After reading The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know about Jewish influence on Western culture, but I was only scratching the surface. Enter The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones, a thorough examination of why Jews tend to be revolutionaries of any society and how they do it. By the end of the book, I could say I understood the race of people that vehemently reject Jesus Christ.

Below are my favorite passages. You can also watch my interview with Dr. Jones about the book.

What is a Jew?

A “Jew” is someone who rejects Christ and as a result will die in his sins. After the Jews rejected Christ, Judaism ceased being a religion and become an ideology. Or, to say the same thing another way, it went from being a true religion (in fact, the only true religion) to being a false religion, like Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, etc., in spite of the fact that it still claimed the inspired word of God as its foundational texts. Israel simultaneously lost its biological basis. The New Israel, the true children of Moses and Abraham, was now the Church.


The “Jews” are not children of God. Their father is Satan. “The devil,” Jesus tells the “Jews,” is your father and you prefer to do what your father wants.”

Jews killed their religion when they rejected their promised Messiah, one that was foretold through centuries of prophecies. The Jews then had no choice but to invent a new religion around the Talmud, an exhausting series of legal commentaries that further exacerbated their prideful nature and rejection of the Word of God.

Jews wanted a worldly king, not an eternal savior

Political messianism is a manifestation of the carnal Jew. According to the Church Fathers, the Jews perennially await a messiah who will restore their political power. Christianity is incompatible with political messianism and Jewish revolutionary activity because it recognizes another messiah.


Poncins demolish the idea the idea the Jews are “the people of the Old Testament” by showing they want, not a messiah, but “a terrestrial reign in which they will control the social, economic and political life of the nations… Judaism seeks to impose itself as the sole standard and to reduce the world to Jewish values.”

The Jews expected the Messiah to be a king along the lines of King David who would build a magnificent worldly kingdom. They were angered when the Son of God became a man to usher them instead into a spiritual kingdom. They rejected Him and the eternal freedom He offered in exchange for earthly power and enslavement to their carnal passions.

What have the Jews become?

The Jews, according to Origen, were abandoned because of their rejection of Christ. “Jerusalem,” he says, “may now be called wretched. It has no honor, no glory. It is without Temple, without altar, without sacrifice, without prophet, without priesthood, without any divine visitation whatever. The Jews are dispersed throughout the world and live as fugitives and exiles. They have been repudiated by God.


Chrysostom in particular, but the Church Fathers in general, portray the Jews as “sensual, slippery, voluptuous, avaricious and possessed by demons.” Additionally, Jews are “drunkard, harlots and breakers of the Law,” as well as “the people who murdered the prophets, Christ and God.” The Jews are “pitiable” because they chose darkness over the Light.


St. John Chrysostom: “[The Jews] live for their bellies; they grasp for the things of this world; their condition is no better than that of pigs or goats because of their wanton ways and excessive gluttony.”


St. Bernard of Clairvaux: “The Jews are not to be persecuted, killed or even put to flight [because] the Jews are for us the living words of Scripture, for they remind us always of what our Lord suffered. They are dispersed all over the world so that by expiating their crime they may be everywhere the living witnesses of our redemption.”

Once you learn how to recognize Jewish names and physiognomy, it doesn’t take long to see that just about every moral degradation under the sun is spearheaded by Jews. There are certainly gentiles involved in such movements, but if Jews were wholly absent, many social revolutions and degeneracies would simply not exist.

The danger of engaging in interfaith dialogue with the Jews

…the Jews were a threat to Christian society that had to be contained. Jews were promoting syncretism or the sense that there was no difference between the Old and the New Covenant, luring unsuspecting newly-baptized but poorly catechized Christians into their synagogues, where they promised cures by Jewish doctors, who often used amulets and spells. Jews were also promoting elaborate musical productions that overshadowed the Mass. Unlike the Father of the Second Vatican Council, St. John Chrysostom tried to impeded dialogue between Christians and Jews, especially when it entailed Christians and Jews worshipping together in the synagogue. To halt this dialogue, Chrysostom asks newly baptized Christians to consider that they are sharing their fasts “with those who shouted: ‘Crucify him, Crucify him,’ and with those who said: His blood be upon us and our children.'”


According to Llull, the only reason “a Jew wants to make conversation with you” is “so that you might thereby become weaker and weaker in your belief.” Simple folk should be on their guard, because the Jew “has thought out well for a long time how he will converse with you, in order that you might thereby become ever weaker in your faith. For the same reason it is decreed by Scripture and the papacy that no unlearned man should speak with a Jew.”


Jews use their wealth “to lead astray not only the common people but even educated men” by corrupting the morals of Christians and by undermining their faith.”

Every now and then I encounter news that a group of priests had an interfaith dialogue with Jewish rabbis. To that I respond, why? What profit will Christians have from engaging with those who reject Christ, who maintain the spirit of the Pharisaical Jews who crucified Him? Maybe the Rabbis are swell fellows, but unless they want to meet to convert to Christianity, I don’t understand the purpose of talking to them.

