For the longest time, I judged a woman’s beauty by what was visible to my eyes. I focused on a woman’s face, hair, body, and mannerisms to decide if she was beautiful enough to be worth the chase, but oftentimes she possessed nothing beyond that initial flash of external beauty, nothing that could provide for a lifelong pair bond. Recently, I’ve noticed a second type of beauty that has escaped me in the past, one that, instead of creating feelings of lust and excitement within me, instead creates a feeling of calm and peacefulness. This type of beauty is only possessed by a woman who have been graced by God.

The beauty that creates instant excitement

Most women today have spent hundreds of hours, and tens of thousands of dollars, on optimizing their appearance. They purchase clothing that hides their natural body lumps to appear more “sexy.” They watch countless makeup tutorials on YouTube created by homosexual men to apply clown paint in imaginative ways. They undergo minor plastic surgery in the form of lip filler and Botox injections, even in their early 20s. They dye their hair or alter its natural waves and curls through chemical treatments. They mimic the mannerisms and body language of the popular women on Instagram who are living a virtual life. And they tack on fake nails and eyelashes. All these modifications are done in front of the eye of the mirror or front-facing smartphone camera, causing her to look potentially beautiful only from a narrow viewing angle when a specific range of light is applied. In other words, a woman spends a big part of her life to look good for a particular style of selfie, whether it be her face or—in the case she has a gym membership—her rear end. Her image is blasted onto hyperspace for men to admire, and it is often enough to gain the superficial adoration that she so desperately craves.

When you meet a worldly female in semi-dark lighting where she faces you from the correct angle, you feel immediate lust, especially if she is not overweight. You covet her. You want to take her to bed and fornicate with her to feel ecstasy with such an obviously beautiful creature. Yet beyond the moment of orgasm with her, she will have nothing else to offer. In fact, she will extract value from your life because her beauty is not just for you—it’s for everyone, unlike the gift of virginity, which is preserved for the one man who will be her husband. Because she cannot gain the ideal man she believes she deserves—for you are just a temporary distraction on that search—she decides that quantity will fulfill her.

When a worldly woman ends up in a “relationship,” the result is quite perverse. She will not nurture you or cook for you. She will not be honorable or honest. She will act as if she’s single, and fight with you when you remind her that she is not. You will be in her presence and she will be on her phone a quarter of the time, not texting her mother but examining the analytics of her latest selfie upload. The external beauty that you craved from her was more than sufficient for a night of sex, but like a wildfire in a dry forest, it burns out rather quickly, leaving you wanting for a better woman.

The beauty that most men miss

Then there is the girl who has only average external beauty. She does not turn heads and does not immediately create lust within a man. I met such a girl last year when walking through a Polish city. It happened after my turn to God. The girls I had previously seen as beautiful were no longer beautiful to me, even though they looked the same. I had stopped going to night venues and stopped attempting to fornicate. Even during the day, when the odds of meeting a “good” girl are highest, I took no action.

One afternoon, I walked past a tram stop. To my left, I saw a plain girl sitting on a bench. She had a dress that went down to her ankles, with hardly any visible skin showing beside her face, certainly nothing to titillate. I felt an immediate urge to talk to her, and since the game habit of approaching random females had not yet subsided within me like it has now, I walked up to her. I asked her for a café that was open, since it was a major holiday and most establishments were closed. She knew of a place and offered to walk me there.

After a three-minute walk, we stopped in front of a café and had a chat. I suppose that she didn’t mind missing the tram to catch the next one. I looked at her face, which was pleasant but average. It did not appear that she had on any makeup. I got to know her a bit, and when she talked, I felt a quiet calm, as if I could just stare at her and enjoy her presence without any concern for the actual meaning of her words. Something was flowing from within her, not so much a beaming radiance, but a graceful essence. Every word she uttered was pleasing to my ears. I suspected I knew why this was the case.

“Do you go to church often?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve become more religious than my parents.”

She entered direct communion with God at a young age, and so has received a strong dose of His grace. This grace does not come in the form of external beauty that is perceived sexually and lustfully, but a fountain of inner beauty that is perceived by the soul. Just sitting beside her in silence, I imagined, would be enough to feel this grace. Her fire is that of a modest candle; hot to the touch but longer lasting than the raging fire of a girl who is perceived by all to be “hot.”

I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she said yes, and I ended the conversation in a polite manner. Even though nothing substantial came from this interaction, I concluded that God repaired my antenna for attraction just like He did my mental outlook and behavior. The type of girl who was unwanted by me in the past is now wanted, and the girl who was most wanted by me is now unwanted.


Since meeting the girl in Poland, I have traveled through the biggest cities of America and spent months in the Washington D.C. area. I have not encountered many girls like her. That’s no surprise since the world is full of girls who follow the trends of the day that are disseminated by the oligarchs through smartphones. They apply the trends to their body and life, wholly ignoring God and why He gave them life. They display a manipulated—even vulgar—form of beauty back to the world, mainly through photos and videos. If she wears makeup like other girls, wears clothing like other girls, and stares at her newest iPhone as if she were a zombie like other girls, she is not for one man, but all men who are under a spell of lust and passion that is disseminated, manipulated, and controlled by the same trendmakers she follows.

