mind every time I see him crush what appears to be the evil forces of this world, because with no evidence of a striving Orthodox faith, I must continually ask myself which side is influencing his actions. If it’s the side of evil, I expect him to act like the demon-possessed slave girl, to execute truth and justice temporarily to later flip the switch by serving as a forerunner of the Antichrist, hurling many souls into the depths of hell. We all hope that this will not be the case, but I do wonder if he realizes the immense spiritual danger he’s in. In the meanwhile, let us not be seduced by him, and instead pray for him that he may repent and be received in God’s Church, and use his power to further not the kingdom of Satan but the Kingdom of God, for the eternal glory of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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