The Protestant Reformation

Luther used rabbis to construct his text, and that text was, therefore, skewed in favor of Judaizing. Beyond that, when the average man read the Bible with the admonition that he has the power to interpret it unaided by pope, priest, or council, certain things were obvious to him. First, he did not find the word “Trinity” in it. Secondly, he realized the Old Testament stories of Hebrews taking numerous wives and exterminating their enemies far outnumber the texts of the New Testament containing the admonitions of Christ. By sheer weight alone, the unsuspecting reader was led to Judaizing unless corrected by a larger more powerful tradition. And Luther had discredited that larger tradition, no matter how much he hated the interpretations of those who invoked his name as a justification for their messianic politics.


Calvin and his fellow Reformers had “interspersed the religion of Christ with such an amount of Judaism that their Christianity was in many respects a relapse into the bonds of the Law from which Christ had set us free.”

The Catholic Church had major problems at the time of the Reformation, but if we cruise by any American city today and see what’s on the front of Protestant churches (gay flags, “Refugees Welcome” signs, “Black Lives Matter” propaganda, female pastor names, etc.), we can conclude that they did not ultimately bear greater fruit than the Catholic Church.

Jewish involvement in the Protestant Reformation

Revolution was a binary weapon, a Protestant-Jewish alliance from its inception. The Jews, as Newman shows, promoted every “reform” movement in Europe, from the Hussites to the Anabaptists, to weaken the hegemony of the Catholic Church, reasoning that the enemy of their enemy was their friend. In places like Antwerp and Amsterdam, the Jews put their wealth and their considerable expertise in finance and publishing at the disposal of the Dutch Calvinists and their princely protestors to wage cultural warfare against the Catholic Church and Spain, its defender.


The Jews who controlled the spice trade reinvested their profits in the new printing trade, which they quickly used for cultural subversion and psychological warfare by printing Protestant Bibles. The printing business combined with their intelligence network gave the Jews and Protestants a significant advantage in the war with Spain. Soon the Jews were smuggling Protestant Bibles into England, making a handsome profit from cultural subversion.

With the fanatical Zionist beliefs that so many modern-day Protestants hold, I would say that the Jews made wise investment choices to aid the Reformation.

Jews hate manual labor

Russia, perhaps influenced by the success of the American Enlightenment, felt that it could turn saloon-keeping usurers into sturdy yeomen farmers within a generation, but the program soon made contact with deeper more intractable realities, most notably, the Jewish aversion to manual labor. P. I. Pestel was convinced that this early example of social engineering was a fool’s errand because, quite simply, Jews did not believe in farming. “In expectation of the messiah,” Pestel wrote, “the Jews considered themselves only temporary inhabitants of the land in which they live, and as a result want to have nothing to do with agriculture. They also hold all forms of labor in contempt and devote themselves almost exclusively to trade.”


According to M. O. Gerschenson, the spirit of the Jewish people prohibits involvement in farming because a man who tills the soil is the man most likely to put down roots in a particular place.” Jews gave up the plow at the first opportunity in order to become middlemen and devote themselves to other more desirable activity. The hard work of farming was the bitter lot of the goyim; the fact that Jews did not have to break their backs while engaging in hard physical labor was perhaps taken as another sign that they were the Chosen People. Jewish women soon refused to marry farmers, or they had clauses added to their marriage contracts which specified that they could not be expected to do manual farm labor.

Unless you do manual labor, it could be argued that you are Jewish in character. I take this to heart as a man who spends most of his working hours sitting on a chair and staring at a computer screen (the first time I used a wheelbarrow was when I was 40 years old).

The Russian revolution

The Czar was simple the Pharaoh in his latest incarnation. The future promised a utopia not only for Jews but for all people, who would be grateful that the Jewish revolutionaries had led them out of bondage. The revolution fulfilled the deepest longings of a group of people who had stopped waiting for the Messiah and who now felt that the revolution was going to bring about the paradise on earth which the Messiah had promised but failed to deliver. Revolution was a deeply Jewish project, but in terms of its rationale and in terms of the people who filled the ranks of its organizations.


M. Cohen wrote in the Communist of Kharkov of April 1919: “One can say without exaggeration that the great Russian social revolution has been made by the hand of the Jews. Would the somber, oppressed masses of Russian workmen and peasants have been capable by themselves of throwing off the yoke of the bourgeoisie? No, it was especially the Jews who have led the Russian proletariat to the Dawn of the International and who have not only guided but still guide today the cause of the Soviets which they have preserved in their hands.”

Along with the work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, I consider it settled history that the Russian revolution was a primarily Jewish project, executed by Jews revolutionaries in Russia and funded by Jewish bankers from abroad.