There are women who have resisted the mandates of the trendmakers, and have maintained or renewed their relationship with God, but they are few and far between. They will miss out on many worldly pleasures and enjoyments, and will never have 10,000 horny internet followers, but they will have something that the trend-followers don’t: inner beauty. It will be flowing from them, visible to others who have been graced in the same manner. You’ll know a woman of this type not when you see it, but when you feel it.

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  1. Smile February 24, 2020 at 10:35 am

    I have been together with an unicorn of immense inner beauty for 9 years (2006 to 2014). She was the best and most supporting person I ever met in my entire life and then in 2014 I became a hardcore PUA, because I was sexually bored and needed another kind of excitement. I wanted the Hot Chicks and I got them and felt awesome for 2.5 years. Then I met the wrong Russian Lady and I had to take a mega dose of Red Pills to not get eaten by her. The Red Pill made me depressed for years and I cannot chase women anymore, not even for fun. I don´t see any point in chasing chicks. Since 3 years I am very careful with women, celibate and MGTOW-like. Let´s see what comes next !

    Roosh, good article ! I hope you´re ready for your unicorn when it comes to your life. I hope you´re mature enough to don´t fuck it up. I feel that you have seen the light, but I also feel that you´re still obsessed with women and that you haven´t fully outgrown your past life, which is totally OK and takes time. I hope your deepest heartwishes come true. Keep strong !

    1. Kitty Tantrum February 25, 2020 at 2:23 pm

      “but I also feel that you´re still obsessed with women and that you haven´t fully outgrown your past life, which is totally OK and takes time.”

      My brother once said “nobody finishes growing up until they’re dead.” It was meant to be funny, but it rang so true at the same time.

    2. Urizzi February 26, 2020 at 8:22 am


      Amazing you say that dude, I have also been red pilled out of existence. I thought I was the only one. Yeah, it is not ‘fun’ to chase women anymore at all, due to the red pill.

      1. Smile February 26, 2020 at 12:59 pm

        I was red pilled for more than 3 years and I have to say the Red Pill is just another shitty Paradigm. It´s not going to make the world a better place and you a better man. If you frame your world through the Red Pill Paradigm, you can lose some great parts of yourself. It´s just another lens to look at the world and not more true than the Blue Pill. Look at all these miserable Red Pill Men ! In my PUA years I was very sucessful without the Red Pill. I didn´t even know about the Red Pill when I was into PUA. I was just happy, funny, positive, confident, well dressed and with natural SWAG : and very Blue Pill ! If you wanna be happy and good with women, don´t take the Red Pill. The Red Pill is not needed. The Red Pill destroyed it for me and screwed my view on women for years. It made me MGTOW-like for years.
        I have the feeling that the PUA adventure of Roosh got inicially destroyed by the Red Pill, too. He seemed happy and excited before he began to frame his world through the Red Pill Paradigm !

      2. MrD March 2, 2020 at 3:28 pm

        but how I can trust women when I know that they sleep with their boyfriends and betray then with alpha-dudes when doing ‘shopping’ or ‘meeting with friends’ or ”staying late at work” ? how I could ever be in a relationship ever again??? if even high quality girls do that because they can and no consequences?

    3. Guest February 26, 2020 at 12:07 pm

      Your are piece of shit!

      1. Lizzie McGuire February 26, 2020 at 7:11 pm

        Thanks for saying that. I thought the same thing.

    4. Lizzie McGuire February 26, 2020 at 7:09 pm

      That poor girl was a fool to waste 8 years of her life on you. I wish she had a mother of a friend to tell you to leave you after 2 years. She wasted childbearing years and should have found an Evangelical or Catholic to marry. I hope she got married and had kids. As far as you, I couldn’t care less what happens to you and men like you. Roosh was a jerk but he never wasted a woman’s childbearing years for 8 years.

      1. Sol February 26, 2020 at 11:03 pm

        That’s 100% right.

      2. Smile February 27, 2020 at 4:30 am

        I understand your assumptions, but you haven´t enough information to come to this conclusions.

      3. Sol March 8, 2020 at 12:41 pm

        What happened to this girl, did she find someone and have a happily ever after?

  2. Jeremy February 24, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    GOD knows what we need better than we ever will. Anyone who will submit to Jesus can find these very truths within. I was halfway there most my life as secular beauty was never a ringing bell for me. American Women have a way of ruining physical beauty through their fruit of ugliness and solipsism. Leaving America was never in the cards, so it was befitting that I found another route for my “reproductive issue”.

    Lower SMV women tend to have a naturally higher dose of meek behavior. Unfortunately for me, this was the carrot that led to chasing women who were closet narcissist and knew exactly what carrots to use. Though I am grateful for the lessons bestowed upon be by the gauntlet of abuse that NPD women bring, it took the Holy Spirit to show me that inner beauty my heart now desires.

    I am now married to a former NPD women I led to Christ (well, He did all the work). I don’t recommend this because it takes massive love and masculinity to get a women to break the shackles of their abuse. She had inner beauty but was abused a lot and had weak male figures. Takes true grit to get through that fellas, and only the Holy Spirit could have given me such power. Still working through some of the issues after 8 years, but she is a whole new creature.

    What I’m trying to get across is anything is possible in Christ for those who will submit. Jesus ALREADY paid for your sins at the cross. Come! Be free! The biggest issue I have with unbelievers is the question, “what do you have to lose?”. A life of sin. That’s the only thing that ever holds them back.

    May GOD, the Most High, bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ!

  3. GodAlwaysWins February 24, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    If you are finding it difficult to find a suitable girl of inner beauty, then you can always look to Jesus as a stopgap to take care of you and give you pleasure.

    When I’m lonely and excited I call on Him and he will come over and satisfy me in ways that you wouldn’t believe. Things get a bit wet, wild and out of hand.

    One shouldn’t hesitate to seek Jesus in this way.

    You will not be disappointed.

    1. catcher February 24, 2020 at 3:44 pm


      You see, this so-called ‘Divine Presence’ at the Wailing Wall is actually the Kabbalistic feminine emanation of their false god, the “Shekinah.

      Watch closely how the rabbis thrust their pelvises and penises back and forth in a prescribed prayer movement called “davening” in which the Jew copulates with the ‘Shekinah’ in order to give birth to an erotic union with the ‘Ein Soph,’ the Kabbalistic masculine emanation of their false god.

    2. Jay February 24, 2020 at 11:39 pm

      What did I just read?!

  4. Palikari February 24, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    This kinda reminds me of my bluepill romantic fantasies, dreaming about my unicorn. Oh I thought my intentions were so pure.. no I didn’t want sex I just wanted to hold hands and watch the moonlight cascade off her hair.. I’m not like the other guys.. I want the quirky lonely girl.. gerrara here man. Though I think there is some merit to what you’re saying hidden in there in regards to appraising the quality of a woman, this kinda stuff may just lead non game aware guys back into lala land with some arbitrary set of standards to judge whether their lust is holy or not, and they’ll end up treating their woman like she’s Mother Mary when she sings the right tune.

    I get the impression you’re a hopeless romantic at heart. Sounds like you may be “spiritualizing” lust, like the new agers.

    As Jesse Peterson says, you ain’t gonna find any love from a woman, cause they don’t have any to give. Sure there is a role for them to play in families, but it is totally indifferent to our feelings.

    In the end there’s never an easy answer to finding a grade A wife. Dealing intimately with women will always be under the fog of lust, to some degree, otherwise we wouldn’t bother in the first place.

    Maybe what the west needs is a more simplified pragmatic approach. Guys who want family should just marry the first bulldog from their local church that bats their eyes at them, pump out 5+ kids asap then relieve themselves of any romantic notions and go back to their business. Who cares about the womans grace or virtue, or even their appearance, so long as they are initially somewhat mentally sound, hygenic/healthy, and capable of doing basic work, be it at the dmv or around the house. It’s out of our hands, and irrelevant to the spiritual life, if she loses it in the future and decides to wreck herself and the family. Guys that think they got a prize woman based on their own craftiness or are full of it. Maybe our endless meticulous lists of criteria is just another symptom of our feminization and stubborn willfulness.

    1. David February 24, 2020 at 4:58 pm

      Children often take after their mother, it’s very important that she’s someone who’s thoughts you can respect, very much like you respect your own mother.

      As far as love no one will ever love you as much as Christ does, and you don’t need anyone else to. With your own love and the love of God there is infinite abundance and it is then your duty to share this love with your wife and kids, their love for you notwithstanding.

    2. Ilias February 26, 2020 at 6:02 pm

      Actually the kind of spiritual feeling he had wasn’t from trying to extract love, since he already have the love of God, but contemplating his creation through a pious woman who will bare the next generation.

      But you can’t understand this point of view.

      A muslim

  5. kevm3 February 24, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    The key to me is ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you’… meaning ask God to send you the right woman, but one’s first focus must be on making sure he is one who is pleasing to God. As men are appointed to be leaders, God cannot send to you one of His women until He has deemed you of suitable stature. It is something that I had to realize… ‘stop looking for a woman but live a life pleasing to Jesus and allow God to send you the appropriate woman.’

  6. jay February 24, 2020 at 8:12 pm

    I have to wonder why inner beauty girl, who is God fearing and has a boyfriend, would get up off the bench, walk a strange guy to a cafe, and chat with him for a few minutes and miss her train? When all she had to do was to give verbal instructions on the nearest cafe.