Turning away from God puts you into the hands of the Jew

Any country which abandons the Catholic Faith and turns from God’s law, as France did in 1789, will end up being ruled by Jews, because [according to La Civilta Cattolica] “in effect, the modern principles, or the so-called rights of man, were invented by Jews in order to cause the people and their governments to divest themselves of their defensive arms against Judaism, and to multiply the offensive arms redounding to this latter’s advantage. Once having acquired absolute civil liberty and equality in every sphere with Christians and the nations, the dam which previously had held back the Hebrews was opened for them, and in a short time, like devastating torrent, they penetrated and cunningly took over everything; gold, trade, the stock market, the highest appointments in political administrations, in the army and in diplomacy; public education, the press, everything fell into the hands or into the hands of those who were inevitably depending on them.”


Virtually every country which experienced revolutionary ferment, whether home grown or imposed by Napoleon, emancipated the Jews and put laws in place which secularized social, economic and political life. In each instant, including Russian, which had yet to experience revolution, the Jews, as Karl Marx noted, flourished in those countries’ newly created capitalist economies. This economy coupled with industrialization uprooted huge number of people who had lived on the land for generations and herded them into the cities, where they became the revolutionary proletariat.

If you decide to turn away from God, there will be a Jew to catch you with one of his degenerate movements, pseudo-intellectual ideologies, or money-making schemes. I fell for the Jewish trick of sexual liberation and paid dearly for it. Many others fall for greed, cosmopolitan living, new atheism, pornography, or the self-glorification that comes from Jewish-run social networking and dating apps. I must conclude that Jews are God’s punishment to those with weak faith. If you stray too far from God, you in essence become a Jew.

Jews used African-Americans as proxy warriors for their revolutionary ends

Henry Ford felt that the Jews promoted Jazz to destroy America’s native born musical culture. He felt the same way about the Jewish dominated New York theater. Harold Cruse, writing at the other end of the political spectrum, felt that Jews “sought to make themselves the interpreter of the Negro to American society.” This took the form of patronizing Negro art forms like Jazz and then colonizing them.


The Jews remained adamant in their refusal to support the Negro whenever he proposed a program that was too close to the program of ethnic and economic solidarity promoted by the American Jewish Committee and other like-minded organizations.


By the early ’50s it had become clear to people like Cruse that the only reason the Jews who controlled the party were interested in Harlem was to turn Negroes into revolutionaries and use them to fight their battles.


The price the Negro has to pay for marriage (both literal and figurative) with the Jews is 1) loss of faith in God and 2) moral corruption.

Can we list any benefits that blacks have received from their long alliance with Jews? Last time I checked, Jews control just about everything in the United States while blacks are still at the bottom, pointing the finger at whitey, blaming them for all of their troubles. It’s only the Black Israelite sect that seems to understand why blacks did not get their share of the American dream.

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Modernity is Jewish

Germany and America became more Jewish after the world wars because they became more modern. Modernity, as Yuri Slezkine argued, was Jewish. Modernity was “about… dismantling social estates for the benefit of individuals, nuclear families and book-reading tribes (nations). Modernization, in other words, is about everyone becoming Jewish.”

In a society without tradition, rootless Jews can flourish. Their very first task when parasitizing a new nation is to break down the traditional order to set the stage for them to rule every institution and sector of both economic and cultural life.

The truth cannot be suppressed

In spite of all their worldly power, the Jews cannot suppress the truth. They murdered the Messiah who was “the way, the truth and the life,” but he confounded their intention by rising from the dead. Trying to contain the truth to suppress it is like trying to seal Christ’s tomb to prevent his resurrection.

The Jews have done everything they could to stop the rise of Christianity, but yet you landed on the web site of a man who embraced Jesus Christ after falling for numerous Jewish tricks.

The end times

The final collapse of Jewish resistance to Logos will take place when they have reached the pinnacle of worldly power. At no time in the past 2000 years have Jews had more power than now. The Jews possess Jerusalem and, according to reports, plan to rebuild the temple, lending credence to the belief the stage is set for that last great battle over who will rule the Jewish soul.


The unprecedented strength of the Jews coupled with the unprecedented weakness of the Church allows apocalyptic explanations; in fact, it demands them.

Dr. Jones’ book was detailed, engaging, and well-researched. Hundreds of historical figures were mentioned, many of whom I have never heard of. Jones’ masterpiece amounts to an alternate history that has been concealed from all Americans because of how devastating it is to the interests of powerful Jews who are attempting to create a heaven on earth for themselves and a hell for everyone else. It is one of the most important books I’ve read.

While many men have fantasies about defeating Jews or ridding them from the land, understand that they would never have gained power in the first place if people stayed close to God. Without faith, a man will not be able to resist the traps that the Jews set out for him, so the solution to constrain the Jew becomes a personal and then societal decision of faith. The closer we get to Christ and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, away from Zionist distortions, the less power Jews will have over us.

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