    1. Vespasian February 25, 2020 at 3:27 am

      I get the impression that when you are direct with women, they will usually say what you don’t want to hear but mean the opposite. Never did I hear a woman say “No” to the question of her having a boyfriend. They usually tell you by themselves or are testing you. I don’t know if it was common in past decades, but in any case the man has to be the aggressive sales marketer until she is taken or not into you for sure.

  7. Jay February 25, 2020 at 12:30 am

    Careful. Average looking women are generally humble and nice but from experience, a MAJORITY of them are only like this because they have limited options and can’t get as much attention as attractive women. Their true character comes out years later after they have gotten what they want. Most of them have learnt and perfected the art of manipulation and hypocrisy. These are the type who lure innocent and unsuspecting men into marriage only to divorce rape them later. While I believe every woman is beautiful in her own way, I am not going to settle with an average looking woman I am not strongly attracted to just because she has a nice personality. Imagine living with someone like that for the rest of your life. You would be miserable. A mistake most of us make is feeling guilty for being attracted to beautiful women so we try to compensate by forcing ourselves to patronize average looking women. Let’s also stop the hypocrisy of making it look like all attractive women are damaged goods and the average ones are not. Sure, a majority of them are but I believe there are a few good ones, very hard to find one though. The average ones are not any better anyway. If you are into average looking women, go for it. As for me; I’ll keep praying, approaching and vetting only women that I am physically attracted to. Actually, I believe by settling with a woman you are not strongly attracted to, you are denying her the opportunity of finding a man who is genuinely into her and would cherish her more. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, e.t.c had beautiful wives to a point they feared for their lives whenever they would move to a new place. On two occasions God saved Abraham and Isaac from losing their wives to heathen kings because they were one of the most beautiful women of that generation. There’s nothing wrong with physical beauty. There’s nothing wrong with asking God for a beautiful, God fearing and submissive woman.

    1. MCG00 February 25, 2020 at 4:52 pm

      Beautiful women who were molded perfectly can be either good or bad spiritually. It depends on their faith and spirituality. So yes it is possible to have a stunningly beautiful spouse who abides and serves you loyally. Celebrities like Kathy Ireland, Lisa Whelchel and Candace Cameron are renound Christians and Cameron has repeatedly had to defend herself against Hollywood homoglobos who attack her for her stated commitment that it is her duty to serve her husband for life. In contrast, I once knew an obese woman who, in addition to her dietary ignorance, lack of self discipline and other assorted flaws, was one of the worst whores I had ever witnessed. She took in bums for one night stands literally. And she was infected with the feminism/women’s activism bug to boot. Once when I hung in a group with her, we saw some guy on the street arguing with his woman who was screaming and clawing at him and acting very unladylike. Finally he slapped her. The fat feminist girl in my group ran towards the arguing couple and screamed at them “NO ONE HITS A WOMAN! EVER!!”. Then she starts acting like the fat lady on the Infowars clip who goes violent on the Infowars guy holding an anti abortion sign. I thought to myself “my God, what LESS could a man possibly want in a woman.

      So again YES it is likely that the more beautifuler the woman, the less defects beneath the surface. It is by all means possible to have an extremely beautiful wife so long as she possesses the right spirituality.

      1. Banner February 26, 2020 at 7:59 am

        “So again YES it is likely that the more beautifuler the woman, the less defects beneath the surface. It is by all means possible to have an extremely beautiful wife so long as she possesses the right spirituality.”

        True but not likely—it never hurts to pray for this though.

      2. MCG00 February 26, 2020 at 5:07 pm

        @ Banner – It never hurts to pray for anything, but prayer is only the half of it. You also have to take action. God isn’t going to do all the work. I brought up the example of Candace Cameron because it is so unbelievable that a Hollywood child celebrity could wether the debauchery of the entire industry so well and come out virgin and then proclaiming that she was created and put on this Earth to serve her man for life. Somewhere early on in her life someone must have taught her this commandment in a special way that it stuck and she was ‘seeded’ with it in the beginning. It could have been a simple Sunday school lesson or even an encounter with a spiritually minded person who imparted this simple piece of gospel to her – and they said it in the right way so as to deliver within her these living words “SERVE YOUR MAN”.

        I can also recount other females that I’ve met over the years who said that same sweet something that brought a warming to my heart when they said they believed woman was created to serve man. It is so lovely to hear that from any woman honestly. But how do you teach it to where it sticks – – and WHO taught these women I encountered – – and HOW were they taught?? I rack my brain thinking about one semi punk rock goth-like chick I once knew who was from an unreligious broken home where her mother was a feminist and possibly turned man hating dyke. How was SHE taught the golden rule?

        In fact, where did ROOSH get the inclination to go headstrong into the Orthodox faith?? Well it seems he was baptized. Probably something he barely remembers, but it ‘seeded’ his future apparently. Something as simple as infant baptism.

        Now how to teach young girls early on that they were created and put on this Earth to serve their man – This must be done with the utmost conviction and zeal. Like I said prayer only works in conjunction with your ACTION. You must proselytize all females you can with the truth. If you see a nice couple in the park with a baby girl in a stroller, stop and say “Hi” and then wink at the baby and say “You were created and put on God’s green earth TO SERVE YOUR MAN and Patriarch”. Then bid the parents farewell an to have a blessed day. When spiritually delivered with conviction, that’s as good as a baptism isn’t it? Do your part every day to clean up the feminist mess and leave the world a little bit of a better place at the end of the day. By all means DO THE WORK and ye prayers shall be answered.

        Or any age girl for that matter. I’d be in the store like “Hey mam. Nice day. Beautiful kid you got there. She’ll make a patriarch man proud some day. Be glad ye be created and put on this Earth to serve ye patriarch man for life. Well, have ye a holy rollin afternoon. Bye!” See you can mix it up and deliver the message any way. Man thinking back, I loved approaching and opening. It was fun. I think this is what you call GOD GAME!!

      3. Mr. Solace February 27, 2020 at 1:41 pm

        “It never hurts to pray for anything, but prayer is only the half of it. You also have to take action. God isn’t going to do all the work”

        Good point. I see so many Christians think all they need to do is prayer, and their answer will come handed to them on a silver platter.

        You make other good points too, good sir.

    2. Mr. Solace February 26, 2020 at 7:55 am

      “There’s nothing wrong with physical beauty. There’s nothing wrong with asking God for a beautiful, God fearing and submissive woman”

      So true. It is true that the vast, vast majority of women who are God fearing are so because….well, they are simply unattractive.

      Although unlikely, there is the remote possibility of meeting a perfect 10 in the looks department and is a proper pius gal, so it never hurts to pray for that.

  8. Lord Faggotron 777 February 25, 2020 at 4:38 am

    What about the countless persecutions of Roman Empire Pagan in the Early Days of Christianity? Christianity was a mystery cult, which was born out of the desert region. The council of Nicene chucked out a whole bunch of gospels, which they deemed as heretical. And what about the infighting within Christianity, which involved the bloodshed of people who questioned the essence of the Holy Trinity, such as Arianism? Early Christianity shared the same barbaric tactics as ISIL did in the Middle East.

    I’m glad the Nag Hammadi library was discovered in 1948. It shed us some light of what was going on in the early days of Christianity. I love the perspective of Jesus Christ being the perfect man and divine spirit, but I don’t buy the inherent flaws of the Canon Gospels, which were cultural subversion to destroy gentile religions and cultures.

    1. Dani L Van Buskirk March 2, 2020 at 7:19 pm

      The first council had nothing to do with the Bible….it’s Dan brown was almost fully focused on the Arian controversy… I don’t mean to he rude but too many have never studied ancient Christianity and keep furthering made up facts

      1. Dani L Van Buskirk March 2, 2020 at 7:23 pm

        Read on the Diocletian persecutions….it all balances out..the Bible was decided on hundreds of years as in almost 500 ad

      2. Lord Faggotron 7777 March 3, 2020 at 2:09 am

        Yeah, you’re right; I’m already aware of Diocletian persecuting Christians. Before him, emperor persecution was rare, but it did happen in local sects. If my sources are right, Christians were well tolerated in the Roman empire, they became problematic when they refused to engage into the politics of lighting an incense for the Roman Emperor Imperial cult. Now, compare that to Hyptia being mullated and her limbs ripped apart by an angry Christian mob. But it doesn’t matter, bloodsheed is a natural instinct within man, regardless of their beliefs.

        The first council might’ve been organized to address the Arianism controversy, it still paved way to the official organization of the Early Christian Church. Before that, Christianity was a mystery cult, within the desert. It was highly unorganized and every local community had their own interpretations of Jesus Christ. And thanks to Constantine, he pressured Church fathers to make amends and deem to what aspects of the Christian were agreeable upon everyone. And since Arianism was heretical, it was eventually suppressed, just like the Gnostics.

        Iraneous, Eusebius and various other older Church fathers have constructed treatises, documents and books, which were specifically made to address the controversial views of the Gnostics.

  9. choko February 25, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    I missed any mention in this piece (please correct me if I am mistaken) that women dress (and im sure this applies to plastic surgery etc) in order to one up/outdo other women

  10. Josh February 25, 2020 at 9:33 pm

    Roosh, you can’t be reinserted in the matrix.

    Roosh cypher 🤖

    You sound exactly like the character cypher in the matrix that was eating steak with agent Smith, saying how he wants to be reinserted in the matrix.

    Do you think agent Smith will keep his bargain or do you think the Seminoles will just kill you after you’ve killed Neil the crew?

    Don’t feel regret the manasphere community thanks you for telling it like it is if you want to go religious and find someone special and start a family and raise kids to do so, don’t forget where you came from.

    The issues you raised in the past are not going to go away because you go back to the old ways. I am sorry to say in this modern age physically unattractive does not mean that someone has become better for person on the inside believe me I know I’ve been down that path.

    If you think being nice to girls getting to know their inner self entitles you to them you’re going to be told something that I was told by them “I owe you nothing.”

  11. What Travel February 26, 2020 at 2:49 am

    I love the phrase “God repaired my antennae”.

    When you stop looking for sluts and look for a wife. all of a sudden, they pop up. Were there all along, you just ignored them. Those girls just looking for one good man.

    But, you have to be good enough for her too.

  12. OhNo! February 26, 2020 at 8:20 am

    Guys in the “manosphere” tend to like scrawny women. They like their women to be almost pre-teen in their physiques. It’s weird.

  13. JMN February 26, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    soul on fleek > brows on fleek

  14. Sol February 26, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    Wait a second, what is the difference between this and Roosh thinking something such as “this girl showed me around, she’s confident so she must be slutty” or “this girl has a boyfriend and is not married, definitely sinning.” The difference is Roosh’s feeling, or rather what he chooses to focus on.
    This girl was reflecting Roosh’s mood, a mirror.

    1. Sol February 27, 2020 at 12:01 am

      As soon as R wanted to do good in the world (or even neutral) he got an immediate mirror that was so dramatically different to him. This explains why the pua’s have bad relationships and go MGTOW. They intended to do mostly bad so the mirror they saw was mostly bad.
      One of the criteria of borderline personality disorder is seeing people in a black and white manner. Pu has unfortunately made some men see women that way. It shows up on the forum a lot – the belief that everything is black and white. The idea that women are either good or bad is rampant. There are two parts to this- one is that a man exhibiting these traits would attract a girl who is similar (or bring out those traits in her), thus attracting BPD traits. Two is that there is an inability to recognize that a woman that one pua had a bad experience with (as a reflection of what he gave in that relationship) has the capability to be another man’s perfect mate. No one is one dimensional.
      Most people can’t see the forest for the trees.

    2. Sol February 27, 2020 at 12:23 am

      MGTOW almost seems like code for “I continuously used bipolar/BPD tactics embedded into my personality to interact with women (pua), so I attracted women to whom those traits felt like home, so now I’ll blame ALL women.”

  15. Matt February 27, 2020 at 1:06 am

    A man’s face is his autobiography.
    A woman’s face is her work of fiction.

  16. Paradise Lost & Confessions February 27, 2020 at 5:54 am

    I owe her because I took advantage of her.
    I took advantage of her because that is what alpha males do.
    But I was not an alpha male. I was a beta male; a pariah among my own and stuck in the margins.
    My self-esteem was low and I needed sustenance to live… by fornicating.
    Because that is what alpha males do. But I was a beta male.

    She was there; low and vulnerable.
    I had to do it because my self-esteem was low.
    But the consequences? Just walk away, that’s what alpha males do.
    Easier said than done.
    White, Western, feminist SLUTS have it coming.
    But she didn’t have it coming.
    She was just a third world cleaning lady, abandoned by her husband, and working her fingers to the bone to feed her children. She couldn’t even speak fluent English… low and vulnerable.
    She didn’t have it coming.
    But I was blinded by my lust.
    She was mid-30s and still very pretty.
    Alpha males vs beta males…

    I used to be depressed… the solitude, the rejection, the pornography, the masturbation…
    beta male, social pariah, hung out to dry, abandoned by my own.
    I had to stop it all. Jeebs told me to.
    Jeebs… Jesus… a yogic father figure who told me to stop masturbating, to stop looking at pornography.
    I obeyed Jeebs because I respected him. Jeebs was kind, warm, and someone to trust.
    He still is.
    I loved Jeebs. So I did what he said.

    Months later and I was 120 days free of pornography and masturbation.
    I was no longer depressed. Happiness arose like a new dawn. It was morning again in my soul. Wide-eyed: everything was new again.
    “born again, 27th year, Rocky Mountain High” all in my heart now.
    But by midday how the lust burned me.
    But at least I was no longer depressed.
    So I lived on with the lust; a Faustian timebomb.

    I did not yet know how to meditate.
    But it was on my radar, on the horizon… something that I should be doing. Soon.

    But there she was.
    I rejected her first invite. I didn’t wanna go where this was leading.
    But she did not deserve my rejection… helpless and sad. Low and vulnerable….
    Next time I would not reject her.

    32 days now without pornography or masturbation.
    I gave in to the lust, but I was at it again. I would not fail this time.
    The lust still burned, but I was gonna fight it much harder this time.

    She invited me out again.
    I accepted.
    Late and dark, out on the dance floor I got close to her. I pulled her in–the lust, the pull, the kiss.
    The following night I took her to the a dark park.
    I fornicated her with on a bench. Black & Red contrails ripping through my psyche.
    Alpha males vs beta males…

    The darkness remained.
    The guilt.
    The regret.
    Alpha males vs beta males.

    Was it worth it?
    Karma must be paid. I cannot leave her like this.

    1. Mr. Solace February 28, 2020 at 6:34 am

      Is this a story or actual account? Whatever the case, it was very well written, and directly speaks to me….not the porn or masturbation thing, but meeting sweet girls and ‘doing the alpha thing because that is what alpha makes do’. Shit that I definitely regret.

  17. Ponteman February 27, 2020 at 6:10 am

    Although I am glad that RooshV has turned to God and spirituality as the only true way as he perceives, and I may even agree that the moral decadence and degeneracy which prevails in our modern society can be traced to the erosion of the social values that religion once served to uphold. It is very difficult for those who value science and rationalism to make all the mental contortions needed to accept Christianity and other religious traditions as true. Sure there may be a lot of great virtues and values espoused in the Bible but at the same time we have to believe in a talking snake? Would be interesting to know how this blogger who I am sure considers himself rational and intelligent reconcile rationalism with these incredible leaps of faith.

  18. Aleksi J February 27, 2020 at 8:17 am


  19. Mr. Solace February 27, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    I say this respectfully, but…. It has been said that the only thing worse than an aged, washed-up female who used to be hot, is a past his prime player with no money. It would appear that Roosh no longer has the means so one could make the argument that he had to return to America and adopt a more frugal life, because well… he has to. The question gets posed: Would Roosh still return to America and adopt a frugal life seeking religion if he still had the financial means to live overseas? Food for thought.

    1. Smile February 28, 2020 at 5:07 am

      Roosh is good with money and has work ethic. He is not aged as a player, but is exactly in the prime age for an international player. If he wanted, he could have followed this lifestyle another 10 years and made good money on the way, but Roosh has simply outgrown the Player/PUA stage and is just not interested in this lifestyle anymore ! He lived it already and had his piece of the cake. It´s always good to know when you had enough cookies. What once filled him with fire is not right and enough motivating anymore. He´s not seeing the point anymore. He wants something more and deeper. Young gentlemen, you have to get that a man in his late 30´s or older has less biological drive and inner need to spread his semen than young men, who are more victims to their libido and because of this much easier to control by women. Roosh is in an age where women are still interesting, but not super addictive anymore.

      1. Mr. Solace February 28, 2020 at 6:21 am

        I agree that the libido drops after the 30’s age, but I disagree that Roosh is back in the States by choice. Europe is expensive, even east euro. I think perhaps Roosh is re-inventing himself as a Christian guru for marketing purposes.

      2. Amethyst March 3, 2020 at 2:27 pm

        Which is quite scary. So Roosh has made his whole career on treating women like crap, bragging about gaming them and wanting to control them. Now he seems to be a fundamentalist Christian and its all the same goals by different means. Hell, The Transformed Wife who is a complete nut job is quoting him like he’s the second coming. I will say that Roosh is an excellent con man who benefits from all the weak, miserable men who can’t have healthy relationships with women without playing some kind of game.

  20. LooksMaximus February 27, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    Unless you’re a deeply religious man and belong to a patriarchal religious community that fully controls its women (e.g. Dagestan), you’d be an absolute idiot to get married to an average woman, a beautiful woman, ANY woman.

    “Herp derp but I want to start a family and spread my genes.” Well I’ve got news for you, simp. Exactly BECAUSE you don’t belong to said patriarchal religious community, there’s a 99.9% chance that your children will grow up to be the dregs of society — soyboys, thots, simps, cucks, doormats, sugar babies, attention whores, feminists, toxic cunts, etc.

    Don’t be a sad, selfish, sadomasochistic cunt. I know that most of you are just stray mutts and need to “belong” to a woman. I know that most of you are boring cunts with no passions so you’re tempted to start a family to fill the void. Well, to hell with you. You’re weak genetic scum, your sons will be weak genetic scum and your daughters will be whores to the elite and unbearable, entitled, toxic, power-tripping bitches to everyone else including yourself.

    1. Mr. Solace February 28, 2020 at 6:15 am

      What @Looksmaximus said, times 1000.

      “Unless you’re a deeply religious man and belong to a patriarchal religious community that fully controls its women (e.g. Dagestan), you’d be an absolute idiot to get married to an average woman, a beautiful woman, ANY woman.”

      Now this is Gospel.

    2. Opiner March 2, 2020 at 10:31 pm

      I don’t even know whether to give it a thumbs up or down.

    3. Lamar October 20, 2020 at 3:36 pm

      I have no sympathy for you. Instead of cursing others, why don’t you wish them the best. Watch what you say to people, because it will definitely come and bite your arse one day. Ever heard of Karma? It will find you!

  21. Karamazov March 2, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Oh hey look, some of my old friends are here. Isn’t that quaint?

    Anyway, I just came to spray paint ONLY PROVERBS 31 GIRLZ 4EVER on the wall, and then silently leave.

    But since I’m here – hey there fellas. Love ya.

    – alexei, or actually just Kessel works

  22. Opiner March 2, 2020 at 7:55 pm

    Roosh, a woman here. In fact, we have briefly exchanged 2-3 emails a while ago – hope you have been doing well. This is all fine…but have you considered that your change in orientation might also have to do with age?
    Lust-inspiring beauty is nature’s way of getting the young to select the most vigorous specimens. If raw, lust-oriented beauty did not have a function, it would have been selected out long time ago. Think of what it did to you all these years. You’ve been pursuing it all right – and it’s not like you’re a dolt.
    Ideally, of course, lust-inspiring beauty is natural. Unfortunately, like with everything else, humans have developed technologies that can fake the desired goods.
    Roses are gorgeous, silk roses followed. The answer is not to turn to weeds, but to increase the number of real roses that also boast inner beauty. I am aware this is a tall order in our self-serving world but it should be what society ideally aims for. Also learn to recognize the silk-fakes so you can say No. Selecting defensively and fearfully for 6-s and 7-s, let alone lower, is worse than aiming to create a world of noble-hearted 8-s, 9-s and even 10-s.

    Men in general are notoriously bad at distinguishing naturally beautiful features from skilfully painted faces with poppy colors. They seem to be visually superficial and always in a hurry to respond to lust-triggering traps. Contrary to popular opinion, nature is more consistent than we think and does not generally package real physical beauty with inner ugliness. Many of today’s hotties are much less hot than they appear to be upon closer and honest examination. It’s just that modern women have developed incredibly refined techniques to fake the tiniest lust-inducing details. That applies especially to the low-end categories who are often born with rather unpleasant natural features.
    (Note examples like Kylie Jenner – ugly prole face, though shall not seek to reproduce with such).
    To provide an example of micro-manipulations, one can turn a completely uneventful face into a lust-triggering one by contouring the bow area of the lips slightly outside of the edge, then moving downwards inside the lip edge to create the illusion of a steeply sloped mouth. The superficial eye than perceives a raised upper lip and a shorter distance between mouth and lowest point of the nose. For reasons socio-biologists might be able to explain, this comes across as highly desirable.
    Longer distance between nose base and upper lip is typically unattractive. The raised upper lip is very sensual and sends ‘hot’ messages to the male brain. A flat upper lip does not as it is more masculine. There are hundreds of such infinitesimal adjustments that can be achieved with something as basic as a lip-liner or other very affordable cosmetics.
    The tiny little adjustments can be the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘not’ and the impact on the poor unassuming male brain can be fatal. For whatever reason, the male brain doesn’t register such trickeries as its focus is the overall appearance, not the details.
    Yet God is in the details. Learn to recognize them.

    1. Opiner March 2, 2020 at 7:58 pm

      I am sorry, I meant “thou shall not seek…”

  23. soldier king March 4, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    Really like this post Roosh. I made a new account just to respond.

    I am so impressed with your transformation and growth.

    Some of my own experience is that I have tried to look to what is underneath at least at times. Now I definitely don’t approach every girl and give them a chance, but often times when meeting people online in my vicinity, I try to at least ask some genuine questions about who a person is before I ask them how they look.

    Now I’ll admit I struggle with going back and forth from right and wrong. Just when I am feeling strong, my desires overtake me and I go into matters of the flesh sometimes praying for G-d to bring me back when I am doing evil. (Thank G-d he helped me yesterday and I was able to get out just in time of a situation that has brought me in before and taken the use of my ankle as a cost).

    On another note I actually came up with a dating app called Inside and out. My ideas are on I don’t know if I will ever make it because I fear it will encourage men to spend time online instead of facing their fears. One key feature I would set for an app would be to be able to turn pictures completely off. Now the key is you also have to be able to turn them back so you can verify who a person is and a person can’t completely ignore their outside, but to be at least try to help people see what is beyond the outside.

    As for your search, I hope that you don’t give up in approaches. Use your new radar that can find what you seek which is spirituality and let it lead you to people, but if you are unsure of a person, please don’t be afraid to try.

    Of course I know this can lead to temptation, when it seems the people you don’t want in your beliefs seem to give the most effort to bring you in, and I don’t really have any real advice for this, except to ask G-d for strength.

    There are few true believers I have found, and many people will turn their back on you even your parents or ones you thought you could trust. But God never abandons you. To find a woman that truly believes in G-d is a true blessing.

    Now I won’t lie to you, the outside is also what attracts and I personally don’t think you should avoid beauty either, could a man have the ability to be drawn to the outside, but then resist based on what’s inside, I think that would be a truly great man.

    #rant over :p

  24. Apples March 15, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    Thanks dear Roof – so beautifully explained. My spiritual brother I’m so excited for your New life in Christ. Trust in Him to bring you the right wife.

  25. CMQK March 18, 2020 at 12:19 am

    Beautifully written.

  26. CMQK March 18, 2020 at 12:23 am

    “There are women who have resisted the mandates of the trendmakers, and have maintained or renewed their relationship with God, but they are few and far between.”

    Yeah. Too few. As a European, I always thought American girls were more religious when I was younger, and therefore more desirable for me, but it seems that’s no longer the case…might have to try Poland, it’s not far from me…

  27. Crackers March 24, 2020 at 7:42 am